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 American Dad 4x01 - 1600 Candles
 American Dad 4x02 - The One That Got Away
 American Dad 4x04 - Choosy Wives Choose Smith
 American Dad 4x06 - Pulling Double Booty
 American Dad 4x07 - Phantom of the Telethon
 American Dad 4x08 - Chimdale
 Burn Notice 2x01 - Breaking And Entering
 Burn Notice 2x02 - Turn And Burn
 Burn Notice 2x03 - Trust Me
 Burn Notice 2x04 - Comrades
 Burn Notice 2x05 - Scatter Point
 Burn Notice 2x06 - Bad Blood
 Burn Notice 2x07 - Rough Seas
 Burn Notice 2x08 - Double Booked
 Burn Notice 2x09 - Good Soldier
 Heroes Webisodes 3x01 - A Nifty Trick
 Heroes Webisodes 3x02 - The House Guest
 Life on Mars (USA) 1x09 - The Dark Side of the Mook
 Psych 3x01 - The Ghost In You
 Psych 3x02 - Murder Anyone Anyone Bueller
 Psych 3x03 - Daredevils
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 The Office 5x10 - Moroccan Christmas
 Psych 3x15 - Tuesday the 17th