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 Arrested Development 2x09 - Burning Love
 Arrested Development 2x10 - Ready, Aim, Marry Me
 Arrested Development 2x11 - Out On A Limb
 Arrested Development 2x12 - My Hand To God
 Arrested Development 2x13 - Motherboy
 Arrested Development 2x14 - The Immaculate Election
 Arrested Development 2x15 -
 Arrested Development 2x16 - Meat The Veals
 Arrested Development 2x17 - Spring Breakout
 Arrested Development 2x18 - Righteous Brothers
 Arrested Development 3x05 - Mr. F
 Arrested Development 3x07 - Switch Hitter
 Arrested Development 3x08 - Making a Stand
 Arrested Development 3x09 - S.O.B.s
 Arrested Development 3x10 - Fakin' It
 Arrested Development 3x11 - Family Ties
 Arrested Development 3x12 - Exit Strategy
 Arrested Development 3x13 - Development Arrested
 Bad Girls 1x01 - Them and Us
 Bad Girls 1x02 - Drug Wars
 Bad Girls 1x03 - Love Rivals
 Bad Girls 2x06 - Losing it
 Bad Girls 3x06 - Do or Die
 Bad Girls 3x07 - The Great Escape
 Bad Girls 3x08 - Uninvited Guests
 Bad Girls 3x09 - Common Criminal
 Bad Girls 3x10 - Chapel of love
 In Treatment 2x06 - Mia Week Two
 In Treatment 2x07 - April Week Two
 In Treatment 3x24 - Adele Week Six
 Roomates 1x10 - The Tickets
 United States of Tara 1x07 - Alterations
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 Private Practice 3x16 - Fear of Flying
 Private Practice 2x14 - Second Chances
 Private Practice 2x10 - Worlds Apart
 Mistresses 2x04 - Episode 4
 Damages 2x03 - I Know Your Pig
 Private Practice 2x13 - Nothing to Fear
 Grey's Anatomy 5x13 - Stairway To Heaven
 United States of Tara 1x03 - Work
 Big Love 3x02 - Empire
 Private Practice 2x17 - Wait and See
 Brothers and Sisters 3x14 - Owning It
 Mistresses 2x01 - Episode 1
 Grey's Anatomy 5x15 - Before and After
 Private Practice 2x16 - Ex life
 Big Love 3x03 - Prom Queen
 Mistresses 2x02 - Episode 2
 United States of Tara 1x05 - Revolution
 Grey's Anatomy 5x16 - An Honest Mistake
 Brothers and Sisters 3x16 - Troubled Waters
 Mistresses 2x03 - Episode 3
 Mad Men 3x09 - Wee Small Hours
 Grey's Anatomy 5x17 - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
 Big Love 3x05 - For Better or for Worse
 Mistresses 2x05 - Episode 5
 Brothers and Sisters 3x19 - Spring Broken
 Damages 2x11 - London Of Course
 Grey's Anatomy 5x18 - Stand By Me
 Private Practice 2x19 - What Women Want
 Mistresses 2x06 - Episode 6
 The Office 5x01 - Weight Loss
 Roomates 1x01 - The Roommates
 United States of Tara 1x12 - Miracle
 In Treatment 2x12 - April Week Three
 In Treatment 2x05 - Gine Week One
 Roomates 1x03 - The Lie
 Roomates 1x04 - The Break In
 The Office 5x22 - Heavy Competition
 In Treatment 2x10 - Gina Week Two
 In Treatment 2x14 - Walter Week Three
 In Treatment 2x13 - Oliver Week Three
 Roomates 1x07 - The Uninvited Thom
 In Treatment 2x21 - Mia Week Five
 In Treatment 2x23 - Oliver Week Five
 Roomates 1x09 - The Game Night
 Grey's Anatomy 5x22 - What a Difference a Day Makes
 The Office 5x25 - Cafe Disco
 Roomates 1x10 - The Tickets
 Roomates 1x11 - The Mother of James
 Roomates 1x13 - The Old and the New
 In Treatment 2x27 - April
 Roomates 1x12 - The Trash and Treasures
 In Treatment 2x28 - Oliver Week Six
 In Treatment 2x29 - Walter Week Six
 Prison Break 4x23 - The Final Break
 In Treatment 2x31 - Mia Finale
 In Treatment 2x30 - Gina Week Six
 In Treatment 2x32 - April Finale
 In Treatment 2x33 - Oliver Season Finale
 In Treatment 2x34 - Walter Finale
 In Treatment 2x35 - Gina Finale
 Nurse Jackie 1x03 - Chicken Soup
 Nurse Jackie 1x04 - School Nurse
 Saving Grace 3x03 - What Would You Do
 Nurse Jackie 1x05 - Daffodil
 Saving Grace 3x02 - Shes a Lump
 Nurse Jackie 1x06 - Tiny Bubbles
 Weeds 5x05 - Van Nuys
 The Philanthropist 1x03 - Paris
 True Blood 2x04 - Shake and Fingerpop
 Weeds 5x06 - A Modest Proposal
 Nurse Jackie 1x07 - Steak Knife
 Personal Affairs 1x02 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
 Personal Affairs 1x05 - Connectivity
 Being Human 3x05 - The Longest Day (El día más largo)
 True Blood 2x12 - Beyond Here Lies Nothing
 Private Practice 3x02 - The Way We Were
 Mad Men 3x13 - Shut the door. Have a seat.
