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 Atlantis (2013) 1x06 - The Song of the Sirens
 Atlantis (2013) 1x11 - Hunger Pangs
 Danger 5 1x05 - Fresh Meat For Hitler's Sex Kitchen
 Doc Martin 6x06 - Hazardous Exposure
 Law & Order (1990) 7x15 - Causa Mortis
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x09 - All That Glitters
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 1x10 - Someone's Son, Someone's Daughter
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 2x02 - The Food Of Love
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 2x03 - A Foreign Field
 The Doctor Blake Mysteries 2x04 - Smoke And Mirrors
 Unforgettable 2x10 - Till Death
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 Flashpoint 3x20 - No Promises
 Undercovers 1x11 - The Key to It All
 Primeval 4x02 - Episode 2
 Human Target 2x08 - Communication Breakdown
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x12 - Overwatch
 Flashpoint 3x18 - thiker than blood
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x15 - Tin Soldiers
 Charlie's Angels 1x08 - They are Not Saints
 Primeval: New World 1x02 - Sisiuti
 Ironside (2013) 1x02 - Sleeping Dogs