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 30 Rock 6x19 - Live From Studio 6H
 30 Rock 6x21 - The Return of Avery Jessup
 Ben and Kate 1x06 - Scaredy Kate
 Boss 1x07 - Stasis
 Community 3x21 - First Chang Dynasty
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x11 - Dating Games
 Episodes 4x03 - Episode Three
 Episodes 4x09 - Episode Nine
 Futurama 7x09 - Free Will Hunting
 Gravity Falls 2x05 - Soos and the Real Girl
 Life's Too Short 1x06 - Episode 6
 Nashville 1x10 - I'm Sorry for You, My Friend
 Portlandia 3x02 - Take Back MTV
 Portlandia 3x03 - Missionaries
 Raising Hope 3x04 - If a Ham Falls in the Woods
 Togetherness 1x03 - Insanity
 Togetherness 1x05 - Kick the Can
 Underemployed 1x01 - Pilot
 Underemployed 1x03 - The Roommate
 Underemployed 1x04 - The Days of Yore
 Vegas 1x06 - The Real Thing
 Workaholics 4x04 - Miss BS
 Workaholics 4x05 - Three and a Half Men
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 Hart of Dixie 1x01 - Pilot
 The Good Wife 3x21 - The Penalty Box
 Boardwalk Empire 2x10 - Georgia Peaches
 Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe 1x01 - Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe
 Hung 2x07 - The Middle East is Complicated
 Weeds 6x01 - Thwack
 Modern Family 3x12 - Egg Drop
 The Good Wife 3x08 - Here Comes Santa
 Breaking Bad 4x07 - Problem Dog
 Royal Pains 3x10 - A Little Art, A Little Science
 Sons of Anarchy 4x01 - Out
 Futurama 6x26 - Reincarnation
 Entourage 8x08 - The End
 Weeds 7x11 - Une Mère Que J'aimerais Baiser
 Sons of Anarchy 4x04 - Una Venta
 Parks and Recreation 4x01 - I'm Leslie Knope
 Better Off Ted 1x01 - Pilot
 Breaking Bad 4x11 - Crawl Space
 Boardwalk Empire 2x01 - 21
 2 Broke Girls 1x02 - And the Break up Scene
 The Playboy Club 1x02 - The Scarlet Bunny
 Gossip Girl 5x01 - Yes Then Zero
 Terra Nova 1x01 - Genesis
 New Girl 1x02 - Kryptonite
 Raising Hope 2x02 - Sabrina Has Money
 Suburgatory 1x01 - Pilot
 The Big Bang Theory 5x03 - The Pulled Groin Extrapolation
 The Office 8x02 - The Incentive
 Community 3x02 - Geography Of Global Conflict
 Homeland 1x01 - Pilot
 Breaking Bad 4x12 - End Times
 Boardwalk Empire 2x02 - Ourselves Alone
 How I Met Your Mother 7x04 - The Stinson Missile Crisis
 2 Broke Girls 1x03 - And Strokes of Goodwill
 How to Make It in America 2x01 - I'm Good
 Pan Am 1x02 - We'll Always Have Paris
 Hart of Dixie 1x02 - Parades & Pariahs
 Modern Family 3x04 - Door to Door
 Suburgatory 1x02 - The Barbecue
 Blue Mountain State 3x04 - The Peak
 Parks and Recreation 4x03 - Born & Raised
 Pan Am 1x03 - Ich Bin Ein Berliner
 Hung 3x02 - Take The Cake or Are You Packing?
 Boardwalk Empire 2x03 - A Dangerous Maid
 Homeland 1x02 - Grace
 How I Met Your Mother 7x05 - Field Trip
 How to Make It in America 2x02 - In or Out
 Terra Nova 1x04 - What Remains
 2 Broke Girls 1x04 - And the Rich People Problems
 Community 3x04 - Remedial Chaos Theory
 Hung 3x03 - Mister Drecker or Ease Up On The Whup Ass
 Dexter 6x03 - Smokey and the Bandit
 Homeland 1x03 - Clean Skin
 Boardwalk Empire 2x04 - What Does The Bee Do?
 Pan Am 1x04 - Eastern Exposure
 How to Make It in America 2x03 - Money, Power, Private School
 Sons of Anarchy 4x07 - Fruit for the Crows
 Hung 3x04 - Fuck Me, Mr. Drecker or Let's Not Go to Jail
 Boardwalk Empire 2x05 - Gimcrack and Bunkum
 Hart of Dixie 1x05 - Faith & Infidelity
 Suburgatory 1x05 - Halloween
 Dexter 6x05 - The Angel of Death
 Raising Hope 2x05 - Killer Hope
 Boss 1x02 - Reflex
 Suburgatory 1x06 - Charity case
 Boardwalk Empire 2x07 - Peg of Old
 Homeland 1x06 - The Good Soldier
 Dexter 6x06 - Just Let Go
 Hart of Dixie 1x06 - The undead and the unsaid
 Sons of Anarchy 4x10 - Hands
 Hell On Wheels 1x01 - Pilot
 The Big Bang Theory 5x09 - The Ornithophobia Diffusion
 Blue Mountain State 3x10 - One Week
 Boardwalk Empire 2x08 - Two Boats And A Lifeguard
 Homeland 1x07 - The Weekend
 Hung 3x07 - What’s Going on Downstairs? or Don’t Eat Prince…
 How I Met Your Mother 7x10 - Tick Tick Tick...
