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 Castle 2x22 - Food to die for
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 The Cleveland Show 1x21 - You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown
 Flash Forward 1x22 - Future Shock
 Burn Notice 4x02 - Fast Friends
 Burn Notice 4x03 - Made Man
 Rookie Blue 1x01 - Fresh Paint
 Drop Dead Diva 2x04 - Home Away From Home
 Huge 1x01 - Hello I Must Be Going
 Top Gear 16x01 - Episode 1
 American Dad 6x09 - Fartbreak Hotel
 Family Guy 9x11 - Friends of Peter G
 American Dad 6x11 - A PiƱata Named Desire
 The Big Bang Theory 4x16 - The Cohabitation Formulation
 Top Gear 16x05 - Episode 05
 Family Guy 9x14 - Trading Places
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