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 Shit My Dad Says 1x03 - The Truth About Dads & Moms
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 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior 1x06 - Devotion
 Workaholics 1x07 - Straight Up Juggahos
 Breakout Kings 1x12 - There are Rules
 The Big C 2x07 - Goldilocks and the Bears
 Hung 3x03 - Mister Drecker or Ease Up On The Whup Ass
 Up All Night 1x06 - Birth
 Whitney 1x05 - The Wire
 Mike & Molly 2x06 - Happy Halloween
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x08 - Greed
 Raising Hope 3x10 - The Last Christmas
 The New Normal 1x18 - Para New Normal Activity
 The Mindy Project 1x20 - Pretty Man
 Hung 3x06 - Money on the Floor
 Mike & Molly 2x08 - Peggy gets a job