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 18 to life 1x12 - In Sickness and in Health
 90210 3x05 - Catch Me If You Cannon
 90210 3x06 - Much Is That Liam In The Window
 90210 3x07 - I See London, I See France...
 Ancient Aliens (2010) 2x01 - Mysterious Places
 BBC Panorama 59x06 - WikiLeaks: The Secret Story
 Being Erica 3x02 - Moving On Up
 Being Erica 3x06 - Bear Breasts
 Ben 10 Ultimate Alien 1x10 - Aggregor
 Better With You 1x06 - Better With Halloween
 Blue Mountain State 2x02 - Controversy
 Blue Mountain State 2x03 - Born Again
 Boardwalk Empire 1x06 - Family Limitation
 Boardwalk Empire 1x07 - Home
 Bones 6x04 - The Body and the Bounty
 Bones 6x12 - The Sin in the Sisterhood
 Bored to Death 2x05 - Forty Two Down!
 Bored to Death 2x06 - The Case of the Grievous Clerical Error!
 Chase 1x05 - Above the Law
 Chase 1x06 - Havoc
 Childrens Hospital 2x08 - Hot Enough for You?
 Childrens Hospital 2x11 - You Know No One Can Hear You, Right? Subtitle
 Chuck 4x05 - Chuck vs. The Couch Lock
 Chuck 4x06 - Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror
 Criminal Minds 6x04 - Compromising Positions
 Criminal Minds 6x06 - Devil's Night
 Criminal Minds 6x08 - Reflection of Desire
 Criminal Minds 6x13 - The Thirteenth Step
 CSI 11x04 - Sqweegel
 CSI 11x13 - The Two Mrs. Grissoms
 CSI 11x14 - All That Cremains
 CSI Miami 9x04 - Manhunt
 CSI NY 7x10 - Shop Till You Drop
 Desperate Housewives 7x05 - Let Me Entertain You
 Desperate Housewives 7x06 - Excited and Scared
 Detroit 187 1x05 - Murder in Greektown; High School Confidential
 Dexter 5x05 - First Blood
 Downton Abbey 1x04 - Episode #4
 Downton Abbey 1x05 - Episode 5
 Downton Abbey 1x06 - Episode #6
 Durham County 3x01 - Homelands
 Eastbound and Down 2x04 - Chapter 10
 Eastbound and Down 2x05 - Chapter 11
 Eastbound and Down 2x06 - Chapter 12
 Fringe 3x04 - Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?
 Good luck Charlie 1x18 - Charlie In Charge
 Good luck Charlie 1x19 - Sleepless in Denver
 Greys Anatomy 7x04 - Can't Fight Biology
 Hellcats 1x06 - Ragged Old Flag
 Hellcats 1x07 - The Match Game
 How I Met Your Mother 6x05 - Architect of Destruction
 How I Met Your Mother 6x06 - Baby Talk
 In Treatment 3x01 - Sunil Week One
 In Treatment 3x02 - Frances Week One
 In Treatment 3x05 - Sunil Week Two
 In Treatment 3x06 - Frances Week Two
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6x05 - Mac and Charlie : White trash
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6x07 - Who Got Dee Pregnant
 Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia 6x11 - The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods
 Law and Order UK 3x05 - Survivors
 Law And Order: Los Angeles 1x04 - Sylmar
 Law and Order: SVU 12x03 - Behave
 Law and Order: SVU 12x05 - Wet
 Lie to Me 3x03 - Dirty Loyal
 Lie to Me 3x04 - Double Blind
 Lost Girl 1x10 - The Mourning After
 MAD 1x05 - Pirates of Neverland: At Wit's End Batman Family Feud
 MAD 1x06 - Wall-E-Nator, Extreme Renovation: House Edition Superman's Fortress of Solitude
 MAD 1x07 - Love You, Iron Man, Zeke and Lex Luthor
 Medium 7x05 - Talk to the Hand
 Medium 7x10 - Blood on the Tracks
 Melissa & Joey 1x08 - Dancing With the Stars of Toledo
 Metalocalypse 3x08 - Rehabklok
 Metalocalypse 3x09 - Dethzazz
 Metalocalypse 3x10 - Doublebookedklok
 Midsomer Murders 13x06 - The Noble
 Mike & Molly 1x05 - Carl Is Jealous
 Mike & Molly 1x06 - Mike's Apartment
 Mike & Molly 1x07 - After the Loving
 Modern Family 2x04 - Strangers on a Treadmill
 Modern Family 2x05 - Unplugged
 Monty Python Almost the Truth Lawyers 1x01 - The Not So Exciting Beginnings
 Monty Python Almost the Truth Lawyers 1x02 - And Now the Sordid Personal Bits
 Monty Python Almost the Truth Lawyers 1x03 - And Now the Sordid Personal Bits
 Monty Python Almost the Truth Lawyers 1x04 - The Ultimate Holy Grail
 Monty Python Almost the Truth Lawyers 1x05 - Lust for Glory
 Monty Python Almost the Truth Lawyers 1x06 - The Last Episode Ever for Now
 MythBusters 8x19 - Storm Chasing Myths
 MythBusters 8x20 - Cold Feet
 MythBusters 8x21 - Table Cloth Chaos
 NCIS 8x02 - Worst Nightmare
 NCIS 8x04 - Royals and Loyals
 NCIS 8x05 - Dead Air
 NCIS 8x06 - Cracked
 NCIS 8x09 - Enemies Domestic
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x05 - Little Angels
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x06 - Standoff
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x07 - Anonymous
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x10 - Deliverance
 One Tree Hill 8x06 - Not Afraid
 Outsourced 1x04 - Jolly Vindaloo
 Outsourced 1x13 - Training Day
 Parenthood 2x06 - Orange Alert
 Parenthood 2x07 - Seven Names
 Raising Hope 1x05 - Happy Halloween
 Raising Hope 1x06 - Happy Halloween
 Raising Hope 1x09 - Meet The Grandparents
 Rules of Engagement 5x05 - Play Ball
 Rules of Engagement 5x06 - Baked
 Rules of Engagement 5x07 - Mannequin Head Ball
 Running Wilde 1x02 - Into the Wilde
 School Pride 1x01 - Soaring Eagles
 School Pride 1x02 - Follow The Teachers!