 Gossip Girl 5x07 - The Big Sleep No More
 Hart of Dixie 1x07 - The Crush & The Crossbow
 2 Broke Girls 1x09 - And The Really Petty Cash
 Boss 1x04 - Slip
 Hell On Wheels 1x02 - Immoral Mathematics
 Bored to Death 3x06 - Two Large Pearls And A Gold Bar
 New Girl 1x06 - Thanksgiving
 Sons of Anarchy 4x11 - Call Of Duty
 Modern Family 3x08 - After the Fire
 Suburgatory 1x07 - sweet sixteen
 The Office 8x08 - Gettysburg
 Blue Mountain State 3x11 - Death Penalty
 Homeland 1x08 - Achilles Heel
 The Good Wife 3x09 - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
 Boardwalk Empire 2x09 - Battle of the Century
 Gossip Girl 5x08 - All The Pretty Sources
 2 Broke Girls 1x10 - And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving
 Hart of Dixie 1x08 - Homecoming & Coming
 Bored to Death 3x07 - Forget the Herring
 Sons of Anarchy 4x12 - Burnt And Purged Away
 Suburgatory 1x08 - Thanksgiving
 Life's Too Short 1x03 - Life's Too Short - S01E03
 The Walking Dead 2x07 - Pretty Much Dead Already
 Sons of Anarchy 4x13 - To Be (Act 1)
 Raising Hope 2x08 - Bro gurt
 Blue Mountain State 3x12 - Corn Field
 Community 3x09 - Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism
 Boardwalk Empire 2x11 - Under God's Power She Flourishes
 Hell On Wheels 1x05 - Bread and Circuses
 Homeland 1x10 - Representative Brody
 Hung 3x10 - The Whole Beefalo
 The Good Wife 3x10 - Parenting Made Easy
 Pan Am 1x09 - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
 Misfits 3x06 - Episode Six
 Boardwalk Empire 2x12 - To The Lost
 Hell On Wheels 1x06 - Pride, Pomp and Circumstance
 Homeland 1x11 - The Vest
 Dexter 6x11 - Talk to the Hand
 The Good Wife 3x11 - What Went Wrong
 Luck 1x01 - Pilot
 Homeland 1x12 - Marine One
 Life's Too Short 1x07 - Episode 7
 Hell On Wheels 1x09 - Timshel
 The Good Wife 3x12 - Alienation Of Affection
 The Office 08x11 - Trivia
 Hell On Wheels 1x10 - God Of Chaos
 Californication 5x02 - The Way Of The Fist
 Pan Am 1x11 - Diplomatic Relations
 Justified 3x01 - The Gunfighter
 House of Lies 1x02 - Amsterdam
 The Big Bang Theory 5x13 - The Recombination Hypotesis
 Suburgatory 1x12 - The casino trip
 2 Broke Girls 1x15 - And The Blind Spot
 30 Rock 6x02 - Idiots Are People Two!
 Parks and Recreation 4x12 - Campaign Ad
 Justified 3x02 - Cut Ties
 The Big Bang Theory 5x14 - The Beta Test Initiation
 Parks and Recreation 4x13 - Bowling For Votes
 Chuck 5x13 - Chuck Versus The Goodbye [Season Finale]
 House of Lies 1x04 - Mini Mogul
 Hart of Dixie 1x12 - Mistress & Misunderstandings
 Justified 3x03 - Harlan Roulette
 Glee 3x11 - Michael
 Gossip Girl 5x13 - G.G.
 Californication 5x05 - The Ride Along
 Royal Pains 3x13 - My Back to the Future
 30 Rock 6x06 - Hey, Baby, What's Wrong
 Luck 1x02 - Episode 2
 Luck 1x04 - Episode 4
 Luck 1x03 - Episode 3
 Justified 3x06 - When the Guns Come Out
 Justified 3x07 - The Man Behind the Curtain
 30 Rock 6x10 - Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky
 The Good Wife 3x16 - After the fall
 Shameless US 2x08 - Parenthood
 House of Lies 1x08 - Veritas
 Luck 1x06 - Episode 6
 Suburgatory 1x17 - Independence Day
 The Office 8x19 - Get The Girl
 Shameless US 2x10 - A Great Cause
 How I Met Your Mother 7x19 - The Broath
 The Good Wife 3x19 - Blue Ribbon Panel
 Mad Men 5x01 - A Little Kiss
 Magic City 1x01 - The Year Of The Fin
 Mad Men 5x03 - Tea Leaves
 Hart of Dixie 1x17 - Heart to Hart
 Raising Hope 2x21 - Inside Probe
 Justified 3x13 - Slaughterhouse
 Magic City 1x02 - Feeding
 Gossip Girl 5x20 - Salon of the Dead
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 1x02 - Daddy s Girl
 30 Rock 6x18 - Murphy Brown Lied To Us
 Mad Men 5x06 - Far Away Places
 NYC 22 1x02 - Firebomb
 Gossip Girl 5x21 - Despicable B
 The Client List 1x03 - Tough Love
 Community 3x17 - Basic Lupine Urology
 Magic City 1x04 - Atonement
 Gossip Girl 5x22 - Raiders of the Lost Art
 New Girl 1x23 - Backslide
 Parks and Recreation 4x22 - Win, lose o draw.