 Mad Men 3x11 - The Gypsy and the Hobo
 Private Practice 3x05 - Strange Bedfellows
 Mad Men 3x12 - The Grown Ups
 Private Practice 3x06 - Slip Slidin Away
 Monroe 2x03 - Episode 3
 In Treatment 3x25 - Frances Week Seven
 Big Love 4x06 - Under One Roof
 Private Practice 3x15 - 'Til Death Do Us Part
 Shameless 7x05 - Episode 5
 Big Love 4x07 - Blood Atonement
 Damages 3x05 - It's Not My Birthday
 The Office 6x16 - The Delivery
 Big Love 4x09 - End of Days
 Flash Forward 1x99 - Special: What did you see?
 Saving Grace 4x01 - Let's Talk
 Ashes to Ashes 3x01 - Episode 1
 Shameless 7x10 - Episode 10
 Private Practice 3x19 - Eyes Wide Open
 Nurse Jackie 2x03 - Candyland
 Saving Grace 3x12 - Hear the Birds
 Ashes to Ashes 3x02 -
 Brothers and Sisters 4x18 - Time after time (part.1 y part.2)
 Nurse Jackie 2x04 - Apple Bong
 Ashes to Ashes 3x03 -
 Brothers and Sisters 4x20 - If You Bake It, He Will Come
 The Tudors 4x03 - Episode 3
 Shameless 7x13 - Episode 13
 Ashes to Ashes 3x04 - Episode 4
 United States of Tara 2x06 - Torando!
 Modern Family 1x21 - Travels With Scout
 Private Practice 3x21 - War
 Brothers and Sisters 4x22 - Love All
 Ashes to Ashes 3x05 - Episode 5
 Ashes to Ashes 3x06 - Episode 6
 Private Practice 3x22 - In the name of love
 Shameless 7x16 - Episode 16
 Private Practice 3x23 - The End of a Beautiful Friendship
 Ashes to Ashes 3x07 - Episode 7
 Nurse Jackie 2x09 - P.O. Box
 Nurse Jackie 2x12 - Years of service
 Saving Grace 3x16 - Loose Men In Tight Jeans
 Happy Town 1x06 - Questions and Antlers
 Mad Men 4x03 - The Good News
 Mistresses 3x04 -
 Mistresses 3x03 -
 Mistresses 3x01 -
 Mad Men 4x06 - Waldorf Stories
 Private Practice 4x01 - Take Two
 Brothers and Sisters 5x01 - Homecoming
 Greys Anatomy 7x02 - Shock to the System
 Brothers and Sisters 5x02 - Brief Encounter
 Greys Anatomy 7x03 - Superfreak
 Private Practice 4x03 - Playing God
 Rubicon 1x12 - Wayward Sons
 Mad Men 4x12 - Blowing Smoke
 How I Met Your Mother 6x04 - Subway Wars
 Private Practice 4x04 - A Better Place to Be
 Brothers and Sisters 5x04 - Righteous Kiss
 In Treatment 3x12 - Adele Week Three
 Greys Anatomy 7x05 - Almost Grown
 Private Practice 4x05 - In or out
 Brothers and Sisters 5x05 - Call mom
 In Treatment 3x01 - Sunil Week One
 In Treatment 3x02 - Frances Week One
 In Treatment 3x03 - Jesse Week One
 Weeds 6x10 - Dearborn Again
 In Treatment 3x04 - Adele Week One
 Brothers and Sisters 5x06 - An Ideal Husband
 In Treatment 3x05 - Sunil Week Two
 In Treatment 3x06 - Frances Week Two
 In Treatment 3x07 - Jesse Week Two
 In Treatment 3x08 - Adele Week Two
 The Office 7x07 - Christening
 Greys Anatomy 7x07 - That's me trying
 Greys Anatomy 7x08 - Something's Gotta Give
 Brothers and Sisters 5x07 - Resolved
 Private Practice 4x09 - Can't Find My Way Back Home
 Brothers and Sisters 5x12 - Thanks for the Memories
 Misfits 2x01 - Episode One
 Brothers and Sisters 5x08 - The Rhapsody of Flesh
 How I Met Your Mother 6x09 - Glitter
