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 Dexter 3x09 - About Last Night
 Fringe 1x06 - The Cure
 Heroes Unmasked 3x01 - From Heroes To Villains
 Heroes Unmasked 3x02 - Opening Pandoras Box
 Heroes Unmasked 3x03 - New Heroes on the Block
 Heroes Webisodes 1x01 - Let us Pray
 The Diary of Anne Frank 1x01 - Part 1
 The Diary of Anne Frank 1x02 - Part 2
 The Diary of Anne Frank 1x03 - Part 3
 The Diary of Anne Frank 1x04 - Part 4
 The Diary of Anne Frank 1x05 - Part 5
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 Dexter 3x04 - All In The Family
 The Office 5x04 - Crime Aid
 Merlin (BBC) 1x06 - A Remedy To Cure All Ills
 Dexter 3x05 - Turning Biminese
 Merlin (BBC) 1x07 - The Gates Of Avalon
 Dexter 3x08 - The Damage a Man Can Do
 Fringe 1x08 - The Equation
 Dexter 3x09 - About Last Night
 Fringe 1x09 - The Dreamscape
 Fringe 1x10 - Safe
 Demons 1x01 - They Bite
 Demons 1x03 - Saving Grace
 Merlin 3x10 - Queen of Hearts
 Peep Show 1x01 - Warring Factions
 Fringe 1x06 - The Cure