 Episodes 2x01 -
 Gossip Girl 5x24 - The return of the ring
 The Client List 1x06 - The Cold Hard Truth
 Suburgatory 1x22 - The Motherload
 Community 3x21 - First Chang Dynasty
 Mad Men 5x13 - The Phantom
 Girls 1x09 - Leave Me Alone
 True Blood 5x02 - Authority Always Wins
 Bunheads 1x02 - For Fanny
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x01 - We Just Decided To
 The Neighbors 1x02 - Journey To The Center of The Mall
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x03 - The 112th Congress
 Longmire 1x06 - The Worst Kind of Hunter
 Awkward 2x03 - Three's a Crowd
 True Blood 5x06 - Hopeless
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x04 - I'll Try to Fix You
 Bunheads 1x05 - Money for nothing
 Weeds 8x04 - Only Judy Can Judge
 Breaking Bad 5x02 - Madrigal
 Jane By Design 1x17 - The Sleepover
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x06 - Bullies
 Breaking Bad 5x03 - Hazard Pay
 Breaking Bad 5x04 - Fifty-One
 True Blood 5x09 - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
 Futurama 7x09 - Free Will Hunting
 Hell On Wheels 2x01 - Viva La Mexico
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x08 - The Blackout Part I: Tragedy Porn
 Breaking Bad 5x05 - Dead Freight
 True Blood 5x10 - Gone, Gone, Gone
 Futurama 7x10 - Near-Death Wish
 Royal Pains 4x09 - Business And Pleasure
 Boss 2x01 - Louder than words
 Louie 3x09 - Looking for Liz; Lilly Changes.
 Boss 2x02 - Through and Through
 True Blood 5x12 - Save Yourself
 Weeds 8x09 - Saplings
 Hell On Wheels 2x03 - Slaughterhouse
 Futurama 7x12 - 31st Century Fox
 Hell On Wheels 2x04 - Scabs
 The New Normal 1x01 - Preair Pilot
 Breaking Bad 5x08 - Gliding Over All
 Weeds 8x10 - Threshold
 Boss 2x03 - Ablution
 Boss 2x04 - Redemption
 Hell On Wheels 2x05 - The Railroad Job
 Weeds 8x11 - God Willing And The Creek Don't Rise
 Boss 2x05 - Mania
 Weeds 8x12 - It's Time (Part 1 & Part 2)
 Hell On Wheels 2x06 - Purged Away With Blood
 Louie 3x12 - Late Show - Part 3
 Boardwalk Empire 3x02 - Spaghetti & Coffee
 Sons of Anarchy 5x03 - Laying Pipe
 Vegas 1x01 - Pilot
 2 Broke Girls 2x02 - And the Pearl Necklace
 Sons of Anarchy 5x04 - Stolen Huffy
 Hart of Dixie 2x01 - I Fall to Pieces
 Parks and Recreation 5x03 - How a Bill Becomes a Law
 Homeland 2x02 - Beirut Is Back
 Boardwalk Empire 3x04 - Blue Bell Boy
 The Good Wife 4x02 - And The Law Won
 Treme 3x03 - Me Donkey Want Water
 Sons of Anarchy 5x05 - Orca Shrugged
 Hart of Dixie 2x02 - Always On My Mind
 How I Met Your Mother 8x04 - Who Wants to Be a Godparent?
 2 Broke Girls 2x04 - And the Cupcake War
 Modern Family 4x04 - The Butler's Escape
 Homeland 2x04 - New Car Smell
 30 Rock 7x03 - Stride of Pride
 The Neighbors 1x04 - Bathroom Etiquette
 Boss 2x10 - True Enough
 The Good Wife 4x04 - Don't Haze Me, Bro.
 Sons of Anarchy 5x07 - Toad's Wild Ride
 New Girl 2x05 - Models
 Gossip Girl 6x03 - Dirty Rotten Scandals
 The Walking Dead 3x03 - Walk with me
 Boardwalk Empire 3x07 - Sunday Best
 Sons of Anarchy 5x08 - Ablation
 Nashville 1x04 - We Live in Two Different Worlds
 Treme 3x06 - Careless Love.
