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 Africa (2013) 1x02 - Savannah
 Africa (2013) 1x03 - Congo
 Africa (2013) 1x05 - Sahara
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x09 - Aliens Desvastations
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x01 - Aliens and the Old West
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x02 - Aliens ans Monsters
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x06 - Aliens and Ancient Engineers
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x07 - Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x09 - Aliens and Deadly Weapons
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x13 - Aliens and the Secret Code
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x14 - Aliens and the Undead
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x01 - Secret of the Pyramids
 BBC Amazon With Bruce Parry 1x05 - 5
 BBC Amazon With Bruce Parry 1x06 - 6
 BBC Archaeology A secret history 1x01 - In the beginning
 BBC Archaeology A secret history 1x02 - The search for civilisation
 BBC Archaeology A secret history 1x03 - The power of the Past
 BBC Bibles Buried Secrets 1x01 - Did King Davids Empire Exist
 BBC Ice Age Giants 2013 1x02 - Land of the cave bear
 BBC Madagascar 1x02 - Lost Worlds
 BBC Madagascar 1x03 - Land of Heat and Dust
 BBC Planet Dinosaur 1x04 - Fight for Life
 BBC Planet Dinosaur 1x05 - New Giants
 BBC Wild Arabia 1x01 - Sand, wind and stars
 BBC Wild Arabia 1x02 - The jewel of Arabia
 BBC Wild Arabia 1x03 - Shifting Sands
 Death Valley 1x08 - Undead Hookers
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x02 - John the Baptist
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x03 - The Gospel of Judas
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x04 - Secret Brother of Jesus
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x05 - The True Cross
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x06 - The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
 In Search of Aliens 1x04 - The Roswell Rock
 In Search of Aliens 1x05 - Searching for Bigfoot
 In Search of Aliens 1x06 - The mystery of Cyclops
 In Search of Aliens 1x08 - The Founding of America
 In Search of Aliens 1x09 - The mystery of Nazca
 In Search of Aliens 1x10 - The Alien Code
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x05 - Plague
 Rise of the Continents 1x01 - Africa
 Rise of the Continents 1x02 - Eurasia
 Rise of the Continents 1x03 - The Americas
 Rise of the Continents 1x04 - Australia
 The Looney Tunes Show (2011) 1x03 - Jailbird and Jailbunny
 The Looney Tunes Show (2011) 1x04 - Fish and Visitors
 The men who built America 1x03 - Changing the game
 The men who built America 1x04 - When one ends another begins
 The World Wars 1x02 - A Rising Threat
 Through The Wormhole 2x05 - Is There a Sixth Sense
 Through The Wormhole 2x09 - What Do Aliens Look Like?
 Through The Wormhole 2x10 - Are There Parallel Universes?
 Thundercats 1x07 - Legacy
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 Top Gear 21x01 - 21x01
 Mad About You 1x06 - I'm Just So Happy For You
 The Vampire Diaries 5x16 - While You Were Sleeping
 Pretty Little Liars 2x07 - Surface Tension
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x04 - Aliens and the Temples of Gold
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x03 - Underwater Worlds
 The Firm 1x04 - Chapter Four
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x05 - Aliens And The Third Reich
 Greys Anatomy 9x05 - Beautiful Doom
 Glee 4x14 - I do
 Greys Anatomy 9x15 - Hard Bargain
 Unforgettable 1x02 - Heroes
 Parenthood 4x02 - Left field
 BBC Planet Dinosaur 1x05 - New Giants
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x07 - Angels and Aliens
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x09 - Strange Abductions
 Community 4x03 - Conventions of Space and Time
 Being Human (US) 3x07 - One Is Silver and the Other Pagan
 Monday Mornings 1x03 - ho's Sorry Now
 House of Lies 2x04 -
 The Shadow Line 1x06 - Episode 6
 Revolution 1x01 - Pilot
 Mike & Molly 5x12 - The World According to Peggy
 The Firm 1x18 - Chapter Eighteen
 Grimm 1x22 - Woman in Black
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x01 - Mysterious Places
 The Hour 1x01 - Episode 1
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x08 - Unexplained Structures
 The X Factor US 2x01 - The Pilot
 The X Factor US 2x02 - Auditions #2
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x05 - Aliens and Mysterious Rituals
 Death Valley 1x02 - Help Us Help You
 Through The Wormhole 2x06 - How Does the Universe Work?
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x02 - Aliens ans Monsters
 Futurama 6x18 - The Silence of the Clamps
 The Simpsons 23x17 - Them, Robot
 Thundercats 1x05 - Old friends
 The Looney Tunes Show (2011) 1x02 - Members Only
 Zenith 1x03 - Part3
 The Shadow Line 1x07 - Episode 7
 Thundercats 1x08 - The Duelist and the Drifter
 Through The Wormhole 3x03 - Is the Universe alive?
 The Code 1x02 - Shapes
 H8R 1x01 - Snooki
 The Code 1x03 - Prediction
 Falling Skies 2x04 - Young Bloods
 Neverland 1x01 - Episode 1
 Falling Skies 1x05 - Silent Kill
 The X Factor US 2x04 - Auditions 4
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x04 - The power of three
 Death Valley 1x08 - Undead Hookers
 The Firm 1x13 - Chapter Thirteen
 Hell On Wheels 1x04 - Jemais Je Ne T'oublierai
 Case Histories 1x06 - When Will There Be Good News? - Part 2
 Case Histories 1x04 - One Good Turn (Part 2)
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x08 - Aliens and Lost Worlds
 American Horror Story 1x07 - Open House
 Sirens (UK) 1x01 - Up, Horny, Down
 Boss 1x02 - Reflex
 The Looney Tunes Show (2011) 1x04 - Fish and Visitors
 Touch 1x13 - The Road Not Taken
 Falling Skies 1x01 - Live and Learn & 1x02 The Armory
 Falling Skies 1x06 - Sanctuary: Part 1
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x09 - Aliens Desvastations
 The Firm 1x17 -
 King 2x02 - Josh Simpson
 The Legend of Korra 1x12 - Esqueletos en el armario y Jugada Final
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x07 - Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics
 Rizzoli & Isles 3x03 - This Is How a Heart Breaks
 Alcatraz 1x02 - Ernest Cobb
 Case Histories 1x05 - When Will There Be Good News - Part 1
 Through The Wormhole 1x07 - What Are We Really Made Of?
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x04 - Underground Aliens
 Through The Wormhole 2x05 - Is There a Sixth Sense
 Through The Wormhole 2x07 - Can we travel faster than light?
 Through The Wormhole 2x04 - Are There More Than Three Dimensions?
 Frasier 7x14 - Big Crane on Campus
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x02 - Gods and Aliens
 Grimm 1x02 - Bears Will Be Bears
 H8R 1x02 - Scott Disick & Eva Longoria
 The Paradise 1x01 - Episode 1
 New Girl 2x02 - Katie
 Big Train 2x04 -
 Unforgettable 1x06 - Friended
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 1x00 - Chariots, Gods And Beyond
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x06 - Episode 6
 Luck 1x07 - Episode 7
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x10 - Alien Messengers
 Femme Fatales 1x08 - Angel & Demons
 Grimm 2x20 - Kiss of the Muse
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x04 - The Magician
 The Simpsons 24x19 - Whiskey Business
 The Vampire Diaries 2x13 - Daddy Issues
 The Vampire Diaries 2x14 - Crying wolf
 The Vampire Diaries 2x15 - The dinner party
 Beavis and Butthead 8x11 - School Test , Snitchers
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x01 - The Power of Three
 Greys Anatomy 10x04 - Puttin' on the Ritz
 Young Justice 1x26 - Auld Acquaintance
 Beavis and Butthead 8x05 - Supersize Me & Bathroom Break
 Exile 1x01 - Episode 1
 Case Sensitive 1x01 - Part 1
 The Vampire Diaries 2x22 - As I lay Dying
 The Trip 1x01 - The Inn at Whitewell
 The Event 1x21 - The Beginning of the End
 Friday Night Dinner 1x03 - The Curtains
 Law And Order: Los Angeles 1x15 - Hayden Tract
 The Shadow Line 1x02 - Episode 2
 The Shadow Line 1x03 - Episode 3
 Zenith 1x02 - Part2
 Zenith 1x01 - PARTE 1
 Game of Thrones 1x07 - You Win or You Die
 The Looney Tunes Show (2011) 1x01 - Pilot
 The Shadow Line 1x05 - Episode 5
 Case Histories 1x02 - Episode 2
 Through The Wormhole 2x01 - Is There Life After Death?
 Game of Thrones 1x09 - Baelor
 Femme Fatales 1x05 - The White Flower
 Through The Wormhole 2x02 - Is There an Edge to the Universe?
 Femme Fatales 1x06 - Girls Gone Dead
 Game of Thrones 1x10 - Fire and Blood
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x02 - Redemption
 Through The Wormhole 2x03 - Does Time Really Exist?
 Femme Fatales 1x07 - haunted
 Expedition Impossible 1x01 - Sun! Sand! Sahara!
 Falling Skies 1x03 - Prisoner of War
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x03 - Green Star
 Falling Skies 1x04 - Grace
 Game of Thrones 1x88 -
 Femme Fatales 1x10 - The Clinic
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x04 - All Apologies
 Femme Fatales 1x09 - Help Me, Rhonda
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x05 - Girls Night Out
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x06 - Nothing Compares 2 U
 Femme Fatales 1x11 - Till Death Do Us Part
 The Looney Tunes Show (2011) 1x03 - Jailbird and Jailbunny
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x07 - Dogs of War
 The Code 1x01 - Numbers
 Through The Wormhole 2x08 - Can We Live Forever?
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x01 - Aliens and the Old West
 Femme Fatales 1x12 - Visions, Part 1
 Through The Wormhole 2x09 - What Do Aliens Look Like?
 Grimm 1x12 - Last Grimm Standing
 Thundercats 1x04 - Song of the Petalars
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x03 - Aliens and Sacred Places
 Grimm 1x07 - Let your Hair Down
 Chemistry 1x01 - Upside Down
 Once Upon a Time 1x02 - The Thing You Love Most
 Chemistry 1x02 - A Kiss Is Not a Kiss
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x06 - Aliens and Ancient Engineers
 Secret Garden 1x01 - Chapter 1
 Thundercats 1x07 - Legacy
 Death Valley 1x04 - Two Girls, One Cop
 Death Valley 1x03 - Blood Vessels
 Ringer 1x01 - Pilot
 The Body Farm 1x01 - Episode 1
 Free Agents (US) 1x01 - Pilot
 That 70s Show 4x02 - Red Sees Red
 That 70s Show 4x09 - Forgotten Son
 That 70s Show 4x03 - Pinciotti vs Forman
 That 70s Show 4x10 - Red and Stacey
 Unforgettable 1x01 - Pilot
 Unforgettable 1x03 - Check Out Time
 Charlie's Angels 1x01 - Angel with a broken wing
 Death Valley 1x05 - Zombie Fights
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x09 - Aliens and Deadly Weapons
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x12 - Aliens and Deadly Cults
 That 70s Show 4x11 - The Third Wheel.
 Porterhouse Blue 1x01 -
 How to Make It in America 2x01 - I'm Good
 Death Valley 1x06 - The Hottest Day of the Year
 Planet Dinosaur 1x01 - Lost World
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x10 - Aliens and Evil Places
 BBC Planet Dinosaur 1x03 - Last Killers
 BBC Planet Dinosaur 1x04 - Fight for Life
 Unforgettable 1x04 - Up In Flames
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x11 - Aliens and the Founding Fathers
 Death Valley 1x07 - Who, What, When, Werewolf... Why
 Grimm 1x01 - Pilot
 Planet Dinosaur 1x06 - The Great Survivors
 The Walking Dead 2x02 - Bloodletting
 Once Upon a Time 1x01 - Pilot
 The Body Farm 1x04 - Episode 4
 American Horror Story 1x04 - Halloween
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x13 - Aliens and the Secret Code
 Death Valley 1x09 - Tick... Tick... BOOM!
 American Horror Story 1x05 - Halloween Part 2
 New Girl 1x05 - Cece Crashes
 South Park 15x12 - 1%
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x14 - Aliens and the Undead
 The Vampire Diaries 3x08 - Ordinary People
 The Slap 1x02 - Episode 2
 Boss 1x03 - Swallow
 The Walking Dead 2x04 - Cherokee Rose
 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 2x13 - The Purge
 Strike Back 2x05 - Project Dawn, Part 5
 Him & Her 2x01 - On The Move
 Good Vibes 1x02 - Floatopia
 Mike & Molly 1x19 - Peggy Shaves Her Legs
 Jessie 1x03 - Used Karma
 The Good Wife 3x05 - Marthas and Caitlins
 Midas 1x15 - Episodio 15
 The Slap 1x03 - Harry
 The Slap 1x04 - connie
 The Slap 1x05 - Rosie
 BBC Frozen Planet 1x01 - To the Ends of the Earth
 Death Valley 1x10 - Assault on Precinct
 Degrassi: The Next Generation 3x13 - This Charming Man
 Call me Fitz 2x05 - Pubic Disturbance
 Up All Night 1x08 - First Night Away
 Degrassi: The Next Generation 3x08 - Whisper To a Scream
 The Vampire Diaries 3x09 - Homecoming
 The Slap 1x06 - Manolis
 Castle 4x06 - Demons
 Grimm 1x03 -
 Beavis and Butthead 8x04 - Drones
 Once Upon a Time 1x04 - The Price Of Gold
 Thundercats 1x11 - The Forest of Magi Oar
 The Walking Dead 2x05 - Chupacabra
 JourneyQuest 1x02 - Sod the Quest
 Through The Wormhole 2x10 - Are There Parallel Universes?
 The Simpsons 23x05 - The Food Wife
 Death Valley 1x11 - Partners
 Glee 3x06 - Mash Off
 BBC Frozen Planet 1x02 - Spring
 New Girl 1x06 - Thanksgiving
 Person of Interest 1x08 - Foe
 Grimm 1x04 - Lonelyhearts
 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 2x17 - Double or Nothing
 The Simpsons 23x06 - The Book Job
 The Walking Dead 2x06 - Secrets
 The Ricky Gervais Show 2x10 - Leg Rubber
 Terra Nova 1x09 - Vs.
