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 Assassin's Creed: Lineage 1x01 - Episode I
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 The Big Bang Theory 2x10 - The Vartabedian Conundrum
 The Big Bang Theory 2x11 - The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
 Lost 5x01 - Because You Left
 Law and Order UK 1x03 - Vice
 The IT Crowd 3x02 - Are We Not Men?
 Top Gear 19x05 - 19x05
 The Pacific 1x01 - Part I
 Flash Forward 1x03 - 137 Sekunden
 Top Gear 19x02 - Western USA Road Trip
 The Big Bang Theory 3x13 - The Bozeman Reaction
 The Pacific 1x02 - Basilone
 Dexter 6x04 - A Horse of Different Color
 Fringe 2x23 - Over There (Part 2)
 Strike Back 2x07 - Project Dawn, Part 7
 Person of Interest 1x03 - Mission Creep
 The Big Bang Theory 5x04 - The Wiggly Finger Catalyst
 Dexter 6x02 - Once Upon a Time
 Person of Interest 1x04 - Cura Te Ipsum
 Strike Back 2x09 - Poject Dawn, Part 9
 The Big Bang Theory 5x06 - The Rhinitis Revelation
 The Big Bang Theory 5x07 - The Good Guy Fluctuation
 Dexter 6x09 - Get Gellar
 The Big Bang Theory 5x09 - The Ornithophobia Diffusion
 Dexter 6x07 - Nebraska
 The Big Bang Theory 5x10 - The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition
 Dexter 6x08 - Sins of Omission
 Dexter 6x11 - Talk to the Hand
 The Big Bang Theory 5x12 - The Shiny Trinket Maneuver
 Top Gear 18x05 -
 Top Gear 18x07 - Episode 7
 Top Gear 18x06 -
 Last Resort 1x02 - Blue On Blue
 Top Gear 19x99 - The Worst Car in the History of the World
 Top Gear 19x01 - World's Smallest Car
 Top Gear 19x04 - Cee'd Rugby
 Person of Interest 2x16 - Relevance
 Top Gear 19x06 - Africa Part 1
 Person of Interest 2x17 - Proteus
 Person of Interest 2x21 - Zero Day
 MythBusters 13x19 - Zombies Special
 The Simpsons 25x06 - The Kid Is All Right
 Alcatraz 1x03 - Kit Nelson