 In Treatment 3x14 - Frances week four
 In Treatment 3x13 - Sunil week four
 In Treatment 3x15 - Jesse week 4
 Downton Abbey 1x07 - Episode Seven
 The Office 7x09 -
 Big Love 5x03 - Certain Poor Shepherds
 Being Human 3x02 - Adam´s Family
 In Treatment 3x21 - Sunil Week Six
 In Treatment 3x22 - Frances Week Six
 In Treatment 3x23 - jesse week six
 Greys Anatomy 7x10 - Adrift and at Peace
 Private Practice 4x10 - Just Lose It
 In Treatment 3x24 - Adele Week Six
 Brothers and Sisters 5x09 - Get A Room
 Dexter 5x11 - Hop A Freighter
 In Treatment 3x28 - Adele Week Seven
 Brothers and Sisters 5x10 - Cold Turkey
 Brothers and Sisters 5x11 - Scandalized
 V (2009) 2x01 - Red Rain
 Private Practice 4x11 - If You Don't Know Me By Now
 Greys Anatomy 7x12 - Start Me Up
 Brothers and Sisters 5x13 - Safe at Home
 Big Love 5x01 - Winter
 V (2009) 2x03 - Laid bare
 Being Human 3x01 - Lia
 Big Love 5x02 - A seat at the table
 Greys Anatomy 7x13 - Don't deceive me
 Being Human 3x03 - Type 4
 Brothers and Sisters 5x14 - The One That Got Away
 Californication 4x06 - Lawyers, Guns and Money
 Big Love 5x05 - The Special Relationship
 Greys Anatomy 7x15 - Golden Hour
 Big Love 5x06 - D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
 Brothers and Sisters 5x15 - Brody
 Big Love 5x08 - The Noose Tightens
 Brothers and Sisters 5x16 - Home is where the Fort Is
 Private Practice 4x16 - Love and Lies
 Big Love 5x10 - Where Men and Mountains Meet
 Becoming Human 1x01 - Becoming Human
 Greys Anatomy 7x18 - Song Beneath the Song
 Private Practice 4x18 - The Hardest Part
 United States of Tara 3x02 - Crackerjack
 Brothers and Sisters 5x18 - Never Say Never
 Nurse Jackie 3x03 - Play Me
 Brothers and Sisters 5x20 - Father Unknown
 Greys Anatomy 7x22 - Unaccompanied Minor
 The Office 7x25 - Search Committee (Part 1 & 2)
 The Big C 2x03 - Sexual Healing
 Damages 4x04 - The Next One's On Me, Blondie
 The Big C 2x07 - Goldilocks and the Bears
 Entourage 8x05 - Motherfucker
 Damages 4x08 - The War Will Go On Forever
 Private Practice 5x02 - Breaking The Rules
 Greys Anatomy 8x05 - Love, Loss and Legacy
 Hung 3x03 - Mister Drecker or Ease Up On The Whup Ass
 Downton Abbey 2x06 - Episode 6
 Downton Abbey 2x00 - Behind the Drama
 Private Practice 5x12 - Losing battles
 Private Practice 6x05 - The Next Episode
 Damages 5x03 - Failure Is Failure
 Greys Anatomy 9x01 - Going Going Gone
 Monroe 2x04 - Episode 4
 Downton Abbey 3x05 - Episode 5
 Monroe 2x01 - Episode 1
 Downton Abbey 3x07 - Episode 7
 Monroe 2x05 - Episode 05
 Monroe 2x06 - Episode 06
 Greys Anatomy 9x06 - Second Opinion
 Private Practice 6x06 - Apron Strings
 Private Practice 6x07 - The World According To Jake
 Greys Anatomy 9x15 - Hard Bargain
 Greys Anatomy 9x22 - Do you believe in magic?
 Weeds 5x04 - Super Lucky Happy
 Greys Anatomy 6x19 - Sympathy for the Parents
 True Blood 3x01 - Bad Blood
 Dexter 5x05 - First Blood
 Dexter 5x07 - Circle Us
 Nurse Jackie 3x01 - Game On