 Him & Her 2x02 - The Sleepover
 Death Valley 1x12 - Peace in the Valley
 The Simpsons 23x04 - Replaceable You
 The Simpsons 23x03 - Treehouse Of Horror XXII
 The Simpsons 23x02 - Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts
 The Simpsons 23x07 - The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants
 The Walking Dead 2x07 - Pretty Much Dead Already
 Terra Nova 1x10 - Now You See Me
 American Horror Story 1x09 - Spooky Little Girl
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x15 - Aliens Gods and Heroes
 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 2x19 - Ultimate Sacrifice
 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 2x20 - The Widening Gyre
 The Simpsons 23x08 - The Ten-Per-Cent Solution
 BBC Frozen Planet 1x05 - Winter
 BBC Frozen Planet 1x04 - Autumn
 The Ricky Gervais Show 2x11 - Mrs. Battersby
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 3x16 - Aliens and the Creation of Man
 The Simpsons 23x09 - Holidays Of Future Passed
 Terra Nova 1x11 - Within
 Neverland 1x02 - Episode 2
 Young Justice 2x05 - Beneath
 Grimm 1x06 - The Three Bad Wolves
 Grimm 1x05 - Dance Macabre
 Beavis and Butthead 8x07 - Doomsday,Dumb Design
 Terra Nova 1x12 - Occupation and Resistance
 Beavis and Butthead 8x06 - The Rat & Spill
 Beavis and Butthead 8x08 - Copy Machine,Holding
 The Brain: A Secret History 1x02 - Emotions
 Beavis and Butthead 8x09 - Used Car , Bounty Hunters
 Beavis and Butthead 8x12 - Whorehouse ; Going Down
 Beavis and Butthead 8x10 - Time Machine ; Massage
 The Middle 3x12 - Year of the Hecks
 How Not To Live Your Life 3x01 - Don's new job
 The Firm 1x01 - Pilot
 The Simpsons 23x10 - Politically Inept, With Homer Simpson
 The Simpsons 23x11 - The D'oh-cial Network
 Grimm 1x08 - Game Ogre
 Moone Boy 1x04 - Dark Side of the Moone
 Sherlock 2x03 - The Reichenbach Fall
 Three Inches 1x01 - Pilot
 Supernatural 8x05 - Blood Brothers
 Alcatraz 1x01 - Pilot
 White Collar 3x11 - Checkmate
 The Firm 1x03 -
 The Vampire Diaries 3x12 - The Ties That Bind
 Grimm 1x09 - Of Mouse and Man
 Alcatraz 1x03 - Kit Nelson
 The Firm 1x05 - Chapter Five
 Charlie's Angels 1x08 - They are Not Saints
 The Simpsons 23x12 - Moe Goes From Rags To Riches
 Alcatraz 1x04 - Cal Sweeney
 Suburgatory 1x12 - The casino trip
 Frasier 7x16 - Something About Dr. Mary
 Frasier 7x17 - Whine Club
 Frasier 7x18 - Hot Pursuit
 Frasier 7x19 - Morning Becomes Entertainment
 The Vampire Diaries 3x13 - Bringing Out the Dead
 The Firm 1x06 - Chapter Six
 Grimm 1x10 - Organ Grinder
 Supernatural 7x13 - The Slice Girls
 Green Lantern The Animated Series 1x14 - The New Guy
 Alcatraz 1x05 - Guy Hastings
 Are you there, Chelsea? 1x05 - The Gynecologist
 The Firm 1x16 - Chapter Sixteen
 The Firm 1x07 - Chapter Seven
 Grimm 1x11 - Tarantella
 Alcatraz 1x06 - Paxton Petty
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x02 - The Doomsday Prophecies
 The Firm 1x08 - Chapter Eight
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x01 - The Mayan Conspiracy
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x05 - The NASA Connection
 The Firm 1x09 - Chapter Nine
 The Simpsons 23x14 - At Long Last Leave
 Frasier 7x20 - To Thine Old Self Be True
 I Just Want My Pants Back 1x04 - Pecker Necklace
 The Walking Dead 2x10 - 18 Miles Out
 Two And a Half Men 9x18 - The War Against Gingivitis
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x03 - The Greys
 Luck 1x05 - Episode 5
 Suburgatory 1x16 - Poetic Injustice
 Grimm 1x13 - Three Coins in a Fuchsbau
 BBC The Cell 1x01 - BBC The Cell: The.Hidden.Kingdom
 BBC The Cell 1x02 - BBC The Cell: The.Chemistry.of.Life
 Glee 4x05 - The Role You Were Born to Play
 The Simpsons 23x15 - Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x04 - Aliens and Mega-Disasters
 The Vampire Diaries 4x05 - The Killer
 BBC The Cell 1x03 - BBC The Cell: The.Spark.of.Life
 Through The Wormhole 3x01 - Will We Survive First Contact?
 Grimm 1x14 - Plumed Serpent
 Luck 1x06 - Episode 6
 The Simpsons 23x16 - How I Wet Your Mother
 The Firm 1x10 - Chapter Ten
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x06 - Mystery of Puma Punku
 The Vampire Diaries 3x17 - Break On Through
 Luck 1x08 - Episode 8
 Eastbound and Down 3x04 - Chapter 17
 The Firm 1x11 - Chapter Eleven
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x07 - Aliens and Bigfoot
 The River 1x06 - Doctor Emmet Cole
 The Vampire Diaries 3x18 - The Murder of One
 Grimm 1x15 - Island of Dreams
 The Firm 1x12 - Chapter Twelve
 Switched At Birth 1x09 - Paradise Lost
 Game of Thrones 2x01 - The North Remembers
 Up All Night 1x22 - Letting Go
 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 2x28 - The Eggman Cometh
 Ben 10 Omniverse 1x14 - Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's
 The voice 2x02 - Blind Auditions. Part 2
 Grimm 1x16 - The Thing with Feathers
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 4x16 - They Gotta Eat
 Grimm 1x17 - Love sick
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x08 - The Da Vinci Conspiracy
 The Simpsons 23x18 - Beware my Cheating Bart
 Family Guy 11x01 - Into Fat Air
 Downton Abbey 3x03 - Downton's weddings
 Fairly Legal 2x05 - Gimme Shelter
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 1x02 - Daddy s Girl
 The Vampire Diaries 3x19 - Heart of Darkness
 Grimm 1x18 - Cat and Mouse
 Fringe 4x19 - Letters of Transit
 Game of Thrones 2x04 - Garden of Bones
 Grimm 1x19 - Leave It to Beavers
 Supernatural 7x20 - The Girls with the D & D Tattoo
 The Firm 1x14 - Chapter Fourteen
 The Big Bang Theory 5x22 - The Stag Convergence
 The X Factor US 2x05 - Auditions 5
 The Vampire Diaries 3x20 - Do not go gentle
 Touch 1x07 - Noosphere Rising
 Greys Anatomy 8x21 - Moment of Truth
 Game of Thrones 2x05 - The Ghost Of Harrenhal
 Fringe 4x20 - Worlds Apart
 The Simpsons 23x19 - A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x09 - The Time Travelers
 The Vampire Diaries 3x22 - The Departed
 The Walking Dead 2x13 - Beside the Dying Fire
 The Vampire Diaries 3x21 - Before Sunset
 Supernatural 7x21 - Reading is Fundamental
 Grimm 1x20 - Happily Ever Aftermath
 Fringe 4x21 - Brave New World (Part1)
 Game of Thrones 2x06 - The Old Gods and the New
 The Simpsons 23x20 - The Spy Who Learned Me
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 4x10 - Aliens and Dinosaurs
 2 Broke Girls 1x23 - And Martha Stewart Have A Ball (1 y 2)
 The Firm 1x15 - Chapter Fifteen
 Castle 4x17 - Once Upon a Crime
 Mike & Molly 3x07 - Thanksgiving Is Cancelled
 Fringe 4x22 - Brave New World (Parte 2)
 Grimm 1x21 - Big Feet
 Game of Thrones 2x07 - A Man Without Honor
 The Simpsons 23x21 - Ned ‘N Edna’s Blend
 Greys Anatomy 8x22 - Let the Bad Times Roll
 Touch 1x08 - Zone Of Exclusion
 Greys Anatomy 8x24 - Flight
 Missing 2012 1x10 - Rain on the Evil and on the Good
 The Simpsons 23x22 - Lisa Goes Gaga
 Game of Thrones 2x08 - The Prince of Winterfell
 American Dad 7x10 - Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's Key
 Supernatural 7x22 - There Will Be Blood
 Young Justice 1x25 - Usual Suspects
 American Dad 7x12 - The Wrestler
 American Dad 7x16 - The Kidney Stays In The Picture
 The Legend of Korra 1x01 - Welcome to Republic City
 Happily Divorced 2x10 - Fran-alayze This
 The Firm 1x19 - Chapter nineteen
 Game of Thrones 2x09 - Blackwater
 The Secret Circle 1x17 - Curse
 Supernatural 7x23 - Survival of the Fittest
 Green Lantern The Animated Series 1x13 - Homecoming
 The Mentalist 4x19 - Pink Champagne on Ice
 Touch 1x11 - Gyre (Part 1)
 Game of Thrones 2x00 - Inside the Game of Thrones
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x09 - Nightmare in red
 Young Justice 2x06 - Bloodlines
 Game of Thrones 2x10 - Valar Morghulis
 Thundercats 1x24 - The Soul Sever
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x11 - Infiltration
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x10 - Prisioner of War
 The Glee Project 2x01 - Individuality
 Pretty Little Liars 3x01 - It happened -that day-
 New Girl 1x03 - Wedding
 True Blood 5x07 - In The Beginning
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x12 - Secret Invasion
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x13 - Along Came a Spider
 True Blood 5x01 - Turn! Turn! Turn!
 Thundercats 1x21 - Birth of the Blades
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x14 - Behold...The Vision
 Through The Wormhole 3x02 - Is There a Superior Race?
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x02 - Great Responsibility
 The Borgias 2x02 - Paolo
 Big Train 2x03 - -
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x15 - Powerless
 Femme Fatales 2x01 - 16 Minutes of Fame
 The Glee Project 2x02 - Dance Ablity
 The Legend of Korra 1x10 - Turning the Tides
 The Firm 1x21 - Chapter Twenty-One
 True Blood 5x02 - Authority Always Wins
 Falling Skies 2x01 - Worlds Apart
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x16 - Assault on
 Falling Skies 2x02 - Shall we gather at the river
 Drop Dead Diva 4x03 - Freak Show
 The Glee Project 2x03 - Vulnerability
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x17 - Ultron Unlimited
 Pretty Little Liars 3x03 - Kingdom of the Blind
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x10 - Freaky
 True Blood 5x03 - Whatever I Am, You Made
 Falling Skies 2x03 - Compass
 Teen Wolf 2x05 - Venomous
 Drop Dead Diva 4x04 - Winning Ugly
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x19 - Emperor Stark
 The Glee Project 2x04 - Sexuality
 Femme Fatales 2x02 - Gun twisted
 Rizzoli & Isles 3x04 - Welcome to the Dollhouse
 Femme Fatales 2x03 - Trophy wife
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x20 - Code Red
 Through The Wormhole 3x04 - What Makes Us Who We Are?
 Rookie Blue 3x04 - Girls' Night Out
 Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes 2x21 - Winter soldier
 The Firm 1x22 - Chapter 22
 Drop Dead Diva 4x05 - Happily Ever After
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x11 - Venomous
 The Glee Project 2x05 - Adaptability
 Rizzoli & Isles 3x05 - Throwing Down the Gauntlet
 Metalocalypse 4x10 - Dethdinner
 Through The Wormhole 3x05 - What Is Nothing?
 Femme Fatales 2x04 - Extracurricular activities
 Teen Wolf 2x02 - Shape Shifted
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x02 - Shotgun
 Falling Skies 2x05 - Love and Other Acts of Courage
 Femme Fatales 2x05 - Killer instinct
 True Blood 5x05 - Let's Boot & Rally
 The Firm 1x20 - Chapter Twenty
 The Glee Project 2x06 - Fearlessness
 Drop Dead Diva 4x06 - Rigged
 Pretty Little Liars 3x05 - That Girl is Poison
 BBC Madagascar 1x01 - Madagascar Episodio 1
 Falling Skies 2x06 - Homecoming
 Rizzoli & Isles 3x06 - Money Maker
 Teen Wolf 2x08 - Raving
 Drop Dead Diva 4x07 -
 Through The Wormhole 3x06 - Can We Resurrect The Dead?
 The Glee Project 2x07 - Theatricality
 Rizzoli & Isles 3x07 - Crazy for you
 Breaking Bad 5x01 - Live Free or Die
 Anger Management 1x05 - Charlie Tries To Prove Therapy Is Legit
 White Collar 4x02 - Most Wanted
 Anger Management 1x04 - Charlie and Kate Battle Over a Patient
 The Lying Game 1x18 - Not Guilty As Charged
 Burn Notice 6x05 - Split Decision
 Falling Skies 2x07 - Molon Labe
 Africa (2013) 1x01 - Kalahari
 Rizzoli & Isles 3x08 - Cuts like a knife
 The Glee Project 2x08 - Tenacity
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x14 - Awesome
 Baby Daddy 1x05 - Married to the job
 The Listener 3x08 - Now You See Him
 Once Upon a Time 1x14 - Dreamy
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x15 - For Your Eyes Only
 True Blood 5x08 - Somebody That I Used to Know
 Through The Wormhole 3x07 - Can We Eliminate Evil
 Breaking Bad 5x02 - Madrigal
 Pretty Little Liars 3x08 - Stolen Kisses
 The Glee Project 2x09 - Romanticality
 Baby Daddy 1x03 - The Nurse and the Curse
 Burn Notice 6x07 - Reunion
 Baby Daddy 1x06 - Take Her Out of the Ballgame
 Warehouse 13 4x02 - An Evil Within
 Anger Management 1x07 - Charlie's Patient Gets Out of Jail
 The Simpsons 23x13 - The Daughter Also Rises
 Femme Fatales 2x09 - Crazy Mary
 Falling Skies 2x08 - Death March
 Drop Dead Diva 4x09 - Ashes To Ashes
 True Blood 5x09 - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
 Breaking Bad 5x04 - Fifty-One
 Warehouse 13 4x03 - Personal Effects
 Femme Fatales 2x08 - Jail Break
 Through The Wormhole 3x08 - Mysteries Of The Subconscious
 Sinbad 1x05 - Episode 5
 Femme Fatales 2x11 - Hell Hath no Furies
 Teen Wolf 2x11 - Battlefield
 The Glee Project 2x10 - Actability
 Pretty Little Liars 3x09 - The Kahn Game
 New Girl 1x01 - Pilot
 Baby Daddy 1x07 - May the Best Friend Win
 Anger Management 1x08 - Charlie Outs A Patient
 Burn Notice 6x08 - Unchained
 Breaking Bad 5x05 - Dead Freight
 Falling Skies 2x09 - The Price of Greatness
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x16 - Beetle Mania
 Drop Dead Diva 4x10 - Lady Parts
 Bullet in the Face 1x02 - Angel of Death
 Lost Girl 2x03 - Scream a Little Dream
 Through The Wormhole 3x10 - Did We Invent God?
 Grimm 2x01 - Bad teeth
 True Blood 5x10 - Gone, Gone, Gone
 Sinbad 1x06 - The Siren
 Through The Wormhole 3x09 - Will Eternity End?
