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 Being Human (US) 1x06 - It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong
 Fairly Legal 1x03 - Benched
 Human Planet 1x04 - Jungles-People of the Trees
 The Listener 2x02 - Crime Seen
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 Outcasts 1x05 - Episode 5
 Unnatural History 1x11 - Thor's Slammer
 Miami Medical 1x07 - Man on the Road
 100 Questions 1x03 - Are You Romantic
 Burn Notice 4x02 - Fast Friends
 Miami Medical 1x11 - Time of Death
 Unnatural History 1x03 - Sleeper in a Box
 The Jensen Project 1x01 - Pilot
 The Glades 1x09 - Honey
 InSecurity 1x09 - El Negotiator
 CSI 11x15 - Targets Of Obsession
 The Chicago Code 1x03 - Gillis, Chase and Babyface
 The Listener 2x03 - In His Sight
 The Defenders 1x17 - Nevada v. Greene
 Breakout Kings 1x01 - Pilot
 Unnatural History 1x02 - The Griffin Gang