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 Martina Cole's The Runaway 1x01 - Episode 1
 Parks and Recreation 6x03 - The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic
 The Thick of It 2x02 - Spinners and Losers
 The Thick of It 2x03 - Spinners and Losers (Opposition Extra)
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 The IT Crowd 3x06 - Calendar Geeks
 24 7x16 - Hora 16
 Lost 6x20 - Aloha to Lost: Jimmy Kimmel Special
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x09 - Night Terrors
 Black Mirror 2x02 - White Bear
 Parks and Recreation 6x11 - New Beginnings
 Wayward Pines 1x06 - Choices