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x17 - Snow Day
 Teen Wolf 2x12 - Master Plan
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x09 - Property Not For Sale
 Vexed 2x01 - Episode 1
 The Glee Project 2x11 - Gleeality
 Pretty Little Liars 3x10 - What Lies Beneath
 Warehouse 13 4x04 - There's Always A Downside
 Anger Management 1x09 - Charlie's Dad Visits
 Bullet in the Face 1x01 - Meet Gunter Vogler
 Super Smart Animals 1x01 -
 Vexed 2x02 - Episode 2
 Burn Notice 6x09 - Official Business
 Falling Skies 2x10 - A More Perfect Union
 Saving Hope 1x09 - Bea, Again
 True Blood 5x11 - Sunset
 Breaking Bad 5x06 - Buyout
 Grimm 2x02 - The Kiss
 Sinbad 1x07 - Episode 7
 White Collar 4x06 - Identity Crisis
 Pretty Little Liars 3x11 - Single Fright Female
 Baby Daddy 1x04 - Guys, Interrupted
 Bullet in the Face 1x03 - Drug Of Choice
 Bullet in the Face 1x04 - Kiss Me Thrice
 Saving Hope 1x10 - A New Beginning
 Strike Back 2x06 - Project Dawn, Part 6
 The Inbetweeners (US) 1x01 - First Day
 Hell On Wheels 2x03 - Slaughterhouse
 True Blood 5x12 - Save Yourself
 Grimm 2x03 - Bad Moon Rising
 Sinbad 1x08 - Episode 8
 White Collar 4x07 - Compromising Positions
 Pretty Little Liars 3x12 - The Lady Killer
 The Inbetweeners (US) 1x02 - Sunshine Mountain
 Super Smart Animals 1x02 -
 Futurama 7x12 - 31st Century Fox
 Good Cop 1x01 - Episode 1
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x11 - Half Over
 Alphas 2x06 - Alphaville
 Bullet in the Face 1x05 - The World Stage
 Bullet in the Face 1x06 - Cradle To Grave
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x01 - Asylum of the Daleks
 The Secret Circle 1x11 - Fire Ice
 Breaking Bad 5x08 - Gliding Over All
 Baby Daddy 1x08 - The Daddy Whisperer
 Sinbad 1x09 - Episode Nine
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x03 - A Town Called Mercy
 Grimm 2x04 - Quill
 Strike Back 2x07 - Project Dawn, Part 7
 NTSF:SD:SUV:: 2x03 - Sabbath—tage
 2 Broke Girls 1x10 - And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving
 Grimm 2x09 - La Llorona
 2 Broke Girls 1x17 - And the Kosher cupcakes
 The Last Weekend 1x02 - Episode 2
 The Inbetweeners (US) 1x03 - Club Code
 2 Broke Girls 1x18 - And the One-Night Stands
 I Just Want My Pants Back 1x09 - Love Equation
 Good Cop 1x02 - Episode 2
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x02 - Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
 Strike Back 2x09 - Poject Dawn, Part 9
 I Just Want My Pants Back 1x11 - Quid No Quo
 Bad Education 1x04 - School Trip
 Parenthood 4x01 - Family Portrait
 White Collar 4x09 - Gloves Off
 Frasier 8x18 - Forgotten But Not Gone
 Glee 4x01 - The New Rachel
 Frasier 8x23 - A Day in May
 Frasier 8x20 - The Wizard And Roz
 Frasier 8x19 - Daphne Returns
 Bad Education 1x05 - Football Match
 Dallas (2012) 1x01 - Changing of the guard
 Good Cop 1x03 - Episode 3
 Moone Boy 1x01 - Episodie 1.
 Sinbad 1x10 - Episode 10
 Alphas 2x07 - Gods and Monsters
 Glee 4x02 - Britney 2.0
 Sinbad 1x11 - episode 11
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x19 - Home Sick Hulk
 Sullivan and Son 1x10 - Hank Speech
 White Collar 4x10 - Vested_Interest
 Strike Back 2x10 - Project Dawn Part 10
 New Girl 2x01 - Re Launch
 The Office 9x01 - The New Guys
 The X Factor US 2x03 - Auditions 3
 Frasier 8x21 - Semi-Decent Proposal - A Passing Fancy
 NTSF:SD:SUV:: 2x01 - Hop Street
 Mike & Molly 3x01 - The Honeymoon is Over
 Castle 5x01 - After the Storm
 Sinbad 1x12 - The Land of the Dead
 How I Met Your Mother 8x01 - Farhampton
 Robot Chicken 6x02 - Crushed by a Steamroller on My 53rd Birthday
 Portlandia 3x02 - Take Back MTV
 2 Broke Girls 2x01 - And the Hidden Stash
 The Middle 4x01 - Last Whiff Of Summer (Episodio doble)
 Glee 4x03 - Makeover
 The Office 9x02 - Roy´s Wedding
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x06 - Alvin and the Outcasts
 Grimm 2x05 - The Good Shepherd
 Fringe 5x02 - In Absentia
 The Big Bang Theory 6x04 - The Re-Entry Minimization
 Modern Family 4x04 - The Butler's Escape
 Fringe 5x01 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
 Suburgatory 2x01 - Homecoming
 Revolution 1x02 - Chained Heat
 Two And a Half Men 10x01 - I Changed My Mind About the Milk
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x05 - The Angels Take Manhattan
 The New Normal 1x02 - Sofa's Choice
 Young Justice 2x08 - Satisfaction
 Supernatural 8x01 - We Need to Talk About Kevin
 How I Met Your Mother 8x02 - The Pre-Nup
 Homeland 2x01 - The Smile
 Dexter 7x01 - Are you...?
 2 Broke Girls 2x02 - And the Pearl Necklace
 New Girl 2x03 - Fluffer
 Revolution 1x03 - No Quarter
 Hunted 1x01 - Mort
 South Park 16x09 - Raising the Bar
 Parenthood 4x04 - The Talk
 The Big Bang Theory 6x02 - The Decoupling Fluctuation
 Glee 4x04 - The Break Up
 The Inbetweeners (US) 1x07 - Crystal Springs
 Greys Anatomy 9x02 - Remember the Time
 The Paradise 1x02 - Episode 2
 Grimm 2x06 - Over My Dead Body
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x22 - The Iron Octopus
 Boss 2x08 - Consequence
 Baby Daddy 1x09 - A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing
 Young Justice 2x09 - Darkest
 Family Guy 11x02 - Ratings Guy
 Dexter 7x02 - Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
 Once Upon a Time 2x01 - Broken
 Once Upon a Time 2x02 - We Are Both
 Hunter (UK) 1x02 - Episode 2
 The Soul Man 1x11 - To Leave or Not to Leave
 2 Broke Girls 2x03 - And the Hold Up
 How I Met Your Mother 8x03 - Nannies
 Big Train 2x02 - Episode 8
 Bones 8x04 - The Tiger in the Tale
 Call me Fitz 3x03 - The Virgin Homo Cide
 Supernatural 8x02 - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?
 Parenthood 4x05 - There's something I need to tell you
 Modern Family 4x02 - Schooled
 Modern Family 4x03 - Snip
 The Big Bang Theory 6x03 - The Higgs Boson Observation
 The Paradise 1x03 - Episodio 3
 The Vampire Diaries 4x01 - Growing Pains
 Two And a Half Men 10x03 - Four Balls, Two Bats and One Mitt
 The Simpsons 24x04 - Gone Abie Gone
 Grimm 2x07 - The Bottle Imp
 The X Factor US 2x06 - Auditions 6
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x10 - Heather Report, part 1
 2 Broke Girls 2x04 - And the Cupcake War
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x23 - Not a Toy
 Dexter 7x03 - Buck the System
 The Inbetweeners (US) 1x08 - The Field Trip
 American Horror Story 2x01 - Welcome To Briarcliff
 Supernatural 8x03 - Heartache
 Two And a Half Men 10x04 - You Do Know What The Lollipop
 Person of Interest 2x03 - Masquerade
 The Vampire Diaries 4x02 - Memorial
 Grimm 2x08 - The other side
 Arrow 1x02 - Honor Thy Father
 Adventure Time 4x24 - Reign of gunthers.
 How I Met Your Mother 8x04 - Who Wants to Be a Godparent?
 Arrow 1x01 - Pilot
 Fringe 5x03 - The recordist
 The Walking Dead 3x02 - Sick
 Dexter 7x04 - Run
 Once Upon a Time 2x04 - The Crocodile
 Saturday Night Live 34x21 - SNL Justin Timberlake / Ciara
 Revenge 2x04 - Intuition
 Frasier 9x03 - The First Temptation of Daphne
 House MD 8x05 - The Confession
 Alphas 2x13 - God's Eye
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x09 - Dragon Flower
 Pretty Little Liars 3x13 - This Is a Dark Ride
 New Girl 2x05 - Models
 Last Resort 1x04 - Voluntold
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x01 - A Reunion...
 Arrow 1x03 - Lone.Gunmen
 The Middle 4x06 - Halloween III: The Driving
 Supernatural 8x04 - Bitten
 The Big Bang Theory 6x05 - The Holographic Excitation
 Suburgatory 2x02 - The Witch of East Chatswin
 The Vampire Diaries 4x03 - The Ragen
 Two And a Half Men 10x05 - That's Not What They Call It In Amsterdam
 Fringe 5x04 - The Bullet That Saved The World
 Person of Interest 2x04 - Triggerman
 Greys Anatomy 9x04 - Saw Her Standing There
 The X Factor US 2x07 - Boot Camp 1
 Moone Boy 1x03 - Another Prick in the Wall
 Once Upon a Time 2x05 - The Doctor
 Dexter 7x05 - Swim Deep
 Frasier 9x04 - The Return of Martin
 Hunted 1x04 - Kismet
 Archer 2x09 - Placebo Effect
 Castle 5x05 - Probable Cause
 The Mentalist 5x05 - Red Dawn
 Revolution 1x06 - Sex and Drugs
 New Girl 2x06 - Halloween
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 1x24 - Attack of the Beetle
 American Horror Story 2x03 - Nor'easter
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x02 - Love and Monsters...
 Arrow 1x04 - An Innocent Man
 Criminal Minds 8x05 - The Good Earth
 Malibu Country 1x01 - Pilot
 Last Resort 1x05 - Skeleton
 The Vampire Diaries 4x04 - The Five
 South Park 16x12 - A Nightmare on a Face Time
 Two And a Half Men 10x06 - Ferrets, Attack!
 The Big Bang Theory 6x06 - The Extract Obliteration
 Dexter 7x06 - Do the Wrong Thing
 Go On! 1x08 - Videogame, Set, Match
 Fringe 5x05 - An Origin Story
 Hunted 1x05 - Ambassadors
 Grimm 2x10 - The Hour of Death
 Person of Interest 2x05 - Bury The Lede
 Ben 10 Omniverse 1x01 - The More Things Change Part 1
 Revenge 2x06 - Illusion
 The Walking Dead 3x04 - Killer Within
 Frasier 9x05 - Love Stinks
 Revenge 2x07 - Penance
 Revolution 1x07 - The Children's Crusade
 The Mentalist 5x06 - Cherry Picked
 The Mentalist 5x01 - The Crimson Ticket
 Downton Abbey 3x08 - Episode 8
 Once Upon a Time 2x06 - Tallahassee
 2 Broke Girls 2x05 - And the Pre Approved Credit Card
 The Inbetweeners (US) 1x12 - The Dance
 Bones 8x05 - The Method in the Madness
 Arrow 1x05 - Damaged
 The Inbetweeners (US) 1x10 - Reading Gives You Wings
 Supernatural 8x06 - Southern Comfort
 Hunted 1x06 - Polyhedrus
 The Inbetweeners (US) 1x09 - Fire!
 The Middle 4x07 - The Safe
 South Park 16x14 - Obama Wins!
 The Big Bang Theory 6x07 - The Habitation Configuration
 Last Resort 1x06 - Another Fine Navy Day
 Fringe 5x06 - Through The Looking Glass And What Walter Found There
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 5x08 - Bound for Rescue
 Grimm 2x11 - To Protect and Serve Man
 Once Upon a Time 2x07 - Child of the Moon
 666 Park Avenue 1x01 - Pilot
 Dexter 7x07 - Chemistry
 Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome 1x01 - Webisode 01
 Burn Notice 6x11 - Desperate Measures/Means & Ends
 Dexter 7x08 - Argentina
 How I Met Your Mother 8x06 - Splitsville
 Revolution 1x08 - Ties That Bind
 New Girl 2x07 - Menzies
 Mike & Molly 3x06 - Yard Sale
 Survivor 25x08 - Dead man walking
 Arrow 1x06 - Legacies
 The Mentalist 5x03 - Not One Red Cent
 Supernatural 8x07 - A Little Slice of Kevin
 How I Met Your Mother 8x07 - The Stam Tramp
 The Vampire Diaries 4x06 - We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes
 Greys Anatomy 9x06 - Second Opinion
 Two And a Half Men 10x08 - Something My Gynecologist Said
 Grimm 2x12 - Season of the Hexenbiest
 The Middle 4x08 - Thanksgiving IV
 Last Resort 1x07 - Nuke It Out
 Once Upon a Time 2x00 - Magic Is Coming
 The Big Bang Theory 6x08 - The 43 Peculiarity
 Suburgatory 2x05 - The Wishbone
 Castle 5x08 - After Hours
 Revolution 1x09 - Kashmir
 New Girl 2x08 - Parents
 The Mentalist 5x04 - Blood Feud
 Criminal Minds 8x08 - The Wheels on the Bus
 Homeland 2x09 - Two Hats
 Glee 4x07 - Dynamic Duets
 The Simpsons 24x03 - Adventures in Baby-Getting
 Titanic: Blood and Steel 1x01 - A City Divided
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) 1x08 - Never Say Xever
 Falcon 1x02 - The Blind Man of Seville, Part 2
 Chuck 5x07 - Chuck versus The Santa Suit
 Parenthood 4x08 - One More Weekend With You
 Once Upon a Time 2x08 - Into the Deep
 Dexter 7x09 - Helter Skelter
 Revolution 1x10 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
 How I Met Your Mother 8x08 - Twelve Horny Women
 Misfits 4x05 - Capítulo 5
 Mike & Molly 3x08 - Mike Likes Briefs
 The Mentalist 5x09 - Black Cherry
 New Girl 2x09 - Eggs
 2 Broke Girls 2x08 - And the Egg Special
 Supernatural 8x08 - Hunteri Heroici
 Parenthood 4x09 - You Can't Always Get What You Want
 Misfits 4x01 - Episode 1
 The Vampire Diaries 4x07 - My Brother's Keeper
 Glee 4x08 - Thanksgiving
 The Vampire Diaries 4x16 - Bring It On
 Person of Interest 2x18 - All In
 Community 4x06 - Advanced Documentary Filmmaking
 Pretty Little Liars 3x24 - A dAngerous gAme
 Being Human (US) 3x08 - Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland
 Burn Notice 6x14 - Down & Out
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) 1x09 - The Gauntlet (FKA Enter Shredder)
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x03 - Sexy People
 Last Resort 1x08 - Big Chicken Dinner
 The Good Wife 3x00 - A New Beginning
 Last Man Standing 2x05 - Mother Fracker
 Person of Interest 2x08 - Til Death
 Dexter 7x10 - The Dark... Whatever
 Last Resort 1x09 - Cinderella Liberty
 Homeland 2x10 - Broken Hearts
 Once Upon a Time 2x09 - Queen of Hearts
 How I Met Your Mother 8x09 - Lobster Crawl
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x11 - Heather Report, Part 2
 Arrow 1x08 - Vendetta
 The Middle 4x09 - Christmas Help
 Supernatural 8x09 - Citizen Fang
 The Fear 1x01 - Episode 1
 The Big Bang Theory 6x10 - The Fish Guts Displacement
 The Vampire Diaries 4x08 - We'll Always Have Bourbon Street
 The X Factor US 2x08 - Boot Camp 2
 Greys Anatomy 9x08 - Love turns you upside down
 Bones 8x06 - The Patriot in Purgatory
 Vera 2x03 - Sandancers
 Dexter 7x11 - Do You See What I See?
