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 House MD 7x03 - Unwritten
 Dexter 5x03 - Practically Perfect
 Dexter 5x04 - Beauty and the Beast
 Desperate Housewives 7x04 - The Thing That Counts is What's Inside
 Smallville 10x05 - Isis
 The Simpsons 22x07 - How Munched Is That Birdie in the Window
 Psych 5x12 - Dual Spires
 The Simpsons 22x09 - Donnie Fatso
 Law and Order: SVU 12x13 - Mask
 The Listener 2x01 - Lady in the Lake
 The Simpsons 22x14 - Angry Dad: The Movie
 True Blood 4x10 - Burning Down the House
 True Blood 4x11 - Soul of Fire
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x10 - The girl who waited
 The Simpsons 23x01 - The Falcon and the D´Ohman
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x13 - The Wedding of River Song
 House MD 8x03 - Charity Case
 Young Herriot 1x02 - Episode 2
 Sabrina, la bruja Adolescente 1x20 - Conociendo a la novia de papá
 Beavis and Butthead 8x11 - School Test , Snitchers
 Sherlock 2x02 - The Hounds of Baskerville
 Classic Doctor Who 18x04 - Episodio 110 The Leisure Hive. 4 de 4
 Hot in Cleveland 3x07 - Two Girls And A Rhino
 Sherlock 2x03 - The Reichenbach Fall
 How I Met Your Mother 7x22 - Good Crazy