 Dexter 7x06 - Do the Wrong Thing
 Sons of Anarchy 5x09 - Andare Pescare
 Glee 4x05 - The Role You Were Born to Play
 Sons of Anarchy 5x10 - Crucifixed
 The Good Wife 4x08 - Here Comes The Judge
 Hart of Dixie 2x07 - Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me
 The Good Wife 4x09 - A Defense of Marriage
 Boardwalk Empire 3x11 - Two Imposters
 Homeland 2x09 - Two Hats
 Treme 3x10 - Tripitina
 Sons of Anarchy 5x12 - Darthy
 Hart of Dixie 2x08 - Achy Breaky Hearts
 Ben and Kate 1x09 - Guitar Face
 The Good Wife 4x10 - Battle of the Proxies
 Dexter 7x10 - The Dark... Whatever
 New Girl 2x10 - Bathtub
 Raising Hope 3x09 - Squeak Means Squeak
 Hart of Dixie 2x09 - Sparks Fly
 Ben and Kate 1x10 - The Trip
 2 Broke Girls 2x11 - And The Silent Partner
 Gossip Girl 6x08 - It's Really Complicated
 Gossip Girl 6x09 - The Revengers
 Elementary 1x08 - The Long Fuse
 Arrow 1x09 - Year's End
 Elementary 1x10 - The Leviathan
 2 Broke Girls 2x12 - And the High Holidays
 How I Met Your Mother 8x11 - The Final Page
 Gossip Girl 6x10 - New York, I Love You X.O.X.O.
 Vegas 1x10 - Estinto
 The Big Bang Theory 6x12 - The Egg Salad Equivalency
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x09 - The Scarlet Neighbor
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x10 - Mean Girls
 2 Broke Girls 2x13 - And the Bear Truth
 Raising Hope 3x12 - Lord of the Ring
 Shameless US 3x01 - El Gran Cañón
 Vegas 1x12 - From This Day Forward
 30 Rock 7x10 - Florida
 Arrow 1x10 - Burned
 Hart of Dixie 2x12 - Islands in the Stream
 1600 Penn 1x04 - Meet the Parent
 Raising Hope 3x13 - What Happens At Howdy's Doesn't Stay At Howdy's
 Nashville 1x11 - You Win Again
 30 Rock 7x12 - Series Finale, Part 1: Hogcock! Part 2: Last Lunch
 Raising Hope 3x14 - Modern Wedding
 Raising Hope 3x15 - Yo Zappa Do (1)
 Hart of Dixie 2x14 - Take Me Home, Country Roads
 The Americans 1x03 - Gregory
 Raising Hope 3x18 - Arbor Daze
 The New Normal 1x17 - Rocky Bye Baby
 Justified 4x08 - Outlaw
 Elementary 1x17 - Possibility Two
 The Carrie Diaries 1x08 - Hush Hush
 Justified 4x09 - The Hatchet Tour
 Black Mirror 2x03 - The Waldo Moment
 Shameless US 3x08 - Where There's A Will
 Justified 4x10 - Get Drew
 Elementary 1x18 - Déjà Vu All Over Again
 Justified 4x11 - Decoy
 Community 4x07 - Economics of Marine Biology
 Golden Boy 1x02 - The Price of Revenge
 The Carrie Diaries 1x11 - Identity Crisis
 Raising Hope 3x21 - Burt Mitzvah- The Musical
 Raising Hope 3x22 - Mother's Day
 Vegas 1x16 - Little Fish
 Mad Men 6x01 - The Doorway
 The Good Wife 4x20 - Rape: A Modern Perspective
 Defiance 1x03 - The Devil in the Dark
 The Big Bang Theory 6x22 - The Proton Resurgence
 Glee 4x21 - Wonder-ful
 Community 4x12 - Heroic Origins
 The Office 9x21 - Livin' the Dream
 Vegas 1x20 - Unfinished Business
 2 Broke Girls 2x23 - And the Tip Slip
 Hart of Dixie 2x22 - On the Road Again
 The Office 9x22 - A.A.R.M parte 1 y 2
 Mad Men 6x07 - Man With A Plan
 The Big Bang Theory 6x24 - The Bon Voyage Reaction
 Mad Men 6x08 - The Crash
 Nashville 1x21 - I'll never get out of this world alive
 Defiance 1x04 - A Well Respected Man
 Defiance 1x06 - Brothers in Arms
 Hannibal 1x11 - Rôti
 Defiance 1x07 - Goodbye Blue Sky
 Hannibal 1x12 - Releves
 Mad Men 6x12 - The quality of mercy
 Mistresses (US) 1x03 - Breaking and Entering
 Ray Donovan 1x01 - The Bag or the Bat
 Ray Donovan 1x04 - Black Cadiilac
 The Bridge (US) 1x04 - Maria of the Desert
 Arrested Development 4x05 - A New Start
 The Bridge (US) 1x05 - The Beast
 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 1x13 - Kimmy Makes Waffles!
