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 Up All Night 1x13 - Rivals
 Parenthood 2x10 - Happy Thanksgiving
 Human Target 2x02 - The Wife's Tale
 Pan Am 1x04 - Eastern Exposure
 Desperate Housewives 8x04 - School of Hard Knocks
 Sons of Anarchy 4x08 - Family Recipe
 Cougar Town 2x09 - When the time comes
 Private Practice 4x01 - Take Two
 The Whole Truth 1x01 - Piloto
 The Defenders 1x01 - Pilot
 Smallville 10x01 - Lazarus
 Medium 7x01 - Daughter to Work Day
 Supernatural 6x01 - Exile on Main Street
 Outlaw 1x02 - In Re: Officer Daniel Hale
 Merlin 3x03 -
 Blue Bloods 1x01 - Pilot
 Dexter 5x01 - My Bad
 Brothers and Sisters 5x01 - Homecoming
 Eastbound and Down 2x01 - Chapter 7
 The Glades 1x12 - Exposed
 Lost Girl 1x03 - Oh Kappa, My Kappa
 90210 3x03 - 2012 Vision
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x03 - Borderline
 Raising Hope 1x02 - Dead Tooth
 Better With You 1x02 - Better with Firehouse
 The Defenders 1x02 - Las vegas vs Reid
 Bones 6x02 - The Couple in the Cave
 Greys Anatomy 7x02 - Shock to the System
 The Mentalist 3x02 - Cackle-Bladder Blood
 Shattered 1x04 - Sound of a Strap
 Private Practice 4x02 - Short Cuts
 Better With You 1x09 - Better with Thanksgiving
 Brothers and Sisters 5x02 - Brief Encounter
 Lie to Me 3x01 - In the red
 One Tree Hill 8x04 - We All Fall Down
 No Ordinary Family 1x02 - No Ordinary Marriage
 Life Unexpected 2x04 - Team Rebounded
 Melissa & Joey 1x09 - Seoul Man
 Parenthood 2x04 - Date Night
 Hellcats 1x05 - The Prisioner's Song
 The Defenders 1x03 - Nevada v. Carter
 The Whole Truth 1x03 - Judicial Discretion
 Greys Anatomy 7x03 - Superfreak
 Private Practice 4x03 - Playing God
 Community 2x03 - The Psychology of Letting Go
 Supernatural 6x03 - The third man
 Medium 7x03 - Means And Ends
 Outlaw 1x04 - In Re: Curtis Farwell
 I Hate Luv Stories 1x01 - Romantic Films
 Family Guy 9x03 - Welcome Back Carter
 Desperate Housewives 7x03 - Truly Content
 Brothers and Sisters 5x03 - Faking It
 Two And a Half Men 8x04 - Hookers,hookers.hookers
 90210 3x05 - Catch Me If You Cannon
 Lie to Me 3x02 - The Royal We
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x05 - Little Angels
 Life Unexpected 2x05 - Music Faced
 No Ordinary Family 1x03 - No Ordinary Ring
 Hellcats 1x06 - Ragged Old Flag
 The Defenders 1x04 - Nevada v. Cerrato
 Private Practice 4x04 - A Better Place to Be
 Bones 6x04 - The Body and the Bounty
 Greys Anatomy 7x04 - Can't Fight Biology
 Supernatural 6x04 - Weekend at Bobby's
 Him & Her 1x06 - The Argument
 Dexter 5x04 - Beauty and the Beast
 Brothers and Sisters 5x04 - Righteous Kiss
 Mike & Molly 1x05 - Carl Is Jealous
 One Tree Hill 8x13 - The Other Half of Me
 Lie to Me 3x03 - Dirty Loyal
 One Tree Hill 8x06 - Not Afraid
 Parenthood 2x06 - Orange Alert
 No Ordinary Family 1x04 - Vigilante
 Law And Order: Los Angeles 1x04 - Sylmar
 Greys Anatomy 7x05 - Almost Grown
 The Defenders 1x05 - Nevada v. Senator Harper
 Better With You 1x05 - Better With Little Buddy
 The Vampire Diaries 2x06 - Plan B
 Private Practice 4x05 - In or out
 Shattered 1x06 - Where's The Line
 The Office 7x05 - The Sting
 The Whole Truth 1x04 - True Confessions
 Dexter 5x05 - First Blood
 Desperate Housewives 7x05 - Let Me Entertain You
 Undercover Boss 2x05 - NASCAR
 Brothers and Sisters 5x05 - Call mom
 Castle 3x06 - 3XK
 90210 3x06 - Much Is That Liam In The Window
 Gossip Girl 4x06 - Easy J
 Lie to Me 3x04 - Double Blind
 No Ordinary Family 1x05 - No Ordinary Earthquake
 Detroit 187 1x06 - Lost Child - Murder 101
 Better With You 1x06 - Better With Halloween
 Modern Family 2x06 - Halloween
 Hellcats 1x07 - The Match Game
 Undercovers 1x06 - Xerxes
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x07 - Bloodlines
 The Whole Truth 1x05 - When Cougars Attack.