 Fringe 5x08 - The Human Kind
 Family Guy 11x07 - Friends Without Benefits
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x05 - Whatever it takes...
 Elementary 1x10 - The Leviathan
 Burn Notice 6x15 - Best Laid Plans
 Homeland 2x11 - The Motherfucker With A Turban
 How The Universe Works 1x07 - Solar Systems
 Criminal Minds 8x11 - Perennials
 Parenthood 4x11 - What to My Wondering...
 Burn Notice 6x16 - Odd Man Out
 How I Met Your Mother 8x10 - The Over
 The Simpsons 24x07 - The Day the Earth Stood Cool
 Arrow 1x09 - Year's End
 The Middle 4x10 - Twenty Years
 American Horror Story 2x09 - The Coat Hanger
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x12 - Thawfest
 Animal Practice 1x06 - The Two George Colemans
 The Vampire Diaries 4x09 - O Come, All Ye Faithful
 The Big Bang Theory 6x11 - The Santa Simulation
 Last Resort 1x10 - Blue Water
 Fringe 5x09 - Black Blotter
 Last Man Standing 2x07 - Putting a Hit on Christmas
 Chicago Fire 1x09 - It Aint Easy
 Dexter 7x12 - Surprise, Motherfucker!
 Homeland 2x12 - The Choice
 How I Met Your Mother 8x11 - The Final Page
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x13 - When Lightning Strikes
 Primeval: New World 1x08 - Truth
 Mike & Molly 3x10 - Karaoke Christmas
 Gossip Girl 6x10 - New York, I Love You X.O.X.O.
 Happily Divorced 2x14 - Meet the Parents
 2 Broke Girls 2x11 - And The Silent Partner
 Rizzoli & Isles 3x10 - Melt My Heart to Stone
 How The Universe Works 1x08 - Moons
 Fringe 5x10 - Anomaly XB 6783
 Hot in Cleveland 4x04 - GILFS
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x07 - A Weekend in the Hamptons
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x01 - How to Start a Dragon Academy; Viking for Hire
 2 Broke Girls 2x12 - And the High Holidays
 True Blood 4x11 - Soul of Fire
 American Dad 8x06 - Adventures in Hayleysitting
 Happily Divorced 2x15 - The Back-Up Fran
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x90 - The Snowmen (Christmas Special)
 Merlin 5x13 - The Diamond of the Day: Part Two
 Revolution 1x05 - Soul Train
 Transporter: The Series 1x01 - The General's Daughter
 The Simpsons 24x02 - The Treehouse of Horror XXIII
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x01 - Secret of the Pyramids
 Family Guy 11x12 - Valentine's Day in Quahog
 Glee 4x12 - Naked
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x02 - Aliens and Cover Ups
 Grimm 3x06 - Stories We Tell Our Young
 Gravity Falls 1x01 - Tourist Trapped
 2 Broke Girls 2x07 - And The Three Boys With Wood
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x04 - It's a miracle
 The Big Bang Theory 6x12 - The Egg Salad Equivalency
 Two And a Half Men 10x12 - Welcome to Alancrest
 House of Anubis 3x01 - House Of Arrivals & House Of Presents
 Once Upon a Time 2x10 - The Cricket Game
 Ripper Street 1x02 - n My Protection
 Revenge 2x10 - Power
 Person of Interest 2x11 - 2-Pi-R
 Cracked 1x02 - Fallen
 Africa (2013) 1x02 - Savannah
 Law and Order: SVU 14x10 - Presumed Guilty
 Downton Abbey 3x09 - A Journey to the Highlands Christmas Special
 The Mob Doctor 1x11 - Sibling Rivalry
 SLiDE 1x01 - Episodio1
 Tron: Uprising 1x15 - State Of Mind
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x03 - Alien Power Plants
 Parenthood 4x13 - Small Victories
 The Middle 4x11 - Life Skills
 Suburgatory 2x08 - Black Thai
 Last Resort 1x11 - Damn The Torpedoes
 The Big Bang Theory 6x13 - The Bakersfield Expedition
 Two And a Half Men 10x13 -
 Person of Interest 2x12 - Prisoner's Dilemma
 House of Anubis 3x02 - House Of Truth & House Of Hieroglyphs
 Greys Anatomy 9x10 - Things we say
 Cracked 1x01 - How the Light Gets In
 Blue Bloods 3x10 - Fathers and Sons
 Happily Divorced 2x18 - Love my Neighbor
 The Lying Game 2x02 - Cheat, Play, Love
 How I Met Your Mother 8x13 - Band or DJ?
 Young Justice 2x11 - Cornered
 Happily Divorced 2x19 - The Biggest Chill
 Blue Bloods 3x11 - Front Page News
 Once Upon a Time 2x11 - the outsider
 Portlandia 3x01 - Winter In Portlandia
 Go On! 1x13 - Gooooaaaallll Doll!
 Last Resort 1x12 - The Pointy End Of The Spear
 Fringe 5x12 - Liberty
 Anger Management 2x02 - harlie's Dad Starts to Lose It
 Arrow 1x10 - Burned
 Mike & Molly 3x11 - Fish for Breakfast
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x04 - Destination Orion
 Suburgatory 2x09 - Junior Secretary's Day
 The Vampire Diaries 4x10 - After School Special
 The New Normal 1x03 - Baby Clothes
 The Office 9x11 - Suit Warehouse
 Anger Management 2x01 - Charlie Loses it at a Baby Shower
 1600 Penn 1x03 - So You Don't Want To Dance?
 Blue Bloods 3x12 - Framed
 House of Anubis 3x03 - House Of Revelations & House Of Questions
 Fringe 5x13 - An Enemy of Fate
 Africa (2013) 1x03 - Congo
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x05 - The Einstein Factor
 How I Met Your Mother 8x14 - Ring Up
 Young Justice 2x12 - True Colors
 Once Upon a Time 2x12 - In The Name of the Brother
 Portlandia 3x05 - Squiggleman
 Ripper Street 1x04 - The Good of This City
 Emily Owens M.D. 1x11 - Emily and... the Teapot
 Grimm 3x08 - Twelve Days of Krampus
 House of Anubis 3x04 - House Of Pi & House Of Mistrust
 Grimm 3x07 - Cold Blooded
 Arrow 1x11 - Trust But Verify
 Deception 1x03 - A Drop of Blood and a Microscope
 Mike & Molly 3x12 - Molly’s Birthday
 The Middle 4x13 - The friend
 Last Resort 1x13 - Controlled Flight Into Terrain
 Suburgatory 2x10 - Chinese Chicken
 The Vampire Diaries 4x11 - Catch Me If You Can
 Supernatural 8x11 - LARP And The Real Girl
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x06 - Secrets of the tombs
 Africa (2013) 1x04 - Cape
 The Mentalist 5x13 - The Red Barn
 Young Justice 2x13 - Fix
 Portlandia 3x04 - Nina's Birthday
 Ripper Street 1x05 - The Weight of One Man's Heart
 Portlandia 3x06 - Off The Grid
 Arrow 1x12 - Vertigo
 Beauty and the Beast 1x10 - Seeing Red
 Beauty and the Beast 1x01 - Pilot
 The Carrie Diaries 1x04 - Fright Night
 The Simpsons 24x11 - The Changing of the Guardian
 New Girl 2x15 - Cooler
 The Following 1x01 - Pilot
 Two And a Half Men 10x14 - Run, Steven Staven! Run!
 The Vampire Diaries 4x12 - A View to A Kill
 The Big Bang Theory 6x14 - The Cooper/Kripke Inversion
 Cracked 1x03 - What We Can't See
 Person of Interest 2x13 - Dead Reckoning
 Portlandia 3x07 - Interim Mayor
 The Lying Game 2x03 - Advantage Sutton
 Ripper Street 1x06 - Tournament of Shadows
 Africa (2013) 1x05 - Sahara
 Do No Harm 1x01 - Pilot
 House of Anubis 3x05 - House Of Trickery & House Of Unity
 American Dad 8x11 - Max Jets
 Arrow 1x13 - Betrayal
 Greys Anatomy 9x14 - The Face Of Change
 Deception 1x05 - Why Wait
 The Vampire Diaries 4x13 - Into the wild
 Emily Owens M.D. 1x13 - Emily and... The leap
 Supernatural 8x13 - Everybody Hates Hitler
 The Americans 1x02 - The Clock
 The Middle 4x14 - The Smile
 Green Lantern The Animated Series 1x21 - Babel
 Young Justice 2x15 - WAR
 Africa (2013) 1x06 - The Future
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 3x03 - Men of Honor
 House of Anubis 3x06 - House Of Entrapment & House Of Sisters
 Two And a Half Men 10x15 - Paint It, Pierce It or Plug It
 How I Met Your Mother 8x16 - Bad Crazy
 Once Upon a Time 2x13 - Tiny
 2 Broke Girls 2x16 - And just plane magic
 Arrow 1x14 - The Odyssey
 Law and Order: SVU 14x13 - Monster's Legacy
 The Americans 1x03 - Gregory
 The Vampire Diaries 4x14 - Down the Rabbit Hole
 The Big Bang Theory 6x16 - The Tangible Affection Proof
 Two And a Half Men 10x16 - Advantage: Fat, Flying Baby
 Mike & Molly 3x14 - The Princess and the Troll
 Suburgatory 2x13 - Blowtox and Burlap
 Glee 4x13 - Diva
 Cracked 1x06 - Spirited Away
 Portlandia 3x09 - Alexandra
 Touch 2x03 - Enemy Of My Enemy
 Anger Management 2x06 - Charlie and Deception Therapy
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x08 - Beyond Nazca
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 5x18 - The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
 Last Man Standing 2x13 - What's In a Name
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x15 - Twinsanity
 Community 4x02 - Paranormal Parentage
 2 Broke Girls 2x17 - And the Broken Hip
 New Girl 2x17 - Parking Spot
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x14 - What Flies Beneath
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x07 - Prophets and Prophecies
 Supernatural 8x15 - Man's Best Friend with Benefits
 Suburgatory 2x14 - T-Ball and Sympathy
 Go On! 1x16 - Go Deep
 The Big Bang Theory 6x17 - The Monster Isolation
 The Vampire Diaries 4x15 - Stand By Me
 The Americans 1x04 - In Control
 Two And a Half Men 10x17 - Throgwarten Middle School Mysteries
 Person of Interest 2x16 - Relevance
 1600 Penn 1x06 - Skip the Tour
 Young Justice 2x16 - Complications
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 3x04 - Decimation
 Anger Management 2x07 - Charlie Dates a Teacher
 Touch 2x04 - Perfect Storm
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 5x19 - To Catch a Jedi
 Portlandia 3x10 - No Fo O Fo Bridge
 Mike & Molly 3x15 - Mike the Tease
 Blue Bloods 3x16 - Quid Pro Quo
 Cracked 1x07 - Rocket Man
 Go On! 1x17 - ring and a miss
 Deception 1x08 - Stay With Me
 Supernatural 8x16 - Remember the Titans
 Mike & Molly 3x16 - Molly’s New Shoes
 The Americans 1x05 - Comint
 Anger Management 2x08 - Charlie and Cee Lo
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 1x16 - Defiant One
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x10 - The Von Daniken Legacy
 The Middle 4x17 - Wheel of pain
 BBC Wild Arabia 1x02 - The jewel of Arabia
 The Simpsons 24x14 - Gorgeous Grampa
 BBC Wild Arabia 1x01 - Sand, wind and stars
 Shameless US 3x07 - A Long Way From Home
 Motive (2013) 1x03 - Pushover
 The Mentalist 5x15 - Red Lacquer Nail Polish
 The Following 1x07 - Let Me Go
 House of Anubis 3x17 - House of Hustle
 Pretty Little Liars 3x22 - Will the Circle Be Unbroken
 Go On! 1x18 - Double Down
 The Big Bang Theory 6x18 - The Contractual Obligation Implementation
 House of Anubis 3x07 - House of Tombs
 House of Anubis 3x18 - House of Set-Up
 Arrow 1x16 - Dead to Rights
 Young Justice 2x19 - Summit
 Greys Anatomy 9x16 - This Is Why We Fight
 House of Anubis 3x08 - House of Smuggling
 Community 4x05 - Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations
 The Mentalist 5x16 - There Will Be Blood
 Law and Order: SVU 14x16 - Funny Valentine
 Survivor 14x02 - Snakes Are Misunderstood...We Have an Understanding Now
 Once Upon a Time 2x16 - The Miller's Daughter
 Shameless US 3x08 - Where There's A Will
 The Following 1x08 - Welcome Home
 The Client List 2x01 - 'Till I make it on my own
 Rules of Engagement 7x06 - Baby Talk
 Grimm 2x13 - Face Off
 Blue Bloods 3x17 - Protest Too Much
 The Bible 1x03 - Homeland, Kingdom
 BBC Madagascar 1x02 - Lost Worlds
 The Simpsons 24x15 - Black-Eyed, Please
 1600 Penn 1x08 - Live from the Lincoln Bedroom
 Deception 1x10 - You're the Bad Guy
 The Big Bang Theory 6x19 - The Closet Reconfiguration
 Two And a Half Men 10x19 - Big Episode. Someone Stole A Spoon
 Anger Management 2x10 - Charlie & Catholicism
 Please like me 1x01 - Rhubarb and Custard
 Young Justice 2x20 - Endgame
 1600 Penn 1x09 - Game Theory
 Drunken to love you 1x01 - Episodio 1
 Pretty Little Liars 3x23 - I'm Your Puppet
 Please like me 1x03 - Portuguese custard tarts
 The Mentalist 5x17 - Red, White And Blue
 Castle 5x17 - Scared To Death
 How I Met Your Mother 8x19 - The Fortress
 Once Upon a Time 2x17 - Welcome to Storybrooke
 The Simpsons 24x16 - Dark Knight Court
 In the flesh 1x01 - Kieren does not feel ready to go home
 House of Anubis 3x15 - House of Anubis 3x15 House of Anticipation
 Rules of Engagement 7x07 - Role Play
 Vikings 1x04 - Trial
 New Girl 2x19 - Quick Hardening Caulk
 The Crazy Ones 1x14 - Simon Roberts Was Here
 Being Human 5x02 - Sticks and Rope
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 2x01 - The Lizard
 The New Normal 1x19 - Blood, Sweat and Fears
 The Mindy Project 1x11 - Bunk Bed
 Supernatural 8x17 - Goodbye Stranger
 Suburgatory 2x17 - Eat, Pray, Eat
 Motive (2013) 1x05 - Public Enemy
 2 Broke Girls 2x18 - And Not So Sweet Charity
 Arrow 1x17 - The Huntress Returns
 Strike Back 3x04 - Vengeance
 The Vampire Diaries 4x17 - Because The Night
 Dallas (2012) 2x09 - Ewings Unite!
 Through The Wormhole 4x01 - Is There a God Particle?
