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 Hart of Dixie 1x15 - Snowflakes & Soulmates
 Greys Anatomy 7x12 - Start Me Up
 Glee 3x13 - Heart
 Hart of Dixie 1x05 - Faith & Infidelity
 Bones 5x19 - The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle
 Mercy 1x20 - We All Saw This Coming
 Glee 1x19 - Dream on
 Bones 5x22 - The Beginning in the End
 Glee 1x20 - Theatricality
 Glee 1x21 - Funk
 Glee 1x22 - Journey
 Glee 2x01 - Audition
 Glee 2x02 - Britney/Brittany
 Bones 6x07 - The Babe in the Bar
 Glee 2x08 - Furt
 Glee 2x09 - Special Education
 Bones 6x10 - The Body in the Bag
 House MD 7x10 - Carrot or Stick
 Bones 6x12 - The Sin in the Sisterhood
 Greys Anatomy 7x13 - Don't deceive me
 Glee 2x11 - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
 Glee 2x12 - Silly Love Songs
 Private Practice 4x13 - Blind Love
 Greys Anatomy 7x14 - Pretty Young Thing
 Glee 2x13 - Comeback
 Greys Anatomy 7x15 - Golden Hour
 Bones 6x14 - The bikini in the Soup
 Glee 2x14 - Blame it on the Alcohol
 Glee 2x15 - Sexy
 Bones 6x15 - The Killer In The Crosshairs
 Glee 2x16 - Original Song
 Bones 6x16 - The Blackout In The Blizzard
 Greys Anatomy 7x17 - This Is How We Do It
 The Big Bang Theory 4x19 - The Zarnecki Incursion
 Greys Anatomy 7x18 - Song Beneath the Song
 Bones 6x17 - The Feet on the Beach
 The Big Bang Theory 4x20 - The Herb Garden Germination
 House MD 7x19 - Last Temptation
 Glee 2x17 - A Night of Neglect
 Glee 2x18 - Born this way
 Bones 6x20 - The Pinocchio in the Planter
 Greys Anatomy 7x19 - It's A Long Way Back
 House MD 7x20 - Changes
 Glee 2x19 - Rumors
 The Big Bang Theory 4x22 - The Wildebeest Implementation
 Bones 6x21 - The Signs in the Silence
 Glee 2x20 - Prom Queen
 Bones 6x22 - The Hole in the Heart
 Greys Anatomy 7x21 - I Will Survive
 How I Met Your Mother 6x24 - Challenge Accepted
 Glee 2x21 - Funeral
 Underbelly 3x03 - Kingdom Come
 The Protector 1x06 - Beef
 Glee 3x01 - The Purple Piano Project
 Greys Anatomy 8x01 - Free Falling and She's Gone
 Glee 3x02 - I am Unicorn
 Greys Anatomy 8x03 - Take the Lead
 Greys Anatomy 8x05 - Love, Loss and Legacy
 Greys Anatomy 8x06 - Poker Face
 Glee 3x04 - Pot O'Gold
 Glee 3x05 - The First Time
 Ringer 1x08 - Maybe We Can Get A Dog Instead?
 Hart of Dixie 1x09 - The Pirate & the Practice
 Glee 3x07 - I Kissed A Girl
 Dexter 6x12 - This Is the Way the World Ends
 Glee 3x09 - Extraordinary Christmas
 Bones 7x06 - The Crack in The Code
 Pan Am 1x11 - Diplomatic Relations
 Glee 3x10 - Yes/No
 Hart of Dixie 1x11 - Hell's Belles
 Pan Am 1x12 - New frontiers
 Glee 3x12 - Spanish Teacher
 Greys Anatomy 8x15 - Have You Seen Me Lately?
 Pan Am 1x14 - 1964
 Glee 3x14 - On My Way
 Hart of Dixie 1x16 - Tributes & Triangles
 Bones 7x07 - Prisoner in the Pipe
 Glee 3x15 - The Big Brother
 Glee 3x16 - Saturday Night Glee-ver
 Glee 3x17 - Dance With Somebody
 Glee 3x18 - Choke
 Hart of Dixie 1x22 - The big day
 Greys Anatomy 8x24 - Flight
 Glee 3x22 - Goodbye [Season Finale]
 Glee 4x02 - Britney 2.0
 Castle 5x01 - After the Storm
 Bones 8x03 - The Gunk in the Garage
 Castle 5x03 - Secret's Safe With Me
 Hart of Dixie 2x02 - Always On My Mind
 Castle 5x05 - Probable Cause
 Greys Anatomy 9x05 - Beautiful Doom
 Glee 4x06 - Glease
 Hart of Dixie 2x08 - Achy Breaky Hearts
 Castle 5x09 - Secret Santa
 Castle 5x10 - Significant Others
 Greys Anatomy 9x11 - The End is the Beginning is the End
 Hart of Dixie 2x13 - Lovesick Blues
 Glee 4x12 - Naked
 Castle 5x15 - Target
 Glee 4x16 - Feud
 Glee 4x17 - Guilty Pleasures
 Castle 5x20 - The Fast and the Furriest
 Glee 4x22 - All or Nothing
 Glee 5x06 - Movin' Out
 Glee 5x04 - A Katy or a Gaga
 Hart of Dixie 3x12 - Should've Been a Cowboy
 Glee 5x10 - Trio
 Glee 5x17 - Opening Night
 Scandal 4x04 - Like Father, Like Daughter
 Glee 6x01 - Loser Like Me
 Castle 7x11 - Castle, P.I.
 Glee 6x04 - The Hurt Locker
 Glee 6x08 - A Wedding
 Glee 6x09 - Child Star
 Glee 4x07 - Dynamic Duets