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 Burn Notice 4x16 - Dead or Alive
 Burn Notice 5x07 - Beseiged
 Dexter 6x11 - Talk to the Hand
 Falling Skies 3x09 - Journey to Xibalba
 Nikita 3x15 - Inevitability
 Pretty Little Liars 1x12 - Salt Meets Wound
 Red Widow 1x03 - The Consignment
 Smallville 10x11 - Icarus
 Survivor 21x15 - What About Me?
 The Mentalist 6x11 - White Lines
 The Vampire Diaries 2x11 - By the Light of the Moon
 White Collar 2x16 - Under the Radar
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 Fringe 4x05 - Novation
 Nikita 3x21 - Invisible Hand