 BBC Madagascar 1x03 - Land of Heat and Dust
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 3x08 - Separate Paths
 Greys Anatomy 9x18 - Idle Hands
 Last Man Standing 2x18 - College Girl
 Go On! 1x19 - Go For The Gold Watch
 Touch 2x08 - Reunions
 Cracked 1x09 - Cherry Blossoms
 Law and Order: SVU 14x17 - Undercover Blue
 Wizards Of Waverly Place 4x20 - The Wizards Return: Alex vs. Alex (Special)
 The Mentalist 5x18 - Behind the Red Curtain
 Frasier 9x14 - Juvenilia
 How I Met Your Mother 8x20 - The Time Travelers
 NCIS 10x17 - Prime Suspect
 Mike & Molly 3x17 - St. Patrick's Day
 The Following 1x10 - Guilt
 The voice 4x07 - The Battles Premiere
 Supernatural 8x18 - Freaks and Geeks
 Psych 7x05 - 100th Episode: 100 Clues
 The Vampire Diaries 4x18 - American Gothic
 House of Anubis 3x16 - House of Anubis 3x16 House of Close Calls
 Grimm 2x16 - Nameless
 Workaholics 2x06 - Stop! Pajama time
 Greys Anatomy 9x19 - Can't Fight This Feeling
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x06 - The Bells of Saint John
 Touch 2x09 - Clockwork
 Law and Order: SVU 14x18 - Legitimate Rape
 1600 Penn 1x12 - Bursting the Bubble
 1600 Penn 1x13 - Marry Me, Baby
 Mike & Molly 3x18 - Spring Break
 Game of Thrones 3x01 - Valar Dohaeris
 The voice 4x01 - Blind Auditions Parte 1
 Vikings 1x05 - Raid
 Once Upon a Time 2x18 - Selfless, Brave and True
 The voice 4x03 - Blind Auditions Part 3
 The New Normal 1x22 - The big day
 Grimm 2x15 - Mr. Sandman
 House of Lies 2x11 - Hostile Takeover
 Grimm 2x14 - Natural Born Wesen
 Arrow 1x18 - Salvation
 Nikita 3x15 - Inevitability
 Two And a Half Men 10x20 - Bazinga! That's From A TV Show
 Cracked 1x11 - Night Terrors
 How to Live With Your Parents 1x01 - Pilot
 Greys Anatomy 9x20 - She's Killing Me
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x07 - The Rings of Akhaten
 The voice 4x02 - Blind Auditions Parte 2
 The voice 4x04 - Blind Auditions Part 4
 Revolution 1x13 - The Song Remains The Same
 Grimm 2x17 - One Angry Fuchsbau
 Hannibal 1x01 - Aperitif
 Happily Divorced 2x21 - I object
 Bates Motel 1x04 - Trust Me
 Rogue 1x01 - Fireball
 The voice 4x05 - Blind Auditions Part 5
 New Girl 2x22 - Bachelorette Party
 BBC Wild Arabia 1x03 - Shifting Sands
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x01 - The Hanged Man (Pilot)
 Rise of the Continents 1x01 - Africa
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x08 - Cold War
 Bates Motel 1x05 - Ocean View
 Rise of the Continents 1x02 - Eurasia
 2 Broke Girls 2x21 - And the Worst Selfie Ever
 Legit 1x13 - Fatherhood
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x11 - The Viking Gods
 Suburgatory 2x22 - Stray Dog
 The Vampire Diaries 4x19 - Pictures of You
 Happy Endings 3x20 - The Ballad Of Lon Sarofsky
 Zombieland 1x01 - Episode 1
 Chosen 1x01 - The box
 Hemlock Grove 1x01 - Jellyfish in the Sky
 Chosen 1x02 - The Hunters
 Chosen 1x03 - The Fixers
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x09 - Hide
 Chosen 1x04 - The Watchers
 Once Upon a Time 2x19 - Lacey
 Rise of the Continents 1x03 - The Americas
 Chosen 1x05 - The Cavalry
 Defiance 1x02 - Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men
 Veep 2x02 - Signals
 Endeavour 1x01 - Girl
 Me and Mrs Jones 1x06 - Episode 6
 Bones 8x23 - The Pathos in the Pathogens
 NCIS 10x21 - Berlin
 Rectify 1x01 - Always There
 666 Park Avenue 1x12 - The Elysian Fields
 The Vampire Diaries 4x20 - The Originals
 Arrow 1x20 - Home Invasion
 Grimm 2x18 - Ring of Fire
 The White Queen 1x06 - Love and Death
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x03 - The Prisoner
 The voice 4x06 - The Blind Auditions, Part 6
 The voice 4x08 - The Battles Part 2
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x10 - Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
 Grimm 2x19 - Endangered
 NCIS 10x22 - Revenge
 Revolution 1x15 - Home
 Hannibal 1x04 - Ceuf
 Greys Anatomy 9x21 - Sleeping Monster
 The Big Bang Theory 6x22 - The Proton Resurgence
 The Vampire Diaries 4x21 - She's Come Undone
 Continuum 2x01 - Second chances
 The Mentalist 5x22 - Red John's Rules
 Greys Anatomy 9x22 - Do you believe in magic?
 The Vampire Diaries 4x22 - The Walking Dead
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 5x12 - monoliths
 Grimm 2x22 - Goodnight, Sweet Grimm
 Case Histories 2x01 - Episode 1
 Life of Crime 1x03 - Episode 3
 Anger Management 2x19 - Charlie, Kate and Jen Get Romantic
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x05 - the tower
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x12 - Nightmare in silver
 Game of Thrones 3x07 - The Bear and the Maiden Fair
 The Simpsons 24x20 - Fabulous Faker Boy
 Grimm 2x21 - The Walking Dead
 Veep 2x05 - Helsinki
 Army Wives 7x10 - Reckoning
 Supernatural 8x23 - Sacrifice
 The Vampire Diaries 4x23 - Graduation
 Nikita 3x22 - Til Death Do Us Part
 How to Live With Your Parents 1x07 - How to Stand on Your Own Two Feet
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x06 - The Devil
 The Office 9x99 - The Office Retrospective
 Psych 7x12 - Dead Air
 The Job Lot 1x03 - Episode 3
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x13 - The Name of the Doctor
 Greys Anatomy 9x24 - Perfect Storm
 Family Tree 1x01 - The Box
 The Simpsons 24x22 - Dangers on a Train
 The Simpsons 24x21 - The Saga of Carl Carlson
 Army Wives 7x11 - Adjustment Period
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x22 - When Bad Things Happen to Bad People
 Maron 1x01 - Internet Troll
 Hannibal 1x09 - Trou Normand
 Family Tree 1x02 - Treading the Boards
 Revolution 1x19 - Children of men
 Continuum 2x05 - Second Opinion
 Mike & Molly 3x23 - Windy City
 Hannibal 1x10 - Buffet Froid
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x07 - The Hierophant
 How to Live With Your Parents 1x09 - How to Get Involved
 Case Histories 2x02 - Nobody's Darling
 Anger Management 2x20 - Charlie Breaks Up With Kate
 Save Me 1x04 - Heal Thee
 Arrow 1x22 - Darkness on the Edge of Town
 Game of Thrones 3x09 - The Rains of Castamere
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x01 - Still Waters
 Continuum 2x06 - Second Truths
 Army Wives 7x12 - Damaged
 Ultimate Spiderman 2012 2x02 - Electro
 The Fall 1x04 - My Adventurous Song
 Defiance 1x07 - Goodbye Blue Sky
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x02 - The Greater Good
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x24 - Thank You And Goodbye
 Rectify 1x05 - Drip, Drip
 Hannibal 1x11 - Rôti
 Dance Academy 2x01 - In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated
 The Secret Life of the American Teenager 5x23 - Caught in a Trap
 Da Vinci's Demons 1x08 - The Lovers
 Anger Management 2x22 - Charlie and Kate Start a Sex Study
 Vikings 1x02 - Wrath of the Northmen
 Falling Skies 3x01 - On Thin Ice & Collateral Damage
 Zero Hour (2013) 1x06 - Weight
 Vikings 1x03 - Dispossessed
 BBC Archaeology A secret history 1x01 - In the beginning
 Continuum 2x07 - Second degree
 Pretty Little Liars 4x01 - A is for A-L-I-V-E
 Zero Hour (2013) 1x07 - Sync
 Family Tree 1x04 - Country Life
 Hannibal 1x12 - Releves
 Falling Skies 3x03 - Badlands
 BBC Archaeology A secret history 1x02 - The search for civilisation
 Continuum 2x08 - Second Listen
 Pretty Little Liars 4x02 - Turn of the Shoe
 Rise of the Continents 1x04 - Australia
 Hannibal 1x13 - Savoureux
 Futurama 7x14 - 2D Blacktop
 Anger Management 2x25 - Charlie and the Airport Sext
 Hot in Cleveland 4x13 - It's Alive
 Falling Skies 3x04 - At All Costs
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x05 - Hearts and Flowers
 King & Maxwell 1x03 - Episode 3
 Futurama 7x16 - The terrestrial
 BBC Archaeology A secret history 1x03 - The power of the Past
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x06 - If the Shoe Fits
 Falling Skies 3x05 - Search and Recover (2)
 True Blood 6x03 - You're No Good
 Continuum 2x02 - Split Second
 Mistresses (US) 1x04 - A kiss is just a kiss
 Master Chef 4x01 - MasterChef 4x01
 Mistresses (US) 1x05 - Decisions, Decisions
 Pretty Little Liars 4x04 - Face Time
 Cult 1x09 - Off to See the Wizard
 Through The Wormhole 4x02 - When Does Life Begin?
 Futurama 7x17 - Forty Percent Leadbelly
 Do No Harm 1x03 - Morning, Sunshine
 Twisted 1x02 - Grief is a Five Letter Word
 Dexter 8x01 - A Beautiful Day
 How to Live With Your Parents 1x13 - How to Be Gifted
 Pretty Little Liars 3x14 - She's Better Now
 Dexter 8x02 - Every Silver Lining
 Falling Skies 3x06 - Be Silent and Come Out
 Continuum 2x09 - Seconds
 Skins 7x02 - Fire (2)
 Dance Academy 3x01 - Glue
 Defiance 1x12 - Everything Is Broken
 Perception 2x03 - Blindness
 Pretty Little Liars 4x05 - Gamma Zeta Die!
 Futurama 7x18 - The Inhuman Torch
 Dates 1x09 - Mia and David
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x86 - The Ultimade Guide
 Skins 7x03 - Skins Pure (1)
 Dance Academy 3x02 - New Rules
 Crossing Lines 1x05 - Special Ops - Part 1
 Falling Skies 3x07 - The Pickett Line
 Monsters vs. Aliens 1x03 - Episode 3
 Through The Wormhole 4x03 - Can We Survive The Death of the Sun?
 Perception 2x04 - Toxic
 Mistresses (US) 1x07 - All in
 Survivor 14x03 - This Is Not Survival ... It's a Thrival
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x08 - Game of Champions
 The Bridge (US) 1x02 - Calaca
 Anger Management 2x28 - Charlie and the Cheating Patient
 Futurama 7x19 - Saturday morning fun pit
 Through The Wormhole 4x04 - How Do Aliens Think?
 The men who built America 1x03 - Changing the game
 Dexter 8x04 - Scar Tissue
 Falling Skies 3x08 - Strange Brew
 Dance Academy 3x03 - Second Chances
 Avengers Assemble 1x05 - Blood Feud
 Continuum 2x11 - Second Guess
 Futurama 7x20 - Calculon 2.0
 Skins 7x04 - Pure: Part Two
 Switched At Birth 2x17 - Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger
 Devious Maids 1x05 - Taking Out the Trash
 Perception 2x05 - Caleidoscope
 Through The Wormhole 4x05 - Can Our Minds be hacked
 Monsters vs. Aliens 1x04 - Frenemy Mine; Maximum B.O.B.
 Do No Harm 1x04 - Me Likey
 Through The Wormhole 4x06 - Will Sex Become Extinct?
 Camp 1x03 - The Mixer
 Falling Skies 3x09 - Journey to Xibalba
 Dance Academy 3x04 - Short Cut Clause
 Avengers Assemble 1x06 - Super Adaptoid
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x09 - All That Glitters
 Siberia 1x04 - Fire In The Sky
 Futurama 7x21 - Assie Come Home
 Through The Wormhole 4x07 - Are Robots the Future of Human Evolution?
 Crossing Lines 1x07 - The Animals
 Camp 1x04 - Valentine's Day in July
 Anger Management 2x30 - Charlie and the Virgin
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x10 - Someone's Son, Someone's Daughter
 The Bridge (US) 1x04 - Maria of the Desert
 Dexter 8x06 - A Little Reflection
 Falling Skies 3x10 - Brazil
 High School USA! 1x02 - Sexting
 Siberia 1x10 - Strange Bedfellows
 Skins 7x06 - Rise: Part two
 That '70s Show 6x02 - Join Together
 Dance Academy 3x05 - Negative Patterns
 Siberia 1x05 - What She Said
 Skins 3x03 - Thomas
 Perception 2x07 - Neuropositive
 Avengers Assemble 1x07 - Hyperion
 The Office 8x04 - Garden Party
 Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. 1x01 - Doorway to Destruction Pt 1
 The Bridge (US) 1x05 - The Beast
 Do No Harm 1x07 - Six Feet Deep
 Futurama 7x22 - Leela and the Genestalk
 Through The Wormhole 4x10 - Did God Create Evolution?
 Through The Wormhole 4x09 - Do We Have Free Will?
 Through The Wormhole 4x08 - Is reality real?
 Dexter 8x07 - Dress Code
 Monsters vs. Aliens 1x05 - It Came on a Field Trip; Educational Television
 Siberia 1x06 - Out Of The Frying Pan
 Dance Academy 3x06 - Fake It Until You Make It
 Devious Maids 1x08 - Minding the Baby
 Avengers Assemble 1x08 - Molecule Kid
 Family Guy 8x07 - Jerome is the new black
 Dance Academy 3x09 - Don’t Let Me Down Gently
 Futurama 6x24 - Cold Warriors
 Pretty Little Liars 4x10 - The Mirror Has Three Faces
 Horizon (horizontes cientificos) 45x05 - Do you know what time is it?
 The Bridge (US) 1x06 - I.D.
 Burn Notice 7x10 - Things Unseen
 Monsters vs. Aliens 1x06 - Flipped Out; The Wormhole Has Turned
 Law & Order (1990) 3x02 - Conspiracy
 Big School 1x01 - Episode 1
 Law and Order: Criminal Intent 9x14 - Palimpsest
 Law and Order: Criminal Intent 9x15 - Inhumane society
 Breaking Bad 5x10 - Buried
 Dexter 8x08 - Are We There Yet?