 School Pride 1x03 - Rising From The Flood
 Shit My Dad Says 1x04 - Code Ed
 Shit My Dad Says 1x06 - You Can't Handle the Truce
 Sonny with a Chance 2x18 - Sonny with a 100 Percent Chance of Meddling
 Stargate Universe 2x04 - Pathogen
 Stargate Universe 2x05 - Cloverdale
 Steven Seagal: Lawman 2x03 - Crossfire
 Steven Seagal: Lawman 2x04 - The Perfect Target
 Steven Seagal: Lawman 2x05 - On Dangerous Ground
 Steven Seagal: Lawman 2x06 - Gimme Shelter
 Supernatural 6x10 - Caged Heat
 Survivor 21x06 - Worst Case Scenario
 Sym Bionic Titan 1x05 - The White Dragon
 The Amazing Race 17x03 - In Phil We Trust
 The Apprentice 10x01 - Nicole is so cute
 The Apprentice 10x02 - Episode #10.2
 The Apprentice 10x03 - episode #10.3
 The Apprentice 10x04 - Episode #10.4
 The Apprentice 10x05 - Rock the Catwalk
 The Big C 1x09 - The Ecstacy and the Agony
 The Big C 1x10 - Divine Intervention
 The Event 1x05 - Casualties of War
 The Event 1x06 - Loyalty
 The Good Wife 2x04 - Cleaning House
 The Good Wife 2x05 - VIP Treatmen
 The Good Wife 2x08 - On Tap
 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 1x01 - In Which Claims Are Made and a Journey Ensues
 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 1x02 - A Plan Is Hatched and a Date Is Not a Date
 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 1x03 - The Snooker Player, The Black Canadian, The Turkish Terrorist and the Peanut
 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 1x04 - In Which Brent Wilts Arrives and Things Take a Turn for the Worse
 The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 1x05 - Where Todd and Brent Misjudge the Mood of a Solemn Day
 The League 2x05 - The Marathon
 The league 2x11 - Ramona Neopolitano
 The Middle 2x05 - Foreign Exchange
 The Middle 2x05 - Foreign Exchange
 The Office 7x04 - Sex Ed
 The Real Housewives of D.C. 1x05 - Special Interests
 The Sarah Jane Adventures 4x02 - The Nightmare Man Part 2
 The Whole Truth 1x01 - Pilot
 Thorne 1x04 - Scaredy Cat
 Top Chef 8x04 - Advantage Chef
 Top Chef 8x07 - Restaurant Wars One Night Only
 Top Chef 8x08 - An Offer They Can't Refuse
 Top Chef 8x09 - Feeding Fallon
 Top Chef: Just deserts 1x05 - Edible Fashion
 Top Chef: Just deserts 1x06 - Black and White
 Top Chef: Just deserts 1x07 - Dessert Wars
 Top Chef: Just deserts 1x08 - Celebritea Party
 Tower Prep 1x01 - New Kid
 Tower Prep 1x02 - Monitored
 Ugly Americans 1x09 - Kill... Mark, Kill
 Ugly Americans 1x10 - Sympathy For The Devil
 Ugly Americans 1x11 - Hell For The Holidays
 Undercover Boss 2x03 - DirecTV
 Undercover Boss 2x05 - NASCAR
 Undercover Boss 2x06 - Chiquita
 Undercovers 1x05 - Not Without My Daughter
 Undercovers 1x06 - Xerxes
 Victorious 1x12 - Cat's New Boyfriend
 Weeds 6x09 - To Moscow, and Quickly
 Weeds 6x10 - Dearborn Again
 Whitechapel 2x02 - Episode 2
 Whitechapel 2x03 - Episode 3
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 Being Erica 3x02 - Moving On Up
 Law and Order: SVU 12x03 - Behave
 The Big Bang Theory 4x02 - The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification
 Undercover Boss 2x03 - DirecTV
 Criminal Minds 6x04 - Compromising Positions
 Bones 6x04 - The Body and the Bounty
 Greys Anatomy 7x04 - Can't Fight Biology
 Greys Anatomy 7x05 - Almost Grown
 Two And a Half Men 8x06 - Twanging your magic clanger
 Greys Anatomy 7x08 - Something's Gotta Give
 Top Chef 8x03 - New York's Finest
 Childrens Hospital 2x08 - Hot Enough for You?
 Hellcats 1x06 - Ragged Old Flag
 Fringe 3x04 - Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?
 Stargate Universe 2x05 - Cloverdale