 Ray Donovan 1x08 - Bridget
 The Bridge (US) 1x08 - Vendetta
 Breaking Bad 5x12 - Rabid Dog
 Hell On Wheels 3x05 - Seachers
 The Bridge (US) 1x09 - The Beetle
 Ray Donovan 1x10 - Fite Nite
 The Bridge (US) 1x10 - Old Friends
 Sons of Anarchy 6x02 - One One Six
 Ray Donovan 1x12 - Same Exactly
 The Bridge (US) 1x12 - All about Eva
 Downton Abbey 4x02 - Episode 2
 Boardwalk Empire 4x04 - All In
 Sons of Anarchy 6x04 - Wolfsangel
 Hell On Wheels 3x10 - Get Behind the Mule
 Elementary 2x02 - SOLVE FOR X
 The Good Wife 5x02 - The Bit Bucket
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x03 - The Asset
 The Blacklist 1x02 - The Freelancer
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x04 - Eye Spy
 Homeland 3x04 - Game on
 Boardwalk Empire 4x07 - William Wilson
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x05 - Girl In The Flower Dress
 2 Broke Girls 3x06 - And the piece of sheet
 Homeland 3x06 - Still Positive
 Masters of Sex 1x06 - Brave New World
 Boardwalk Empire 4x09 - Marriage and Hunting
 The Good Wife 5x06 - The Next Day
 Hart of Dixie 3x05 - How Do You Like Me Now?
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x06 - FZZT
 Arrow 2x05 - League Of Assassins
 Downton Abbey 4x08 - Episode 8
 Boardwalk Empire 4x10 - White Horse Pike
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x07 - The Hub
 Masters of Sex 1x08 - Love and Marriage
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x08 - The Well
 Homeland 3x09 - One Last Time
 The Blacklist 1x09 - Anslo Garrick, Part 1
 The Walking Dead 4x08 - Too Far Gone
 Homeland 3x10 - Good Night
 The Crazy Ones 1x10 - Models Love Magic
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x10 - The Bridge
 Arrow 2x09 - Three Ghost
 Treme 4x02 - This City
 The Carrie Diaries 2x07 - I Heard A Rumor
 Homeland 3x12 - The Star
 Elementary 2x11 - Internal Audit
 Treme 4x05 - ...To Miss New Orleans
 Elementary 2x12 - The Diabolical Kind
 Banshee 2x01 - Little Fish
 The Carrie Diaries 2x11 - Hungry Like the Wolf
 Arrow 2x11 - Blind Spot
 Girls 3x05 - Only Child
 Shameless US 4x04 - Strangers On A Train
 Black Sails 1x03 - III
 Shameless US 4x05 - There's The Rub
 Elementary 2x15 - Corpse de Ballet
 New Girl 3x16 - Sister
 Sherlock 1x02 - The Blind Banker
 Girls 3x07 - Beach House
 Shameless US 4x07 - Jailbird, Invalid, Martyr, Cutter, Retard, And Parasitic Twin
 2 Broke Girls 3x17 - And The Married Man Sleepover
 New Girl 3x17 - Sister II
 Nashville 2x15 - They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x14 - T.A.H.I.T.I.
 The Walking Dead 4x13 - Alone
 The Good Wife 5x13 - Parallel Construction, Bitches
 New Girl 3x19 - Fired Up
 Trophy Wife 1x16 - The Wedding (Part 1)
 Shameless US 4x09 - The Legend Of Bonnie And Carl
 The Good Wife 5x14 - A Few Words
 Community 5x10 - Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
 Girls 3x12 - Two Plane Rides
 How I Met Your Mother 9x22 - The End of the Aisle
 Justified 5x11 - The Toll
 The Walking Dead 4x16 - A
 The Neighbors 2x20 - Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x16 - End of the Beginning
 Nashville 2x19 - Crazy
 Shameless US 4x12 - Lazarus
 Mad Men 7x01 - Time Zones
 Silicon Valley 1x02 - The Cap Table
 Hart of Dixie 3x17 - A Good Run of Bad Luck
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x18 - Providence
 Vikings 2x08 - Boneless
 The Americans 2x08 - New Car
 Hart of Dixie 3x18 - Back in the Saddle Again
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x19 - The Only Light in the Darkness
 Hannibal 2x10 - Naka-Choko
 Parks and Recreation 6x21 - Moving Up
 Silicon Valley 1x04 - Fiduciary Duties
 Californication 7x04 - Dicks
 Hart of Dixie 3x20 - Together Again
 Mad Men 7x04 - The monolith
 Fargo 1x03 - A Muddy Road
 Arrow 2x23 - Unthinkable
 Hart of Dixie 3x22 - Second Chance