 Hot in Cleveland 4x21 - Corpse Bride
 Devious Maids 1x09 - Scrambling the Eggs
 Pretty Little Liars 4x11 - Bring Down the Hoe
 Strike Back 3x06 - Vengeance, Episode 6
 Siberia 1x07 - First Snow
 WWII In HD 1x02 - Hard Way Back
 Futurama 7x24 - Murder on the Planet Express
 Teen Wolf 3x12 - Lunar Ellipse
 Wilfred (US) 3x11 - Stagnation
 Big School 1x02 - Episode 2
 Dexter 8x09 - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
 Camp 1x07 - The Wedding
 Devious Maids 1x10 - Hanging the Drapes
 Siberia 1x08 - A Gathering Fog
 Monsters vs. Aliens 1x09 - 98 Pound Cockroach; When Nature Shrieks
 Futurama 7x25 - Stench and Stenchibility
 Mistresses (US) 1x11 - Full Disclosure
 BBC Simon Schama's Power of Art 1x02 - Bernini
 LEGO Legends of Chima 1x01 - The Legend of Chima
 The Bridge (US) 1x07 - Destino
 Dance Academy 3x08 - Traveling Light
 Under the Dome 1x10 - Let the Games Begin
 Big School 1x03 - Episode 3
 Breaking Bad 5x12 - Rabid Dog
 WWII In HD 1x01 - Darkness Falls
 Homeland 3x01 - Tin Man is Down
 LEGO Legends of Chima 1x02 - The Great Story
 Strike Back 3x08 - Episode 8
 The Bridge (US) 1x08 - Vendetta
 Do No Harm 1x12 - You Made Me Do This
 BBC Simon Schama's Power of Art 1x03 - Rembrandt
 LEGO Legends of Chima 1x03 - The Warrior Within
 Siberia 1x09 - One By One
 Camp 1x08 - Haverst Moon
 Futurama 7x26 - Meanwhile
 The Bridge (US) 1x09 - The Beetle
 Brickleberry 2x01 - Miracle Lake
 Low Winter Sun 1x03 - No Rounds
 Camp 1x09 - CIT Overnight
 Big School 1x04 - Episode 4
 Sabrina, la bruja Adolescente 1x20 - Conociendo a la novia de papá
 Unforgettable 2x01 - Bigtime
 Dexter 8x10 - Goodbye Miami
 LEGO Legends of Chima 1x04 - The Joy Ride
 Do No Harm 1x13 - This Is How It Ends
 The Mentalist 6x01 - The Desert Rose
 Under the Dome 1x11 - Speak of the Devil
 Under the Dome 1x12 - Exigent Circumstances
 Devious Maids 1x11 - Cleaning Out the Closet
 Big School 1x05 - Episode 5
 Brickleberry 2x02 - The Comeback
 Strike Back 3x09 - Vengeance, Episode 9
 The Legend of Korra 2x01 - Rebel Spirit
 Avengers Assemble 1x09 - Depth Charge
 The Bridge (US) 1x10 - Old Friends
 Dexter 8x11 - Monkey in a Box
 Masters of Sex 1x01 - Pilot
 Siberia 1x11 - Into the Oven
 Brickleberry 2x03 - Woody's Girl
 Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. 1x06 - Savage Land
 Burn Notice 7x12 - Sea Change
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 9x03 - The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award
 The Bridge (US) 1x11 - Take the Ride, Pay the Toll
 Big School 1x06 - Episode 6
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 2x01 - Live and Let Fly (Flight Club)
 Strike Back 3x10 - Episode Ten
 The Legend of Korra 2x03 - Civil Wars (1)
 Breaking Bad 5x15 - Granite State
 Comedy Central Roast 1x13 - James Franco
 Dexter 8x12 - Remember the Monsters?
 Devious Maids 1x13 - Totally Clean
 Avengers Assemble 1x10 - Doomstroyer
 How I Met Your Mother 9x03 - Last Time in New York
 How I Met Your Mother 9x02 - Coming Back
 Hostages 1x01 - Pilot
 New Girl 3x02 - Nerd
 2 Broke Girls 3x01 - And the Soft Opening
 Revolution 2x01 - Born in the U.S.A.
 Brickleberry 2x04 - Trailer Park
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 2x02 - The Iron Gronckle
 Law and Order: SVU 15x01 - Surrender Benson
 The Middle 5x01 - The Drop Off
 The Big Bang Theory 7x02 - The Deception Verification
 The Crazy Ones 1x01 - Pilot
 Glee 5x01 - Love, Love, Love
 Two And a Half Men 11x01 - Nangnangnangnang
 WWII In HD 1x03 - Bloody Resolve
 The Legend of Korra 2x04 - Civil Wars (2)
 Breaking Bad 5x16 - Felina
 Anger Management 2x36 - Charlie and the Grad Student
 Chicago Fire 2x02 - Prove It
 Once Upon a Time 3x01 - The heart of the truest believer
 Avengers Assemble 1x11 - Hulked Out Heroes.
 Hostages 1x02 - Invisible Leash
 WWII In HD 1x04 - Battle Stations
 Sleepy Hollow 1x02 - Blood Moon
 Mom 1x02 - A Pee Stick and an Asian Raccoon
 Brickleberry 2x05 - Crippleberry
 Strike Back 4x01 - Shadow Warfare
 Zero Hour (2013) 1x01 - Strike
 Super Fun Night 1x01 - Anything For Love
 The Vampire Diaries 5x01 - I Know What You Did Last Summer
 Two And a Half Men 11x02 - I Think I Banged Lucille Ball
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 2x03 - The Night and the Fury
 Cracked 2x01 - Swans
 The Simpsons 25x02 - Treehouse of Horror XXIV
 The Mentalist 6x02 - Black-Winged Red Bird
 American Dad 9x02 - Poltergasm
 Mom 1x03 - A Small Nervous Meltdown and a Misplaced Fork
 Supernatural 9x01 - I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
 BBC Simon Schama's Power of Art 1x04 - David
 Arrow 2x01 - City of Heroes
 Once Upon a Time 03x02 - The lost girl
 The Vampire Diaries 5x02 - True Lies
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x02 - Daddy Daughter Day
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x02 - The Crystal Skulls
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x01 - Pilot
 Burn Notice 7x13 - Reckoning
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x03 - Mini Murray
 American Horror Story 3x02 - Boy Parts
 The Vampire Diaries 5x03 - Original Sin
 Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x01 - Down the Rabitt Hole
 Haven 4x06 - Countdown
 The Originals 1x03 - Tangled Up in Blue
 Sean Saves The World 1x03 - Date Expectations
 Welcome to the Family 1x03 - The Big RV Adventure
 WWII In HD 1x05 - Day of Days
 Betrayal 1x04 - ...That Is Not What Ships Are Built For
 The Mentalist 6x04 - Red Listed
 Mom 1x05 - Six Thousand Bootleg T-Shirts and a Prada Handbag
 Avengers Assemble 1x12 - Avengers Impossible
 Person of Interest 3x05 - Razgovor
 Supernatural 9x03 - I'm No Angel
 Misfits 5x01 - Episode One
 White Collar 5x01 - At What Price
 The Vampire Diaries 5x04 - For Whom the Bell Tolls
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x03 - The Anunnaki Connection
 Once Upon a Time 3x03 - Quite a Commom Fairy
 South Park 17x04 - Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers
 The Big Bang Theory 7x06 - The Romance Resonance
 Anger Management 2x40 - Charlie and the Devil
 WWII In HD 1x07 - Striking Distance
 Once Upon a Time 3x04 - Nasty Habits
 Grimm 3x01 - The Ungrateful Dead
 Anger Management 2x39 - Charlie and the Hooker
 WWII In HD 1x06 - Point Of No Return
 The Good Wife 5x05 - Hitting the Fan
 Homeland 3x05 - The Yoga Play
 The Originals 1x04 - Girl in New Orleans
 Mom 1x06 - Abstinence and Pudding
 Supernatural 9x04 - Slumber Party
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x04 - Kill or Be Killed
 The Vampire Diaries 5x05 - Monster's Ball
 Ripper Street 2x01 - Pure as the Driven
 Grimm 3x02 - PTZD
 Hostages 1x06 - Sister's Keeper
 Atlantis (2013) 1x06 - The Song of the Sirens
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x04 - Magic Of The Gods
 The Mentalist 6x06 - Fire and Brimstone
 Mom 1x07 - Estrogen and a Hearty Breakfast
 WWII In HD 1x08 - Glory and Guts
 Arrow 2x05 - League Of Assassins
 The Vampire Diaries 5x06 - Handle With Care
 Trophy Wife 1x07 - The Date
 The Legend of Korra 2x10 - A New Spiritual Age
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x04 - Why're You Hitting Yourself
 Mom 1x08 - Big Sur and Strawberry Lube
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x06 - Who Are You Going to Telephone?
 The Originals 1x07 - Bloodletting
 Revolution 2x08 - Come Blow Your Horn
 WWII In HD 1x09 - Edge of the Abyss
 The Vampire Diaries 5x07 - Death and the Maiden
 The Middle 5x06 - The Jump
 Grimm 3x03 - A Dish Best Served Cold
 WWII In HD 1x10 - End Game
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x08 - The Kremps
 Doctor Who (2005) 7x84 - An Adventure In Space And Time
 The Vampire Diaries 5x08 - Dead Man on Campus
 Doctor Who (2005) 4x21 - The End of Time (Part II)
 BBC Simon Schama's Power of Art 1x06 - Van Gogh
 Supernatural 9x08 - Rock and a Hard Place
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x09 - Stop Arguing and Start Thanking
 Cracked 2x08 - Voices
 Person of Interest 3x10 - The Devil's Share
 Awkward 3x17 - The Campaign Fail
 Anger Management 2x43 - Charlie Loses His Virginity Again
 The Originals 1x08 - The River in Reverse
 Glee 5x07 - Puppet Master
 Grimm 3x05 - El Cucuy
 Homeland 3x10 - Good Night
 How I Met Your Mother 9x12 - The Rehearsal Dinner
 Supernatural 9x09 - Holy Terror
 Rookie Blue 3x02 - Class Dismissed
 House of Lies 2x07 - The Runner Stumbles
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x08 - Thanatos
 The Vampire Diaries 5x09 - The Cell
 Glee 5x08 - Previously Unaired Christmas
 Last Man Standing 3x10 - Spanking
 Homeland 3x11 - Big Man In Tehran
 The Simpsons 25x07 - Yellow Subterfuge
 Last Man Standing 3x08 - Vanessa Fixes Kyle
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x10 - Shopping
 Kirstie 1x03 - Arlo's Birthday
 Atlantis (2013) 1x01 - The Earth Bull
 Atlantis (2013) 1x03 - A Boy of No Consequence
 Atlantis (2013) 1x04 - Twist of Fate
 Ripper Street 2x07 - Our Betrayal (1)
 Atlantis (2013) 1x02 - A Girl By Any Other Name
 Atlantis (2013) 1x05 - White Lies
 Arrow 2x09 - Three Ghost
 The Vampire Diaries 5x10 - Fifty Shades of Grayson
 Atlantis (2013) 1x09 - Pandora's Box
 The Millers 1x10 - Carol's Parents are Coming to Town
 Atlantis (2013) 1x11 - Hunger Pangs
 Back in the Game 1x10 - I'll Slide Home for Christmas
 The Simpsons 25x08 - White Christmas Blues
 Ripper Street 2x08 - Our Betrayal (2)
 American Dad 9x08 - Minstrel Krampus
 Frasier 9x19 - Deathtrap
 Family Guy 12x08 - Christmas Guy
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x17 - Using People...
 Atlantis (2013) 1x07 - The Rules of Engagement
 Doctor Who (2005) 8x00 - The Time of The Doctor
 Sherlock 3x00 - Many Happy Returns
 Anger Management 2x42 - Charlie Helps Lacey Stay Rich
 Hidden Worlds: Caves of the Dead 1x01 - Caves of the Dead
 Chosen 2x02 - Heroes and Villains
 Chosen 2x01 - Second Chances
 Chosen 2x03 - Right At Your Door
 Chosen 2x04 - Killers
 Chosen 2x05 - Collision Course
 Chosen 2x06 - Protect Your Own
 Nikita 4x06 - Canceled
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x10 - Aliens and The Lost Ark
 Sherlock 3x01 - The Empty Hearse
 The Big Bang Theory 7x12 - The Hesitation Ramification
 Grimm 3x09 - Red Menace
 The Simpsons 25x09 - Steal This Episode
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x11 - Aliens and Mysterious Mountains
 Betrayal 1x11 - The Karsten Way
 Lilyhammer 1x03 - Guantanamo Blues
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x07 - Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs
 Frasier 9x18 - War of the Words
 Frasier 9x17 - Three blind dates
 Revolution 2x10 - Three Amigos
 Killer Women 1x01 - La Sicaria
 Teen Wolf 3x13 - Anchors
 Two And a Half Men 11x12 - Baseball. Boobs. Boobs. Baseball.