 The Big Bang Theory 4x06 - The Irish Pub Formulation
 Greys Anatomy 7x06 - These arms of mine
 Private Practice 4x06 - All in the Family
 The Vampire Diaries 2x07 - Masquerade
 Terriers 1x08 - Agua Caliente
 Smallville 10x06 - Harvest
 Supernatural 6x06 - You can't handle the truth
 Dexter 5x06 - Everything Is Illuminated
 Bored to Death 2x06 - The Case of the Grievous Clerical Error!
 Undercover Boss 2x06 - Chiquita
 Brothers and Sisters 5x06 - An Ideal Husband
 Castle 3x07 - Almost Famous
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x07 - Ho'apono
 One Tree Hill 8x07 - Luck Be a Lady
 Life Unexpected 2x07 - Camp Grounded
 In Treatment 3x08 - Adele Week Two
 Better With You 1x07 - Better with Road Joel
 Modern Family 2x07 - Chirp
 The Defenders 1x07 - Las Vegas v. Johnson
 Undercovers 1x07 - Assassin
 The Big Bang Theory 4x07 - The Apology Insufficiency
 The Vampire Diaries 2x08 - Rose
 Bones 6x05 - The Bones That Weren't
 Private Practice 4x07 - Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King
 Greys Anatomy 7x07 - That's me trying
 Last Man Standing 1x04 - Last Halloween Standing
 Against The Wall 1x08 - Memories We Fear
 In Treatment 3x10 - Fraces week 3
 Brothers and Sisters 5x07 - Resolved
 Eastbound and Down 2x07 - Chapter 13
 Survivor 21x08 - Company Will Be Arriving Soon
 90210 3x08 - Mother Dearest
 Chase 1x07 - The Posse
 Glee 2x06 - Never Been Kissed
 Life Unexpected 2x08 - Plumber Cracked
 One Tree Hill 8x08 - Mouthful of Diamonds
 Parenthood 2x08 - If This Boat is a Rockin
 No Ordinary Family 1x06 - No ordinary visitors
 Hellcats 1x09 - Finish What We Started
 The Defenders 1x08 - Nevada vs. Killa Diz
 Law And Order: Los Angeles 1x06 - Hondo Field
 Bones 6x06 - The Shallow in the Deep
 Greys Anatomy 7x08 - Something's Gotta Give
 Private Practice 4x08 - What Happens Next
 Medium 7x08 - Smoke Damage
 Brothers and Sisters 5x08 - The Rhapsody of Flesh
 90210 3x09 - They're Playing Her Song
 Gossip Girl 4x09 - The Witches of Bushwick
 One Tree Hill 8x09 - Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
 Life Unexpected 2x09 - Homecoming Crashed
 No Ordinary Family 1x07 - No Ordinary Mobster
 Parenthood 2x09 - Put yourself out there
 Detroit 187 1x08 - Deja Vu / All In
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x09 - Absolution
 Human Target 2x01 - Ilsa Pucci
 Hellcats 1x10 - Pledging My Love
 The Mentalist 3x09 - Red Moon
 Bones 6x07 - The Babe in the Bar
 Private Practice 4x09 - Can't Find My Way Back Home
 House MD 7x08 - Small Sacrifices
 Lie to Me 3x07 - Veronica
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x10 - Hao' Kanka
 Mike & Molly 1x10 - Molly Gets a Hat
 Rules of Engagement 5x10 - Fun Run
 NCIS 8x09 - Enemies Domestic
 Glee 2x08 - Furt
 No Ordinary Family 1x08 - No Ordinary Accident
 Gossip Girl 4x10 - Gaslit
 90210 3x10 - Best Lei'd Plans
 Chase 1x10 - Under the Radar
 One Tree Hill 8x10 - List, Plans
 Glee 2x09 - Special Education
 Hellcats 1x11 - Think Twice Before You Go
 Life Unexpected 2x10 - Thanks Ungiven
 Human Target 2x03 - Taking Ames
 Private Practice 4x10 - Just Lose It
 The Whole Truth 1x06 - Liars
 The Good Guys 1x19 - Cop Killer