 Silicon Valley 1x07 - Proof of Concept
 Modern Family 5x24 - The Wedding Part 2
 Elementary 2x24 - The Grand Experiment
 Longmire 3x01 - The White Warrior
 Turn 1x01 - Pilot
 Longmire 3x02 - Of Children and Travelers
 Halt and Catch Fire 1x03 - High Plains hardware
 Halt and Catch Fire 1x04 - Close to the Metal
 Defiance 2x01 - The Opposite of Hallelujah
 Defiance 2x05 - Put The Damage On
 Masters of Sex 2x02 - Kyrie Eleison
 Halt and Catch Fire 1x08 - The 214s
 Ray Donovan 2x02 - Uber Ray
 The Big Bang Theory 8x17 - The Colonization Application
 Defiance 2x06 - This Woman's Work
 The Bridge (US) 2x02 - Ghost of a Flea
 The Bridge (US) 2x01 - Yankee
 The Bridge (US) 2x03 - Sorrowsworn
 Ray Donovan 2x04 - S U C K
 True Blood 7x07 - May be the Last Time
 Defiance 2x08 - Slouching Towards Bethlehem
 The Knick 1x03 - The Busy Flea
 Defiance 2x10 - Bottom of the World
 Ray Donovan 2x08 - Sunny
 Masters of Sex 2x08 - Mirror, mirror
 Turn 1x02 - Who by Fire
 Turn 1x03 - Of Cabbages and Kings
 Turn 1x04 - Eternity How Long
 The Bridge (US) 2x09 - Rakshasa
 Ray Donovan 2x09 - Snowflake
 Masters of Sex 2x09 - Story of My Life
 You're the Worst 1x09 - Constant Horror and Bone-Deep Dissatisfaction
 Ray Donovan 2x10 - Volcheck
 The Knick 1x06 - Start Calling Me Dad
 Selfie 1x01 - Piloto
 New Girl 4x03 - Julie Berkmans Older Sister
 The Bridge (US) 2x13 - Jubilex
 The Knick 1x08 - Working Late a Lot
 Gotham 1x02 - Selina Kyle
 Hell On Wheels 4x10 - Return to Hell
 Downton Abbey 5x03 - Episode 3
 Gotham 1x03 - The Balloonman
 The Big Bang Theory 8x05 - The Focus Attenuation
 Gotham 1x04 - Arkham
 The Knick 1x09 - The Golden Lotus
 A to Z 1x03 - C Is For Curiouser & Curiouser
 The Good Wife 6x05 - Shiny Objects
 The Flash 2014 1x02 - Fastest Man Alive
 Modern Family 6x05 - Won't You Be Our Neighbor
 The Flash 2014 1x04 - Going Rogue
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x06 - A Fractured House
 Sons of Anarchy 7x08 - The Separation of Crows
 Selfie 1x05 - Even Hell Has Two Bars
 Selfie 1x06 - Never Block Cookies
 Veep 1x02 - Frozen Yoghurt
 The Good Wife 6x09 - Sticky Content
 Homeland 4x07 - Redux
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x08 - The Things We Bury
 Faking It 2x09 - Karmic Retribution
 The Flash 2014 1x06 - The Flash Is Born
 New Girl 4x09 - Thanksgiving IV
 The Walking Dead 5x08 - Coda
 The Newsroom (2012) 3x04 - Contempt
 Gotham 1x10 - LoveCraft
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x09 - ...Ye Who Enter Here
 Modern Family 6x09 - Strangers in the Night
 Veep 1x07 - Full Disclosure
 New Girl 4x11 - LAXmas
 Nashville 3x10 - First to Have a Second Chance
 Constantine 1x01 - Non Est Asylum
 Sherlock 1x03 - The Great Game
 Homeland 4x12 - Long Time Coming
 Elementary 3x08 - End of Watch
 The Affair (2014) 1x02 - Episode 2
 The Affair (2014) 1x03 -
 The Affair (2014) 1x04 - Episode 4
 The Affair (2014) 1x10 -
 Galavant 1x02 - Joust Friends
 Marvel's Agent Carter 1x01 - Now Is Not the End
 Shameless US 5x01 - Milk Of The Gods
 Turn 1x09 - Against Thy Neighbor
 Turn 1x10 - The Battle of Setauket
 Banshee 3x01 - The Fire Trials
 Marvel's Agent Carter 1x03 - Time and Tide
 Hart of Dixie 4x02 - The Curling Iron
 Veep 2x05 - Helsinki
 Shameless US 5x02 - I'm The Liver
 Elementary 3x10 - Seed Money
 Galavant 1x06 - Dungeons and Dragon
 Parks and Recreation 7x03 - William Henry Harrison / Leslie & Ron
 The Flash 2014 1x10 - Revenge of the Rouges
 Jane The Virgin 1x05 - Chapter Five
 Jane The Virgin 01x06 - Chapter six
 Girls 4x03 - Female Author
 Shameless US 5x03 - The Two Lisas
 Jane The Virgin 1x09 - Chapter Nine
 Jane The Virgin 1x10 - Chapter Ten
 The Flash 2014 1x11 - The Sound and The Fury
 Arrow 3x11 - Midnight City
 The Americans 3x01 - EST Men
 Shameless US 5x04 - A Night To Remem... Wait, What?