 The Big Bang Theory 7x13 - The Occupation Recalibration
 Chicago Fire 2x11 - Shoved In My Face
 Sherlock 3x03 - His Last Vow
 Law and Order: SVU 15x10 - Psycho Therapist
 Community 5x03 - Basic Intergluteral Numismatics
 Hostages 1x15 - Endgame
 Law and Order: SVU 16x05 - Pornstar's Requiem
 How I Met Your Mother 9x14 - Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra
 The Simpsons 25x10 - Married To The Blob
 Dragons: Riders of Berk 2x04 - Tunnel Vision
 The Simpsons 25x06 - The Kid Is All Right
 Chicago PD 1x02 - Wrong Side of the Bars
 The Middle 5x11 - War of the Hecks
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x10 - The Citadel
 Super Fun Night 1x11 - Dinner Party
 Chicago Fire 2x12 - Out With A Bang
 Suburgatory 3x01 - No me gusta, Mami
 Enlisted 1x02 - Randy Get Your Gun
 Melissa & Joey 3x17 - A decent proposal
 Strike Back 4x02 - Shadow Warfare: Episode 2
 Parenthood 4x14 - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
 A Young Doctor's Notebook 1x04 - Episode 04
 Grimm 3x11 - The Good Soldier
 2 Broke Girls 3x14 - And the Dumpster Sex
 Parenthood 5x13 - Jump Bail
 Aristocrats 1x03 -
 Killer Women 1x02 - Some Men Need Killing
 The Crazy Ones 1x13 - Outbreak
 Chicago Fire 2x13 - Tonight's The Night
 The Originals 1x10 - The Casket Girls
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x11 - Rumble
 The Vampire Diaries 5x11 - 500 Years of Solitude
 Supernatural 9x11 - First Born
 Chicago PD 1x03 - Chin Check
 Killer Women 1x03 - Warrior
 Castle 6x10 - The Good, The Bad and The Baby
 Legit 2x01 - Loveline
 The Vampire Diaries 5x12 - The Devil Inside
 The Vampire Diaries 5x21 - Promised Land
 The Blacklist 1x19 - The Pavlovich Brothers
 Last Man Standing 3x21 - April, Come She Will
 Super Fun Night 1x14 - Lucindervention
 Super Fun Night 1x12 - Hostile Makeover
 Super Fun Night 1x13 - Let The Games Begin
 Black Sails 1x02 - II
 Black Sails 1x01 - I
 Enlisted 1x04 - Homecoming
 Mad About You 1x05 - Paul in the family
 Mad About You 1x08 - The Apartment
 Mad About You 1x07 - Token friend
 Mad About You 1x09 - Riding Backwards
 Teen Wolf 3x17 - Silverfinger
 Mad About You 1x10 - Neighbours from hell
 Mad About You 1x04 - Out Of The Past
 Mad About You 1x02 - Sofas Choice
 Mad About You 1x11 - Met Someone
 The Vampire Diaries 5x13 - Total Eclipse of the Heart
 Killer Women 1x04 - The siren
 Mad About You 1x12 - Maid About You
 BBC Our Secret Universe The Hidden Life of the Cell 1x01 - The Hidden Life of the Cell
 BBC Hidden Kingdoms 1x01 - Under Open Skies
 BBC Hidden Kingdoms 1x02 - Secret Forests
 BBC Ice Age Giants 2013 1x01 - Land of Sabre-Tooth
 Black Sails 1x03 - III
 Killer Women 1x05 - In and Out
 Killer Women 1x06 - Daughter of the Alamo
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 02x18 - Ocupado
 Betrayal 1x12 - Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
 Men at Work 3x06 - Hi Jude
 Arrow 2x10 - Blast Radius
 Black Sails 1x05 - V
 BBC Ice Age Giants 2013 1x02 - Land of the cave bear
 BBC Ice Age Giants 2013 1x03 - Last of the Giants
 The Vampire Diaries 5x14 - No Exit
 Chicago PD 1x06 - Conventions (2)
 Parks and Recreation 6x14 - Anniversaries
 Grimm 3x13 - Revelation
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x05 - The Satan Conspiracy
 BBC Lost Kingdoms of South America (2013) 1x01 - People of the Clouds
 Remedy 1x01 - Bad Blood
 Outlander 1x11 - The Devil's Mark
 Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery 1x05 - The True Cross
 Twisted 1x15 - Danny Indemnity
 Grimm 3x14 - Mommy Dearest
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x19 - Tactical Village
 The Vampire Diaries 5x15 - Gone Girl
 BBC Lost Kingdoms of South America (2013) 1x02 - The Stone at the Centre
 Grimm 3x12 - The Wild Hunt
 Portlandia 4x02 - Ecoterrorists
 The Simpsons 25x12 - Diggs
 The Simpsons 25x13 - The Man Who Grew Too Much
 Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey 1x01 - Standing Up In The Milky Way
 Twisted 1x16 - The Son Also Falls
 Chicago Fire 2x16 - A rocket blasting off
 The Neighbors 2x18 - A Night in (Lou Ferrigno's Hibachi) Heaven
 Grimm 3x15 - Once we were Gods
 Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey 1x02 - Some Of The Things That Molecules Do
 Sirens (2014) 1x01 - Pilot
 Parks and Recreation 6x16 - New Slogan
 Perception 2x13 - Cobra
 Hannibal 2x03 - Hassun
 The Simpsons 25x14 - The Winter of His Content
 Murdoch Mysteries 3x13 - The Tesla Effect
 Teen Wolf 3x23 - Insatiable
 Glee 5x12 - 100
 Supernatural 9x16 - Blade Runners
 Grimm 3x16 - The Show Must Go On
 Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey 1x03 - When Knowledge Conquered Fear
 Da Vinci's Demons 2x01 - The Blood of Man
 The Following 2x10 - Teacher's Pet
 How I Met Your Mother 9x22 - The End of the Aisle
 Love Child 1x06 - Episode 6
 Broad City 1x01 - What a Wonderful World
 BBC Lost Kingdoms of South America (2013) 1x03 - Lands of Gold
 Glee 5x13 - New Directions
 The Vampire Diaries 5x17 - Rescue Me
 Cougar Town 5x12 - Love Is A Long Road
 Banshee Origins 2x05 - Allenwood Part 1
 Believe 1x04 - Defection
 The Simpsons 25x15 - The War of Art
 Drop Dead Diva 6x03 - First Date
 The Following 2x11 - Freedom
 Bonnie and Clyde (2013) 1x01 - Part 1
 BBC Hidden Kingdoms 1x03 - Urban Jungles
 BBC Lost Kingdoms of South America (2013) 1x04 - Kingdom of the Desert
 Grimm 3x17 - Synchronicity
 BBC Simon Schama's Power of Art 1x08 - Rothko
 Last Man Standing 3x19 - Hard-Ass Teacher
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x16 - Aliens and the Red Planet
 Chicago Fire 2x18 - Until Your Feet Leave the Ground
 Hannibal 2x06 - Futamono
 Broad City 1x04 - The Lockout
 The Big Bang Theory 7x20 - The Relationship Diremption
 Anger Management 2x56 - Charlie and the Re-Virginized Hooker
 The Blacklist 1x18 - Milton Bobbit
 Suits 3x16 - No Way Out
 Grimm 3x18 - The Law of Sacrifice
 Chicago PD 1x11 - Turn the Light Off
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x17 - The Shamans
 Law and Order: SVU 15x20 - Beast's Obsession
 Fargo 1x02 - The Rooster Prince
 Mike & Molly 4x18 - Mike's Manifold Destiny
 Hannibal 2x07 - Yakimono
 Broad City 1x05 - Fattest Asses
 Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey 1x06 - Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still
 The Simpsons 25x18 - Days Of Future Future
 The Following 2x13 - The Reaping
 Broad City 1x06 - Stolen Phone
 Da Vinci's Demons 2x04 - The Ends of the Earth
 Chicago Fire 2x19 - A Heavy Weight
 Supernatural 9x18 - Meta Fiction
 Fargo 1x01 - The Crocodile's Dilemma
 Warehouse 13 5x01 - Endless Terror
 Bones 9x21 - The Cold in the Case
 The Vampire Diaries 5x18 - Resident Evil
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x19 - The President's Fitness Test
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x19 - Modus Vivendi
 The Mentalist 6x17 - Silver Wings of Time
 Grimm 3x22 - Blond Ambition
 Da Vinci's Demons 2x05 - The Sun and the Moon
 In Search of Aliens 1x01 - The Hunt for Atlantis
 The 100 1x05 - Twilight's Last Gleaming
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x20 - A Sort of Homecoming
 Modern Family 5x19 - A Hard Jay's Night
 Once Upon a Time 3x18 - Bleeding Through
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x19 - Alien Breeders
 Mike & Molly 4x17 - McMillan and Mom
 Warehouse 13 5x02 - Secret Services
 The Millers 1x20 - Tomlandia
 Grimm 3x19 - Nobody Knows the Trubel I’ve Seen
 The Vampire Diaries 5x19 - Man on Fire
 Bones 9x22 - The Nail In The Coffin
 Glee 5x17 - Opening Night
 Penny Dreadful 1x06 - What Death Can Join Together
 Mad About You 1x13 - Togetherness
 Believe 1x08 - Together
 Hot in Cleveland 5x05 - Elka Takes a Lover
 Once Upon a Time 3x19 - A Curious Thing
 The Simpsons 25x19 - What to Expect When Bart's Expecting
 The Following 2x15 - Forgive
 Silicon Valley 1x04 - Fiduciary Duties
 Continuum 3x06 - Wasted Minute
 In Search of Aliens 1x08 - The Founding of America
 Drop Dead Diva 6x06 - Desperate Housewife
 Chosen 3x04 - Prisoners
 The Big Bang Theory 7x22 - The Proton Transmogrification
 Arrow 2x21 - City of Blood
 Chicago Fire 2x20 - A Dark Day.
 Chosen 3x06 - Monsters
 Chosen 3x05 - Downward Spiral
 The Originals 1x20 - A Closer Walk with Thee
 Chosen 3x03 - The Hatchet
 Chosen 3x02 - Dirty Hands
 Chosen 3x01 - Redemption
 The 100 1x07 - Contents Under Pressure
 Chicago PD 1x12 - 8:30 PM (2)
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 2x19 - Original Bitch...
 Two And a Half Men 11x21 - Dial 1-900-Mix-A-Lot
 The Vampire Diaries 5x20 - What Lies Beneath
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x21 - Kill Switch
 Grimm 3x20 - My Fair Wesen
 Portlandia 4x09 - 3D Printer
 Trophy Wife 1x20 - There’s No Guy in Team
 Mad About You 1x14 - Weekend Getaway
 Perception 1x01 - Pilot
 The IT Crowd 5x02 - The IT Crowd Manual
 Da Vinci's Demons 2x07 - The Vault of Heaven
 The Millers 1x21 - 0072
 Mad About You 1x16 - Love Among the Tiles
 Mad About You 1x15 - The Wedding Affair
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x13 - The Other Smother
 Mad About You 1x18 - The Man Who Said Hello
 Motive (2013) 2x07 - Pitfall
 Drop Dead Diva 6x07 - Sister Act
 Continuum 3x07 - Waning Minutes
 Louie 4x01 - Back
 Fargo 1x04 - Eating The Blame
 Chicago Fire 2x21 - One More Shot
 Arrow 2x22 - Streets of Fire
 Grimm 3x21 - The Inheritance
 Hannibal 2x11 - Kō No Mono
 The Goldbergs (2013) 1x22 - A Wrestler Named Goldberg
 The Simpsons 25x21 - Pay Pal
 From Dusk Till Dawn 1x08 - La Conquista
 Drop Dead Diva 6x08 - Identity Crisis
 Warehouse 13 5x05 - Cangku Shisi
 Fargo 1x05 - The Six Ungraspables
 How TV Ruined Your Life 1x02 - The Lifecycle
 The Vampire Diaries 5x22 - Home
 The 100 1x09 - Unity Day
 Mike & Molly 4x21 - This Old Peggy
 The Millers 1x23 - Mother's Day
 Chicago PD 1x14 - The Docks
 Hannibal 2x12 - Tome-wan
 Mad About You 1x17 - The Billionaire
 How TV Ruined Your Life 1x03 - Aspiration
 The Originals 1x21 - The Battle of New Orleans
 BBC Amazon With Bruce Parry 1x01 - Episode 1
 Arrow 2x14 - Time of Death
 Trophy Wife 1x22 - Mother's Day
 The Mentalist 6x18 - Forest Green
 American Dad 9x20 - The Longest Distance Relationship
 Drop Dead Diva 6x09 - Hope and Glory
 American Dad 9x19 - News Glances With Genevieve Vavance
 Mad About You 1x19 - Swept Away
 Halt and Catch Fire 1x01 - I/O (Pilot)
 Chicago PD 1x15 - A Beautiful
 BBC Amazon With Bruce Parry 1x02 - Episode 2
 Signed, Sealed, Delivered 1x00 - Pilot
 Hannibal 2x13 - Mizumono
 Hot in Cleveland 5x08 - Brokeback Elka
 Mad About You 1x21 - The Painter
 Mad About You 1x22 - Happy Anniversary
 Believe 1x10 - Collapse
 Friends With Better Lives 1x07 - Cyrano de Trainer-Zac
 Through The Wormhole 5x01 - Is God An Alien Concept?
 Crisis 1x09 - You Do Not Know War
 Law and Order: SVU 15x24 - Spring Awakening
 Louie 4x07 - Elevator (Part 4)
 Louie 4x08 - Elevator Part 5
 Through The Wormhole 5x02 - Is Luck Real?
 Anger Management 2x62 - Charlie and the Mother
 The 100 1x11 - The calm
 Melissa & Joey 3x34 - Uninvited
 Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey 1x12 - The World Set Free
 The Mentalist 6x20 - Il Tavolo Bianco
 Continuum 3x10 - Revolutions Per Minute
 Da Vinci's Demons 2x10 - The Sins of Daedalus
 Drop Dead Diva 6x10 - No Return
 Amber 1x01 - Sarah
 Crisis 1x10 - Found
 BBC Amazon With Bruce Parry 1x03 - Episode 3
 Louie 4x09 - Elevator Part 6
 The Last Ship 1x04 - We'll Get There
 The 100 1x12 - We Are Grounders
 Friends With Better Lives 1x08 - Something New
 Mistresses (US) 2x01 - Rebuild
 Amber 1x02 - Maeve
 Through The Wormhole 5x03 - Is Poverty Genetic?
 Californication 4x09 - Another Perfect Day
 Amber 1x03 - Charlie
 Amber 1x04 - Ben
 Salem 1x03 - In Vain
 Beauty and the Beast 2x18 - Cat and Mouse
 The 100 1x13 - We Are Grounders (Part 2)
 Signed, Sealed, Delivered 1x02 - To Whom It May Concern
 Through The Wormhole 5x04 - How to Collapse a Superpower
 Suits 4x01 - One-Two-Three Go...
 Rogue 2x01 - Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N Roll
 Through The Wormhole 5x07 - Is Gravity an Illusion?
 Californication 7x11 - Daughter
 Falling Skies 4x01 - Ghost in the Machine
 Drop Dead Diva 6x12 - Hero
 Falling Skies 4x04 - Evolve Or Die
 Hot in Cleveland 5x10 - Bucket: We're Going to New York
 Pretty Little Liars 5x02 - Whirly Girl
 Rectify 2x01 - Running With The Bull
 Pretty Little Liars 4x23 - Unbridled
 BBC Amazon With Bruce Parry 1x04 - Episode 4
 Through The Wormhole 5x05 - Does the Ocean Think?
 The 100 1x03 - Earth Kills
 Beauty and the Beast 2x20 - Ever After
 Suits 4x03 - Two in the Knees
 Through The Wormhole 5x06 - Is a Zombie Apocalypse Possible?
 24 9x06 - 4:00 PM-5:00 PM
 Falling Skies 4x02 - The Eye
 The Last Ship 1x02 - Welcome To Gitmo
 Motive (2013) 2x12 - Kiss of Death
 Hot in Cleveland 5x11 - Undercover Lovers
 Perception 3x03 - Shiver
 Rectify 2x03 - Charlie Darwin
 BBC Amazon With Bruce Parry 1x05 - 5
 Falling Skies 4x03 - Exodus
 The Last Ship 1x03 - Dead Reckoning
 24 9x11 - 9:00 p.m. - 10:00 pm
 The Bridge (US) 2x01 - Yankee
 Through The Wormhole 5x08 - Will We Become God?
 Murdoch Mysteries 4x03 - Buffalo Shuffle
 Perception 3x04 - Possession
 Murder In the First 1x05 - Pants on fire
 Frasier 9x20 - The Love You Fake
 Jonas L.A. 2x12 - On the Radio
 True Blood 7x04 - Death Is Not the End
 Broad City 1x09 - Apartment Hunters
 24 9x12 - 10 PM to 11 AM
 BBC Amazon With Bruce Parry 1x06 - 6
 Dominion 1x04 - The Flood
 Under the Dome 1x13 - Curtains
 Dominion 1x05 - Something Borrowed
 Masters of Sex 2x01 - Parallax
 Rectify 2x05 - Act as If
 Perception 3x05 - Eternity
 Portlandia 4x10 - Getting Away
 Father Brown 2x02 - Maddest of All
 Through The Wormhole 5x09 - Is There A Shadow Universe?
 Regular Show 5x26 - Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys
 Falling Skies 4x05 - Mind Wars
 The Strain 1x02 - The Box
 The Last Ship 1x05 - El Toro
 Under the Dome 2x04 - Revelation
 Pretty Little Liars 5x07 - The Silence of E. Lamb
 Through The Wormhole 5x10 - When Did Time Begin?
