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 A to Z 1x07 - G is for Geronimo
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x09 - Sal's Pizza
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x15 - Operation: Broken Feather
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 1x16 - The Party
 Brooklyn Nine Nine 2x14 - Defense Rests
 Bunheads 1x15 - Take the Vicuna
 Bunheads 1x16 - There's Nothing Worse Than a Pantsuit
 Community 5x09 - VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing
 Cougar Town 5x05 - Hard On Me
 Cougar Town 6x02 - Full Grown Boy
 Cougar Town 6x09 - Two Men Talking
 Cougar Town 6x11 - Climb That Hill
 Cougar Town 6x12 - A Two Story Town
 Dont Trust the B in Apartment 23 1x06 - It's just sex
 Enlisted 1x13 - Alive Day
 Girls 2x04 - It's a Shame About Ray
 Girls 2x06 - Boys
 Happy Endings 3x17 - Bros Before Bros
 Happy Endings 3x19 - The Storm Before the Calm
 Jane The Virgin 1x02 - Chapter Two
 Jane The Virgin 1x07 - Chapter Seven
 Justified 5x10 - Weight
 Justified 5x13 - Restitution
 Mad Men 6x13 - In Care Of
 Marry me 1x02 - Move Me
 Mixology 1x12 - Last Call
 Moone Boy 2x04 - Handball Duel
 Nashville 2x12 - Just For What I Am
 Nashville 2x13 - It's All Wrong, But It's All Right
 Nashville 2x14 - Too Far Gone
 Nashville 3x08 - You're Lookin' at Country
 Nashville 3x13 - I'm Lost Between Right and Wrong
 Nashville 3x14 - Somebody Pick Up My Pieces
 New Girl 4x09 - Thanksgiving IV
 Parks and Recreation 6x16 - New Slogan
 Parks and Recreation 6x17 - Galentine's Day
 Parks and Recreation 6x19 - Flu Season 2
 Play it again, Dick 1x05 -
 Play it again, Dick 1x06 -
 Play it again, Dick 1x07 -
 Selfie 1x03 - A Little Yelp From My Friends
 Shameless US 5x03 - The Two Lisas
 Sleepy Hollow 2x13 - Pittura Infamante
 SMASH 2x12 - Opening Night
 The Mindy Project 1x12 - Hooking Up Is Hard
 The Mindy Project 1x13 - Harry & Sally
 The Mindy Project 2x07 - Sk8er Man
 The Mindy Project 2x09 - Mindy Lahiri Is A Racist
 The Mindy Project 2x12 - Danny Castellano is my Personal Trainer
 The Mindy Project 2x21 - The Girl Next Door
 The Mindy Project 3x04 - I Slipped
 The Mindy Project 3x08 - Diary of a Mad Indian Woman
 The Mindy Project 3x11 - Christmas
 The Mindy Project 3x19 - Confessions of a Catho-holic
 The Night Shift 2x06 - Need to Know
 Togetherness 1x06 - Ghost in Chains
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 Life 2x11 - Canyon Flowers