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 NCIS 8x03 - Short Fuse
 Fringe 3x03 - The Plateau
 NCIS 8x04 - Royals and Loyals
 Criminal Minds 6x04 - Compromising Positions
 NCIS 8x05 - Dead Air
 Law and Order: SVU 12x06 - Branded
 NCIS 8x06 - Cracked
 Criminal Minds 6x09 - Into the Woods
 Law and Order: SVU 12x17 - Pursuit
 NCIS 8x17 - One Last Score
 Criminal Minds 6x17 - Valhalla
 Supernatural 6x16 - And Then There Were None
 Off the map 1x09 - There's Nothing To Fix
 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1x04 - One Shot Kill
 Law and Order: SVU 12x19 - Bombshell
 Greys Anatomy 7x17 - This Is How We Do It
 Off the map 1x01 - Saved by the great white hope
 Law and Order: SVU 12x23 - Delinquent
 Smallville 10x21 - Finale
 Law and Order: SVU 12x24 - Smoked
 NCIS 9x02 - Restless
 Blue Bloods 2x01 - Mercy
 Criminal Minds 7x02 - proof
 Law and Order: SVU 13x02 - Personal fouls
 NCIS 9x03 - The Penelope Papers
 Law and Order: SVU 13x03 - Blood Brothers
 Criminal Minds 7x05 - From Childhood's Hour
 NCIS 10x04 - Lost At Sea
 NCIS 10x05 - Namesake
 Criminal Minds 8x08 - The Wheels on the Bus
 NCIS 10x13 - Hit and Run
 Supernatural 8x11 - LARP And The Real Girl
 NCIS 10x14 - Canary
 NCIS 10x15 - Hereafter
 NCIS 10x16 - Detour
 NCIS 10x19 - Squall
 NCIS 11x02 - Past, Present and Future
 The Good Wife 2x21 - In Sickness
 Criminal Minds 6x03 - Remembrance of Things Past
 NCIS 10x23 - Double Blind