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 Saturday Night Live 37x01 - Alec Baldwin / Radiohead
 Saturday Night Live 37x04 - Anna Faris - Drake
 Saturday Night Live 37x05 - Charlie Day - Maroon 5
 Saturday Night Live 37x06 - Emma Stone - Coldplay
 Saturday Night Live 37x07 - Jason Segel - Florence + The Machine
 Saturday Night Live 37x08 - Steve Buscemi - The Black Keys
 Saturday Night Live 37x09 - Katy Perry - Robyn
 Saturday Night Live 37x10 - Jimmy Fallon - Michael Buble
 Saturday Night Live 37x11 - Charles Barkley - Kelly Clarkson
 Saturday Night Live 37x12 - Daniel Radcliffe - Lana Del Ray
 Saturday Night Live 37x13 - Channing Tatum - Bon Iver
 Saturday Night Live 37x14 - Zooey Deschanel - Karmin
 Saturday Night Live 37x15 - Maya Rudolph - Sleigh Bells
 Saturday Night Live 37x16 - Lindsay Lohan - Jack White
 Saturday Night Live 37x17 - Jonah Hill - The Shins
 Saturday Night Live 37x18 - Sofia Vergara - One Direction
 Ugly Americans 2x03 - Ride Me to Hell
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 Blue Mountain State 3x02 - The Captain
 The Inbetweeners 3x02 - The Gig And The Girlfriend
 Glee 2x01 - Audition
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6x02 - Dennis Gets Divorced
 The Middle 2x01 - Back to School
 Undercovers 1x07 - Assassin
 Glee 2x10 - A Very Glee Christmas
 The Middle 2x15 - Friends, Lies And Videotape
 Wilfred (US) 1x01 - Happiness
 The Glee Project 1x10 - GleeAlity
 Chuck 5x03 - Chuck Versus The Frosted Tips
 Glee 2x06 - Never Been Kissed