 Mystery Girls 1x04 - Pilot
 Pretty Little Liars 5x06 - Run, Ali, Run
 You're the Worst 1x01 - Pilot
 The Night Shift 1x04 - Grace Under Fire
 You're the Worst 1x02 - Insouciance
 Hot in Cleveland 5x16 - Auction Heroes
 Regular Show 5x21 - Journey To The Bottom Of The Crash Pit
 12 Monkeys 1x08 - Yesterday
 Chicago Fire 3x16 - Red Rage The Bull
 Grimm 4x13 - Trial by Fire
 Empires: Napoleon 01x02 - Mastering Luck
 Greys Anatomy 11x14 - The Distance
 Regular Show 5x11 - Bank Shot
 Falling Skies 4x06 - Door Number Three
 The Last Ship 1x06 - Lockdown
 BBC Bibles Buried Secrets 1x01 - Did King Davids Empire Exist
 BBC Bibles Buried Secrets 1x02 - Did God Have A Wife?
 The Strain 1x01 - Night Zero
 The Strain 1x03 - Gone Smooth
 Hot in Cleveland 5x17 - Straight Outta Cleveland
 Taxi Brooklyn 1x05 - Ambush
 Extant 1x01 - Re-Entry
 Perception 3x07 - Bolero
 Undateable 1x11 - Let There Be Light
 Pretty Little Liars 5x08 - Scream for Me
 Mystery Girls 1x05 - High School Mystery
 Under the Dome 2x05 - Reconciliation
 Falling Skies 4x07 - Saturday Night Massacre
 The Last Ship 1x07 - SOS
 Satisfaction (US) 1x03 - Through Competition
 The Lottery (2014) 1x03 - Greater Good
 BBC Bibles Buried Secrets 1x03 - The Real Garden of Eden
 Under the Dome 2x06 - In The Dark
 Hot in Cleveland 5x18 - The Animated Episode
 The Bridge (US) 2x05 - Eye of the Deep
 Anger Management 2x63 - Charlie and Sean's Twisted Sister
 Dominion 1x08 - Beware Those Closest to You
 Perception 3x08 - Prologue
 Anger Management 2x64 - Charlie Has a Threesome
 Undateable 1x12 - Danny's Boys
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x03 - The God Particle
 Extant 1x11 - A New World
 Falling Skies 4x08 - A Thing With Feathers
 The Last Ship 1x08 - Two Sailors Walk into a Bar
 Undateable 1x13 - Go For Gary
 The Strain 1x05 - Runaways
 Under the Dome 2x07 - Going Home
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x02 - The Tesla Experiment
 The Bridge (US) 2x06 - Harvest of Souls
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x00 - Faces of the gods
 Suits 4x09 - Gone
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x21 - Mysterious Structures
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 6x22 - Mysterious Devices
 The Legend of Korra 3x11 - The Ultimatum
 Rectify 2x09 - Until You're Blue
 Falling Skies 4x09 - Till Death Do Us Part
 Under the Dome 2x08 - Awakening
 The Strain 1x06 - Occultation
 The Lottery (2014) 1x05 - Crystal City
 Murdoch Mysteries 4x04 - Downstairs Upstairs
 The Last Ship 1x09 - Trials
 Young & Hungry 1x09 - Young & Getting Played
 Anger Management 2x66 - Charlie Tests His Will Power
 Defiance 2x10 - Bottom of the World
 Perception 3x10 - Dirty
 Partners (2014) 1x02 - Let's Have a Simple Gwedding
 BoJack Horseman 1x01 - Pilot
 Legends 1x02 - Chemistry
 Anger Management 2x68 - Charlie Gets Between Sean and Jordan
 Mad About You 2x02 - Bing Bang Boom
 Mad About You 2x01 - Murray's Tale
 Defiance 2x11 - Doll Parts
 Falling Skies 4x10 - Drawing Straws
 The Last Ship 1x10 - No place like home
 The Strain 1x07 - For Services Rendered
 Doctor Who (2005) 8x01 - Deep Breath
 The Lottery (2014) 1x06 - Sleep Deprived
 Murdoch Mysteries 4x06 - Dead End Street
 BoJack Horseman 1x02 - Bojack Hates the Troops
 Legends 1x03 - Lords Of War
 Broad City 1x10 - The Last Supper
 Defiance 2x12 - All Things Must Pass - I almost Prayed
 Hot in Cleveland 5x21 - Mystery Date: Oscar Edition
 Murdoch Mysteries 4x07 - Confederate Treasure
 Anger Management 2x69 - Charlie Does Times With the Hot Warden
 A to Z 1x01 - A is for Acquaintances
 Falling Skies 4x11 - Space Oddity
 Falling Skies 4x12 - Shoot the moon
 Murdoch Mysteries 4x08 - Dial 'M' for Murdoch
 Under the Dome 2x10 - The Fall
 The Strain 1x04 - It's Not for Everyone
 Legends 1x04 - Betrayal
 Sensitive Skin 1x00 - Under The Skin
 Big School 2x01 - Episode 1
 Homeland 4x00 - Debrief
 Murdoch Mysteries 4x09 - The Black Hand
 The Strain 1x08 - Creatures of the Night
 Sensitive Skin 1x01 - The Other Davina
 Sensitive Skin 1x02 - The Old Woman
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x05 - Aliens and Superheroes
 Under the Dome 2x11 - Black ice
 The Lottery (2014) 1x07 - St. Michael
 Anger Management 2x71 - Charlie and the Temper of Doom
 Murdoch Mysteries 4x11 - Bloodlust
 Legends 1x05 - Rogue
 Extant 1x12 - Before The Blood
 Big School 2x02 - Episode 2
 Z Nation 1x01 - Puppies and kittens
 The Strain 1x10 - Loved Ones
 Hot in Cleveland 5x23 - Don Elka
 The Lottery (2014) 1x08 - Truth Be Told
 Under the Dome 2x12 - Turn
 Murdoch Mysteries 4x12 - The Kissing Bandit
 The Bridge (US) 2x11 - Beholder
 In Search of Aliens 1x02 - Nazi Time Travellers
 The World Wars 1x01 - Trial By Fire
 Big School 2x03 - Episode 3
 Anger Management 2x73 - Charlie and the Case of the Curious Hottie
 Z Nation 1x03 - Philly Feast
 Sensitive Skin 1x03 - The Three Sisters
 In Search of Aliens 1x07 - The Mystery of Puma Punku
 In Search of Aliens 1x03 - The Mystery of Loch Ness
 Scorpion 1x02 - Single Point of Failure
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x02 - Heavy is the Head
 The Lottery (2014) 1x10 - In Extremis
 Murdoch Mysteries 5x03 - Evil Eye of Egypt
 Once Upon a Time 4x01 - A tale Of Two Sisters
 New Girl 3x21 - Big News
 The Vampire Diaries 6x01 - I'll Remember
 Girl Meets World 1x10 - Girl Meets Crazy Hat
 Gracepoint 1x01 - Episode one
 Law and Order: SVU 16x01 - Girls Disappeared
 Murdoch Mysteries 5x04 - War on Terror
 Z Nation 1x04 - Full Metal Zombie
 The World Wars 1x02 - A Rising Threat
 Breaking Bad 4x02 - Thirty Eight Snub
 The World Wars 1x03 - Never Surrender
 Scorpion 1x03 - A Cyclone
 Homeland 4x01 - The Drone Queen
 Chicago PD 2x03 - The Weigh Station
 Forever 1x04 - The Art of Murder
 Sleepy Hollow 2x03 - Root of All Evil
 The Vampire Diaries 6x02 - Yellow Ledbetter
 Legends 1x10 - Identity ( Season Finale )
 New Girl 3x19 - Fired Up
 New Girl 3x14 - Prince
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x04 - Warriors
 Haven 5x05 - The Old Switcheroo
 Cristela 1x01 - Pilot
 The Legend of Korra 4x01 - After All These Years
 Murdoch Mysteries 2x07 - Big Murderer on Campus
 Arrow 2x11 - Blind Spot
 Scorpion 1x04 - Shorthanded
 Revenge 4x02 - Disclosure
 Supernatural 10x02 - Reichenbach
 The Flash 2014 1x02 - Fastest Man Alive
 The Originals 2x02 - Alive & Kicking
 Breaking Bad 4x01 - Box Cutter
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x04 - I Will Face My Enemy
 Chicago Fire 3x04 - Apologies are Dangerous
 Forever 1x05 - The Pugilist Break
 The Legend of Korra 4x03 - The Coronation
 The Vampire Diaries 6x03 - Welcome To Paradise
 Chicago PD 2x04 - Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw
 The Mindy Project 3x05 - The Devil Wears Lands' End
 A to Z 1x03 - C Is For Curiouser & Curiouser
 Haven 5x06 - The Old Switcheroo Part 2
 Murdoch Mysteries 2x09 - Convalescence
 Z Nation 1x06 - Resurrection Z
 The Affair (2014) 1x01 - Pilot
 The Walking Dead 5x02 - Strangers
 Doctor Who (2005) 8x09 - Flatline
 Murdoch Mysteries 2x10 -
 Transporter: The Series 2x01 - 2B Or Not 2B
 Resurrection (2014) 2x04 - Old Scars
 The Big Bang Theory 8x06 - The Expedition Approximation
 Law and Order: SVU 16x04 - Holden's Manifesto
 Homeland 4x04 - Iron In The Fire
 Scorpion 1x05 - Plutonium is Forever
 The Originals 2x03 - Every Mother's Son
 Forever 1x06 - The Frustrating Thing About Psychopaths
 The Flash 2014 1x03 - Things You Can't Outrun
 Chicago Fire 3x05 - The Nuclear Option
 Stalker 1x03 - Manhunt
 Stalker 1x01 - Pilot
 Stalker 1x04 - Phobia
 Grimm 4x01 - Thanks for the Memories
 South Park 18x04 - Handicar
 Marry me 1x02 - Move Me
 Extant 1x04 - Shelter
 Constantine 1x01 - Non Est Asylum
 Homeland 4x05 - About A Boy
 Cristela 1x03 - Mr. Felix and Ms. Daniela
 2 Broke Girls 4x01 - And the Reality Problem
 Scorpion 1x06 - True Colors
 Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x06 - A Fractured House
 The Flash 2014 1x04 - Going Rogue
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x01 - Inventors
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x02 - Iron Men
 The Big Bang Theory 8x07 - The Misinterpretation Agitation
 The Vampire Diaries 6x04 - Black Hole Sun
 Grimm 4x02 - Octopus Head
 Mom 2x01 - Hepatitis and Lemon Zest
 South Park 18x05 - The Magic Bush
 Criminal Minds 10x04 - The Itch
 Two And a Half Men 12x01 - The Ol Mexican Spinach
 American Horror Story 4x04 - Edward Mordrake (2)
 Transporter: The Series 2x02 - We Go Back
 Z Nation 1x08 - Zunami
 Constantine 1x02 - The Darkness Beneath
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x03 - Empires
 The Blacklist 2x00 - Behind the Blacklist
 Scorpion 1x07 - Father's Day
 Stalker 1x05 - The Haunting
 The Simpsons 26x05 - Opposites A-frack
 The Legend of Korra 4x05 - Enemy at the Gates
 Human Universe 1x01 - Apeman - Spaceman
 The Big Bang Theory 2x05 - The Euclid Alternative
 The Big Bang Theory 1x05 - The Hamburger Postulate
 The Big Bang Theory 1x04 - The Luminous Fish Effect
 The Big Bang Theory 1x03 - The Fuzzy Boots Corollary
 The Big Bang Theory 1x02 - The Big Bran Hypothesis
 The Big Bang Theory 1x01 - Pilot
 The Big Bang Theory 2x21 - The Vegas Renormalization
 The Big Bang Theory 8x08 - The Prom Equivalency
 The Big Bang Theory 3x02 - The Jiminy Conjecture
 The Big Bang Theory 3x03 - The Gothowitz Deviation
 Grimm 4x03 - Last Fight
 The Big Bang Theory 3x05 - The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary
 The Big Bang Theory 3x04 - The Pirate Solution
 The Big Bang Theory 3x06 - The Cornhusker Vortex
 The Big Bang Theory 3x07 - The Guitarist Amplification
 Homeland 4x07 - Redux
 Sensitive Skin 1x04 - The Mummy
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 5x07 - Ina Paha (If Perhaps) 100th Episode
 Sleepy Hollow 2x06 - And the Abyss Gazes Back
 The Simpsons 26x04 - Treehouse of Horror XXV
 The Simpsons 26x06 - Simpsorama
 Resurrection (2014) 2x07 - Miracles
 The Originals 2x05 - Red Door
 The Big Bang Theory 8x09 - The Septum Deviation
 Mom 2x03 - Chicken Nuggets and a Triple Homicide
 The McCarthys 1x03 - The Good
 The Originals 2x06 - Wheel Inside the Wheel
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x05 - Plague
 Web Therapy 4x01 - Call in the Light
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x06 - Survivors
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x08 - Aliens Among Us
 Constantine 1x03 - The Devil's Vinyl
 Chicago Fire 3x08 - Chopper
 The 100 2x05 - Human Trials
 South Park 18x07 - Grounded Vindaloop
 The Big Bang Theory 8x10 - The Champagne Reflection
 Constantine 1x04 - A Feast of Friends
 Grimm 4x05 - Cry Luison
 Partners (2014) 1x09 - Doug Day Afternoon
 Constantine 1x05 - Danse Vaudou
 Once Upon a Time 4x08 - Smash The Mirror (I-II)
 A to Z 1x08 - H is for Hostile Takeover
 Homeland 4x09 - There's Something Else Going On
 Law and Order: SVU 16x08 - Spousal Privilege
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x07 - New World
 Supernatural 10x07 - Girls, Girls, Girls
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x07 - Mysteries of the Sphinx
 Two And a Half Men 12x05 - Oontz Oontz Oontz
 Mom 2x05 - Kimchi and a Monkey Playing Harmonica
 Grimm 4x06 - Highway of Tears
 The Mentalist 7x01 - Nothing but blue skies
 White Collar 6x02 - Return to Sender
 New Girl 4x09 - Thanksgiving IV
 The Originals 2x07 - Chasing The Devil's Tail
 Haven 5x12 - Chemistry
 Once Upon a Time 4x10 - Fall
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x08 - Treasure
 Mad About You 2x03 - Bedfellows
 Grimm 4x07 - The Grimm Who Stole Christmas
 Mad About You 2x04 - Married to the Job
 The Flash 2014 1x08 - Flash vs. Arrow
 The Simpsons 26x09 - I Won't Be Home for Christmas
 Z Nation 1x12 - Murphy's Law
 The Originals 2x08 - The Brothers That Care Forgot
 The Flash 2014 1x09 - The Man in the Yellow Suit
 Forever 1x11 - Skinny Dipper
 Scorpion 1x11 - Revenge
 Arrow 3x09 - The Climb
 Marco Polo 1x01 - The Wayfarer
 In Search of Aliens 1x09 - The mystery of Nazca
 Grimm 4x08 - Chupacabra
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x09 - Pioneers
 In Search of Aliens 1x06 - The mystery of Cyclops
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 7x12 - Alien Messages
 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 1x10 - Revolutions
 Banshee Origins 3x01 - Getting to Know You
 Banshee Origins 3x02 - Takeover