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 Underbelly 1x11 - Barbarians at the Gate
 White Collar 2x11 - Forging Bonds
 Shameless US 1x04 - Casey Casden
 White Collar 2x12 - What Happens in Burma
 Shit My Dad Says 1x18 - Who's your daddy
 White Collar 2x15 - Power Play
 The Big Bang Theory 4x18 - The Prestidigitation Approximation
 Shameless US 1x11 - Daddy's Girl
 Shameless US 1x12 - Father Frank, Full Of Grace
 The Big Bang Theory 4x19 - The Zarnecki Incursion
 The Big Bang Theory 4x20 - The Herb Garden Germination
 The Big Bang Theory 4x21 - The Agreement Dissection
 White Collar 3x03 - Deadline
 White Collar 3x06 - Scott Free
 White Collar 3x09 - On The Fence
 White Collar 3x10 - Countdown
 The Big Bang Theory 5x02 - The Infestation Hypothesis
 Two And a Half Men 9x05 - A Giant Cat Holding a Churro
 The Big Bang Theory 5x07 - The Good Guy Fluctuation
 Two And a Half Men 9x08 - hank You For The Intercourse
 The Big Bang Theory 5x09 - The Ornithophobia Diffusion
 Two And a Half Men 9x14 - A Possum on Chemo
 House MD 8x10 - Runaways
 White Collar 3x13 - Neighborhood Watch
 The Big Bang Theory 5x17 - The Rothman Disintegration
 Two And a Half Men 9x18 - The War Against Gingivitis