 Brothers and Sisters 5x09 - Get A Room
 Lost Girl 1x12 - (Dis)Members Only
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x11 - Palekaiko (Paradise)
 No Ordinary Family 1x10 - No Ordinary Sidekick
 Better With You 1x10 - Better with Christmas Crap
 The Defenders 1x10 - Nevada v Dennis
 Bones 6x09 - The Doctor in the Photo
 Brothers and Sisters 5x10 - Cold Turkey
 Rules of Engagement 5x12 - Little Bummer Boy
 The Good Wife 2x09 - Nine Hours
 Brothers and Sisters 5x13 - Safe at Home
 Lie to Me 3x11 - Saved
 Gossip Girl 4x12 - Kids Are Not All Right
 Lie to Me 3x12 - Gone
 90210 3x12 - Liars
 Castle 3x13 - Knockdown
 Hellcats 1x12 - Papa, Oh Papa
 Bones 6x11 - The Bullet in the Brain Subtitle
 90210 3x13 - It's Getting Hot In Here
 Hellcats 1x13 - Worried Baby Blues
 The Good Wife 2x12 - Silly Season
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x14 - Lockup
 Private Practice 4x12 - Heaven can wait
 Smallville 10x12 - Collateral
 Glee 2x11 - The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
 Greek 4x06 - Fumble
 Castle 3x14 - Lucky Stiff
 Hellcats 1x14 - REMEMBER WHEN
 Parenthood 2x15 - Just Go Home
 Detroit 187 1x14 - Beaten - Cover Letter
 Better With You 1x13 - Better With Valentine's Day
 The Vampire Diaries 2x14 - Crying wolf
 Private Practice 4x13 - Blind Love
 Smallville 10x13 - Beacon
 Desperate Housewives 7x14 - Flashback
 Episodes 1x06 - Episode Six
 Brothers and Sisters 5x14 - The One That Got Away
 The Chicago Code 1x02 - Hog Butcher
 Hellcats 1x15 - God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away
 No Ordinary Family 1x15 - No ordinary Powell
 Parenthood 2x16 - Amazing Andy And His Wonderful World Of Bugs
 Bones 6x14 - The bikini in the Soup
 Greys Anatomy 7x15 - Golden Hour
 Smallville 10x14 - Masquerade
 The Chicago Code 1x03 - Gillis, Chase and Babyface
 Gossip Girl 4x16 - While You Weren't Sleeping
 Hellcats 1x16 - Fancy Dan
 Parenthood 2x17 - Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist
 House MD 7x14 - Recession Proof
 90210 3x17 - Blue Naomi
 The Chicago Code 1x04 - Cabrini Green
 One Tree Hill 8x17 - The Smoker You Dink, The Player You Get
 Parenthood 2x18 - Qualities and Difficulties
 Hellcats 1x17 - Don´t make promises (you can´t keep)
 The Chicago Code 1x05 - O'Leary's Cow
 White Collar 2x16 - Under the Radar
 Glee 2x15 - Sexy
 The Chicago Code 1x06 - The Gold Coin Kid
 Detroit 187 1x17 - Motor city blues
 Bones 6x16 - The Blackout In The Blizzard
 Private Practice 4x16 - Love and Lies
 No Ordinary Family 1x18 - No Ordinary Animal
 Parenthood 2x19 - Taking The Leap
 Private Practice 4x18 - The Hardest Part
 Castle 3x20 - Slice of Death
 Body of Proof 1x02 - Letting Go
 Castle 3x21 - The Dead Pool
 Parenthood 2x21 - Slipping Away
 Brothers and Sisters 5x19 - Wouldn’t It Be Nice
 The Chicago Code 1x09 - St Valentine Day's Massacre
 Parenthood 2x22 - Hard Times Come Again No More
 Smallville 10x18 - Booster
 Brothers and Sisters 5x20 - Father Unknown
 Private Practice 4x19 - “What We Have Here…”
 Brothers and Sisters 5x21 - For Better or For Worse
 Hellcats 1x20 - Warped Sister
 Glee 2x20 - Prom Queen
 The Chicago Code 1x12 - Greylord
