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 Glee 2x09 - Special Education
 Glee 2x07 - The Substitute
 Glee 2x08 - Furt
 Glee 2x06 - Never Been Kissed
 Sonny with a Chance 1x01 - Sketchy Beginnings
 Glee 2x10 - A Very Glee Christmas
 Grey's Anatomy 5x07 - Rise Up
 Glee 2x12 - Silly Love Songs
 Glee 2x13 - Comeback
 Glee 2x15 - Sexy
 Glee 2x16 - Original Song
 Desperate Housewives 7x14 - Flashback
 Glee 2x17 - A Night of Neglect
 Glee 2x19 - Rumors
 Glee 3x06 - Mash Off
 Glee 3x07 - I Kissed A Girl
 Revenge 1x00 - From the Beginning
 Revenge 1x18 - Justice
 Once Upon a Time 3x99 - Midseason 3 Special: Wicked is Coming
 Revenge 2x00 - The first chapter
 Pretty Little Liars 5x10 -
 SMASH 1x03 - Enter Mr. DiMaggio
 Pretty Little Liars 5x00 - We Love You to DeAth