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 Fairly Legal 1x06 - Believers
 Justified 3x05 - Think as mud
 Lights Out 1x09 - In fight
 Parks and Recreation 3x06 - Indianapolis
 Retired at 35 1x06 - Stuck in the Meddle
 Retired at 35 1x10 - Secrets and Lies
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x12 - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
 Up All Night 1x16 - Travel Day
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 Justified 3x04 - The devil You Know
 No Ordinary Family 1x09 - No Ordinary Anniversary
 Private Practice 4x10 - Just Lose It
 The Cape 1x02 - Tarot
 No Ordinary Family 1x12 - No Ordinary Brother
 Greys Anatomy 7x12 - Start Me Up
 30 Rock 5x11 - Mrs. Donaghy
 Blue Bloods 1x11 - Little Fish
 Harry´s Law 1x02 - Heat of passion
 Harry´s Law 1x03 - Innocent Man
 Fairly Legal 1x03 - Benched
 Episodes 1x05 - Episode Five
 Shameless US 1x05 - Three Boys
 Harry´s Law 1x04 - Wheels of Justice
 The Cape 1x06 - Goggles and Hicks
 Blue Bloods 1x14 - My Funny Valentine
 30 Rock 5x14 - Double Edged
 Fairly Legal 1x04 - Bo me Once
 Private Practice 4x13 - Blind Love
 The Defenders 1x14 - Nevada v. Doug the Mule
 InSecurity 1x06 - Return of the Deadeye
 Episodes 1x06 - Episode Six
 Harry´s Law 1x05 - A day in the life
 Fairly Legal 1x05 - The Two Richards
 Parks and Recreation 3x06 - Indianapolis
 Fairly Legal 1x06 - Believers
 The Defenders 1x16 - Noland vs. Galloway Pharmaceuticals
 Harry´s Law 1x07 - American dreams
 Justified 2x05 - Cottonmouth
 Harry´s Law 1x09 - the fragile beast
 Justified 2x06 - Blaze of Glory
 Fairly Legal 1x09 - My Best Friend's Prenup
 Harry´s Law 1x11 - With friends like these
 The Kennedys 1x03 - part III
 Justified 2x10 - Debts and Accounts
 The Kennedys 1x04 - Part 4
 The Kennedys 1x08 -
 30 Rock 5x22 - Everything Sunny All the Time Always
 30 Rock 5x23 - Respawn
 Greys Anatomy 7x21 - I Will Survive
 Greys Anatomy 7x22 - Unaccompanied Minor
 Covert Affairs 2x01 - Begin the Begin
 Love Bites 1x02 - How to
 Love Bites 1x03 - Keep On Truckin'
 Happily Divorced 1x02 - Pillow Talk
 Memphis Beat 2x04 - Flesh And Blood
 Happily Divorced 1x04 - A Date With Destiny
 White Collar 3x10 - Countdown
 Harry´s Law 2x01 - Hosanna Roseanna
 Harry´s Law 2x02 - There will be blood
 Covert Affairs 2x13 - A Girl Like You
 Harry´s Law 2x09 - Head Games
 Boss 1x06 - Spit
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x12 - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
 Covert Affairs 2x16 - Letter Never Sent
 Up All Night 1x11 - First Christmas
 Luck 1x01 - Pilot
 Downton Abbey 2x00 - Behind the Drama
 Unforgettable 1x12 - Butterfly Effect
 Are you there, Chelsea? 1x01 - Pilot
 30 Rock 6x05 - Today You Are a Man
 Luck 1x02 - Episode 2
 Justified 3x05 - Think as mud
 Up All Night 1x16 - Travel Day
 Justified 3x06 - When the Guns Come Out
 Up All Night 1x17 - First Birthday
 30 Rock 6x09 - Leap Day
 The Protector 1x02 - Spoon
 The Firm 1x01 - Pilot
 Mad Men 5x13 - The Phantom
 The Newsroom (2012) 1x04 - I'll Try to Fix You