 Switched At Birth 1x10 - The Homecoming
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x05 - Don't Hate the Player
 Against The Wall 1x07 - Countdown to Meltdown
 Revenge 1x01 - Pilot
 Parenthood 3x04 - Clear Skies from Here on Out
 Body of Proof 2x08 - Love Bites
 The Lying Game 1x08 - Never Have I Ever
 Sons of Anarchy 4x05 - Brick
 Dexter 6x02 - Once Upon a Time
 Against The Wall 1x10 - Boys Are Back
 The Lying Game 1x09 - Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High
 Private Practice 5x03 - Deal With It
 Blue Bloods 2x04 - Innocence
 Hart of Dixie 1x04 - In Havoc & in Heat
 Sons of Anarchy 4x07 - Fruit for the Crows
 Against The Wall 1x11 - Wonder What God's Up To
 Parenthood 3x06 - Tales from The Luncheonette
 Revenge 1x05 - Guilt
 Last Man Standing 1x03 - Grandparents Day
 Against The Wall 1x12 - Second Chances
 Against The Wall 1x13 - We Protect Our Own
 Suburgatory 1x05 - Halloween
 Private Practice 5x05 - Step One
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x05 - Regrets, I've Had A Few
 Last Man Standing 1x05 - Co-Ed Softball
 Parenthood 3x07 - Forced family fun
 Private Practice 5x06 - If I Hadn't Forgotten
 Castle 4x08 - Hearthbreak Hotel
 Parenthood 3x08 - In Between
 Hart of Dixie 1x07 - The Crush & The Crossbow
 Last Man Standing 1x07 - Home Security
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x11 - Can I Get Witness
 Last Man Standing 1x09 - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
 Last Man Standing 1x10 - Last Christmas Standing
 Switched At Birth 1x11 - Starry Night
 Blue Bloods 2x10 - Whistle Blower
 Pan Am 1x10 - Secrets and Lies
 The Lying Game 1x12 - When We Dead Awaken
 Switched At Birth 1x12 - The Tempest
 Parenthood 3x13 - Just Smile
 Last Man Standing 1x13 - Take Your Daughter To Work
 Private Practice 5x11 - The Standing Eight Count
 Once Upon a Time 1x09 - True North
 House of Lies 1x02 - Amsterdam
 Parenthood 3x14 - It is what it is
 Switched At Birth 1x13 - Self Portrait with a Bandaged Ear
 Body of Proof 2x13 - Sympathy for the Devil
 The Finder 1x02 - Bullets
 Private Practice 5x12 - Losing battles
 Pan Am 1x12 - New frontiers
 The Lying Game 1x14 - Black And White And Green All Over
 Justified 3x02 - Cut Ties
 One Tree Hill 9x03 - Love The Way You Lie
 House of Lies 1x04 - Mini Mogul
 Switched At Birth 1x15 - Expulsion From the Garden of Eden
 Shameless US 2x05 - Father's Day
 Parenthood 3x15 - Politics
 Private Practice 5x14 - Too Much
 Last Man Standing 1x16 - Tree of Strife
 Parenthood 3x16 - Tough Love
 The Lying Game 1x18 - Not Guilty As Charged
 Parenthood 3x17 - Remember me? I'm the one who loves you
 Jane By Design 1x08 - The Wedding Dress
 Private Practice 5x16 - Andromeda
 Switched At Birth 1x19 - Write a Lonely Soldier
 Parenthood 3x18 - My Brother's Wedding
 Switched At Birth 1x22 - Venus, Cupid, Folly, And Time
 Parenthood 6x03 - The Waiting Room
 Sons of Anarchy 7x06 - Smoke 'em if You Got 'em
 Nashville 3x04 - I feel sorry for me
 Merlin 3x07 - The Castle of Fyrien
 Gossip Girl 4x07 - War at the Roses
 90210 3x07 - I See London, I See France...
 The Mentalist 3x07 - Red Hot
 The Lying Game 1x07 - Escape From Sutton Island