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 Eagleheart 1x02 - Creeps
 Eagleheart 1x03 - Master of da' Skies
 Family Guy 9x10 - Friends of Peter G.
 Mr Sunshine 1x07 - Celebrity Tennis
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 Mr Sunshine 1x05 - Crystal on Ice
 Eagleheart 1x01 - Get Worse
 Eagleheart 1x02 - Creeps
 The Simpsons 22x13 - The Blue and the Gray
 Family Guy 9x11 - Friends of Peter G
 Frasier 6x14 - Three Valentines
 Mr Sunshine 1x02 - Employee of the Year
 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1x01 - Two of a Kind
 Eagleheart 1x03 - Master of da' Skies
 Mr Sunshine 1x03 - Heather's Sister
 Eagleheart 1x04 - Me llamo Justice
 Mr Sunshine 1x04 - Hostile Workplace
 Eagleheart 1x05 - Death Punch
 The Simpsons 22x15 - The Scorpion’s Tale
 Family Guy 9x13 - The Hand That Rocks the Wheelchair
 Eagleheart 1x06 - Double Your Pleasure
 Mr Sunshine 1x06 - Lingerie Football
 Mr Sunshine 1x07 - Celebrity Tennis
 How I Met Your Mother 6x24 - Challenge Accepted
 The Big Bang Theory 4x24 - The Roomate Transmogrification
 The Simpsons 22x22 - The Ned-Liest Catch
 Last Man Standing 1x02 - Last Baby Proofing Standing
 2 Broke Girls 1x08 - And Hoarder Culture