 Jane The Virgin 1x11 - Chapter Eleven
 Jane The Virgin 1x12 - Chapter Twelve
 New Girl 4x14 - Swuit
 The Americans 3x02 - Baggage
 Hart of Dixie 4x05 - Bar-Be-Q Burritos
 Workaholics 5x03 - Speedo Racer
 Jane The Virgin 1x13 - Chapter Thirteen
 The Walking Dead 5x10 - Them
 Girls 4x05 - Sit-In
 Shameless US 5x06 - Crazy Love
 Jane The Virgin 1x14 - Chapter Fourteen
 The Flash 2014 1x14 - Fallout
 Arrow 3x14 - The Return
 Nashville 3x13 - I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong
 The Walking Dead 5x11 - The Distance
 Hart of Dixie 4x06 - Alabama Boys
 Parks and Recreation 7x10 - The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show
 Parks and Recreation 7x11 - Two Funerals
 The Americans 3x04 - Dimebag
 Marvel's Agent Carter 1x07 - Snafu
 2 Broke Girls 4x13 - And the Great Unwashed
 Community 6x02 - Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care
 Black Sails 2x05 - XIII
 Better Call Saul 1x04 - Hero
 Marvel's Agent Carter 1x08 - Valediction
 The Americans 3x05 - Salang Pass
 Modern Family 6x16 - Connection Lost
 Justified 6x06 - Alive Day
 Nashville 3x14 - Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
 Banshee 3x08 - All the Wisdom I Got Left
 Workaholics 5x07 - Gramps DeMamp
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 2x17 - Boyle-Linetti Weddin
 Shameless US 5x07 - Tell Me You Fucking Need Me
 Better Call Saul 1x05 - Alpine Shepherd Boy
 Black Sails 2x06 - XIV
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x11 - Aftershocks
 Justified 6x07 - The Hunt
 Shameless US 5x08 - Uncle Carl
 The Walking Dead 5x13 - Forget
 The Americans 3x06 - Born Again
 Black Sails 2x07 - XV
 Jane The Virgin 1x15 - Chapter Fifteen
 Empire (2015) 1x05 - Dangerous Bonds
 Empire (2015) 1x06 - Out, Damned Spot
 Shameless US 5x09 - Carl's First Sentencing
 Black Sails 2x08 - XVI
 Community 6x01 - Ladders
 Man Seeking Woman 1x05 - Sizzurp
 Man Seeking Woman 1x07 - Stain
 Man Seeking Woman 1x08 - Branzino
 Hart of Dixie 4x09 - End of Days
 Black Sails 2x09 - XVII
 2 Broke Girls 4x15 - And the Fat Cat
 The Last Man On Earth 1x01 - Alive in Tucson -The Elephant in the Room
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x14 - Love in the Time of Hydra
 Jane The Virgin 1x16 - Chapter Sixteen
 Arrow 3x17 - Suicidal Tendencies
 The Americans 3x09 - Do Mail Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep?
 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 1x05 - Kimmy Kisses a Boy!
 Shameless US 5x11 - Drugs Actually
 The Good Wife 6x17 - Undisclosed Recipients
 Better Call Saul 1x09 - Pimento
 The Flash 2014 1x17 - Tricksters
 Shameless US 5x12 - Love Songs (In The Key Of Gallagher)
 Mad Men 7x08 - Severance
 Vikings 3x07 - Paris
 Veep 3x05 - Fishing
 Veep 3x06 - Detroit
 Community 6x05 - Laws of Robotics & Party Rights
 New Girl 4x20 - Par 5
 Better Call Saul 1x10 - Marco
 Marvel's Daredevil 1x02 - Cut Man
 Marvel's Daredevil 1x01 - Into the Ring
 Marvel's Daredevil 1x03 - Rabbit in a Snow Storm
 Marvel's Daredevil 1x04 - In the Blood
 Veep 4x01 - Joint Session
 Nashville 3x18 - Nobody Knows But Me
 The Americans 3x12 - I am Abassin Zadran
 Vikings 3x09 - Breaking Point
 Mad Men 7x10 - The Forecast
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x18 - The Frenemy of my Enemy
 The Americans 3x13 - March 8, 1983
 Community 6x07 - Advanced Safety Features
 House of Cards (2013) 3x02 - Chapter 28
 House of Cards (2013) 3x01 - Chapter 27
 Mad Men 7x11 - Time & Life
 Veep 4x02 - East Wing
 The Flash 2014 1x19 - Who is Harrison Wells?
 The Good Wife 6x20 - The Deconstruction
 Community 6x08 - Intro to Recycled Cinema
 2 Broke Girls 4x19 - And the Look of the Irish
 Nashville 3x20 - Time Changes Things
 Louie 5x04 - Bobby's House
 Arrow 3x21 - Al Sah-Him
 House of Cards (2013) 3x04 -
 House of Cards (2013) 3x05 -
 Mad Men 7x12 - Lost Horizon
 Arrow 3x22 - This is Your Sword
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x20 - Scars
 2 Broke Girls 4x21 - And the Grate Expectations
 Community 6x10 - Basic RV Repair and Palmistry
 Arrow 3x23 - My Name Is Oliver Queen
 Mad Men 7x14 - Person to Person
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x21 - S.O.S. parte 1 y parte 2
 Turn 2x07 - Valley Forge
