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 Skins 3x02 - Cook
 The Walking Dead 1x05 - Wildfire
 Cougar Town 2x09 - When the time comes
 Glee 2x09 - Special Education
 Sons of Anarchy 3x13 - NS
 Skins 3x01 - Everyone
 Greys Anatomy 7x10 - Adrift and at Peace
 Cougar Town 2x16 - Baby’s a Rock ‘N’ Roller
 Cougar Town 2x18 - Lonesome Showdown
 Covert Affairs 2x01 - Begin the Begin
 Covert Affairs 2x10 - World Leader Pretend
 Criminal Minds 7x17 - I Love You, Tommy Brown
 Castle 5x24 - Watershed
 NCIS 11x04 - Anonymous was a Woman
 Cougar Town 5x10 - Too Good To Be True