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 A to Z 1x10 - J Is For Jan Vaughan
 Best Friends Forever 1x06 - Fatal Blow Out
 Community 6x12 - Wedding Videography
 Family Tools 1x04 - Book Club Romance
 Family Tools 1x09 - Pest Side Story
 Family Tools 1x10 - Terry By Design
 New Girl 1x21 - Kids
 Ripper Street 3x02 - The Beating of Her Wings
 Ripper Street 3x03 - Ashes and Diamonds
 Ripper Street 3x05 - Heavy Boots
 Secrets & Lies (US) 1x07 - The Cop
 Super Fun Night 1x14 - Lucindervention
 Super Fun Night 1x15 - Cookie Prom
 Super Fun Night 1x16 - Lesbihonest
 The Mysteries of Laura 1x22 - The Mystery of the Corner Store Crossfire
 Web Therapy 3x03 - Believe It or Not
 Weird Loners 1x02 - Weird Dance
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 Outsourced 1x05 - Touched by an Anglo
 Cougar Town 2x14 - Cry to Me
 How I Met Your Mother 6x21 - Hopeless
 Parks and Recreation 3x10 - Soulmates
 Mad Love 1x12 - Friends
 Up All Night 1x01 - Pilot
 Up All Night 1x02 - Cool Neighbors
 New Girl 1x02 - Kryptonite
 Happy Endings 2x01 - Blax, Snake, Home
 Parks and Recreation 4x02 - Ron & Tammys
 Free Agents (US) 1x04 - Rebranding
 Best Friends Forever 1x04 - Single And Lovin' It
 New Girl 2x04 - Neighbors
 Ben and Kate 1x04 - 21st Birthday
 The Michael J. Fox Show 1x11 - Christmas
 Cougar Town 6x01 - American Dream Plan B