 Community 6x11 - Modern Espionage
 Jane The Virgin 1x19 - Chapter Nineteen
 Jane The Virgin 1x20 - Chapter Twenty
 Jane The Virgin 1x21 - Chapter Twenty-One
 Veep 4x07 - Mommy Meyer
 Turn 2x09 - The Prodigal
 Community 6x13 - Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television
 Penny Dreadful 2x06 - Glorious Horrors
 Elementary 3x22 - The Best Way Out Is Always Through
 Elementary 3x23 - Absconded
 Halt and Catch Fire 2x03 - The Way In
 Orange is the New Black 3x06 - Ching Chong Chang
 Orange is the New Black 3x07 - Tongue-Tied
 Orange is the New Black 3x08 - Fear, and Other Smells
 Breaking Bad 4x04 - Bullet Points
 True Blood 4x12 - And When I Die
 Weeds 7x12 - Qualitative Spatial Reasoning
 Pan Am 1x01 - Pilot
 How I Met Your Mother 7x03 - Ducky Tie
 Terra Nova 1x03 - Instinct
 Sons of Anarchy 4x08 - Family Recipe
 The Office 8x05 - Spooked
 Homeland 1x05 - Blind Spot
 Misfits 3x02 - Episode 2
 New Girl 1x05 - Cece Crashes
 Gossip Girl 5x06 - I Am Number Nine
 Modern Family 3x09 - Punkin Chunkin
 Hart of Dixie 1x09 - The Pirate & the Practice
 Dexter 6x10 - Ricochet Rabbit
 Sons of Anarchy 4x14 - To Be, Act 2
 Life's Too Short 1x06 - Episode 6
 Chuck 5x07 - Chuck versus The Santa Suit
 Royal Pains 3x15 - Hank And The Deep Blue Sea
 Shameless US 2x09 - Hurricane Monica
 Justified 3x09 - Loose ends
 Mad Men 5x05 - Signal 30
 Hart of Dixie 1x21 - Disaster Drills & Departures
 Mad Men 5x10 - Christmas Waltz
 True Blood 5x08 - Somebody That I Used to Know
 Weeds 8x05 - Red in Tooth and Claw
 Weeds 8x07 - Unfreeze
 True Blood 5x11 - Sunset
 Hell On Wheels 2x07 - The White Spirit
 Treme 3x01 - Knock With Me, Rock With Me
 Downton Abbey 3x04 - Episode 4
 Gossip Girl 6x04 - Portait of a Lady Alexander
 Go On! 1x11 - The World Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
 The New Normal 1x11 - Baby Proofing
 Homeland 2x12 - The Choice
 Justified 4x02 - Where's Waldo?
 The Carrie Diaries 1x01 - Pilot
 The Americans 1x01 - Pilot
 New Girl 2x18 - Tinfinity
 The Good Wife 4x17 - Invitation to an inquest
 Awkward 3x06 - That Girl Strikes Again
 Mad Men 6x09 - The Better Half
 Arrow 2x01 - City of Heroes
 The Walking Dead 4x01 - 30 Days Without an Accident
 Arrow 2x04 - Crucible
 Arrow 2x06 - Keep Your Enemies Closer
 Nashville 2x09 - I'm tired of pretending
 Modern Family 5x13 - Three Dinners
 Helix 1x01 - Pilot
 Justified 5x08 - Whistle Past the Graveyard
 True Detective 1x07 - After you've gone
 Hannibal 2x03 - Hassun
 2 Broke Girls 3x19 - And the Kilt Trip
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x17 - Turn, Turn, Turn
 Silicon Valley 1x03 - Articles of Incorporation
 Silicon Valley 1x05 - Signaling Risk
 Nashville 2x21 - All or Nothing With Me
 Nashville 2x22 - On the Other Hand
 House of Cards (2013) 2x07 - Chapter 20
 Ray Donovan 2x03 - Gem and Loan
 Sons of Anarchy 7x01 - Black Widower
 The Knick 1x07 - Get the Rope
 Nashville 3x02 - How Far Down Can I Go
 Homeland 4x03 - Shalwar Kameez
 Arrow 3x06 - Guilty
 Elementary 3x03 - Just a Regular Irregular
 Veep 1x08 - Tears
 Hart of Dixie 4x03 - The Very Good Bagel
 Marvel's Agent Carter 1x04 - The Blitzkrieg Button
 Black Sails 2x01 - IX
 Fresh Off The Boat 1x01 - Pilot
 The Flash 2014 1x13 - The Nuclear Man
 Hart of Dixie 4x08 - Candles
 The Flash 2014 1x15 - Out of time
 The Walking Dead 5x15 - Try
 Community 6x03 - Basic Crisis Room Decorum
 The Americans 3x11 - One day in the life of Anton Baklanov
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x19 - The Dirty Half Dozen
 Happy Endings 1x02 - The Quicksand Girlfriend
 The Walking Dead 2x01 - What Lies Ahead
 The Good Wife 3x13 - Bitcoin for Dummies
 Raising Hope 2x11 - Mrs. Smartypants
 Mad Men 5x12 - Commissions and Fees
 True Blood 5x03 - Whatever I Am, You Made
 Sons of Anarchy 5x01 - Sovereign
 Vegas 1x02 - Money Plays
 Emily Owens M.D. 1x05 - Emily And... The Tell tale Heart
 Defiance 1x02 - Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men
 Downton Abbey 4x05 - Episode 5
 The Bridge (US) 2x07 - Lamia
 Black Sails 1x04 - IV
 Downton Abbey 5x01 - Downton Abbey 5x01
 The Big Bang Theory 8x04 - The Hook-up Reverberation
 Empire (2015) 1x04 - False Imposition
 Modern Family 6x20 - Knock 'Em Down
 The Good Wife 4x01 - I fought the law