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 Happy Town 1x07 - Dallas Alice Doesn't Live here Anymore
 Leverage 1x09 - The Snow Job
 Psych 3x12 - Earth Wind and Wait
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 Leverage 1x02 - The Homecoming Job
 The Mentalist 1x11 - Red Johns Friends
 The Mentalist 1x12 - Red Rum
 The Mentalist 1x13 - Paint in Red
 The Big Bang Theory 2x13 - The Friendship Algorithm
 Leverage 1x08 - The Mile High Job
 The Mentalist 1x14 - Crimson Casanova
 Psych 3x14 - Truer Lies
 Psych 3x15 - Tuesday the 17th
 The Mentalist 1x15 - Scarlett Fever
 Chuck 2x14 - Chuck vs The Best Friend
 The Mentalist 1x18 - Russet Potatoes
 The Mentalist 1x23 - Red Johns Footsteps
 Hung 1x09 - This is America or Fifty Bucks
 The Forgotten 1x03 - Football John
 Castle 2x03 - Inventing the Girl
 The Forgotten 1x04 - Parachute Jane
 The Mentalist 2x04 - Red Menace
 Psych 4x09 - Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark
 Castle 2x05 - When the Bough Breaks
 Castle 2x06 - Vampire Weekend
 Castle 2x07 - Famous Last Words
 The Forgotten 1x07 - Railroad Jane
 Castle 2x08 - Kill the Messenger
 Castle 2x10 - One Man's Treasure
 The Forgotten 1x09 - Lucky John
 Players (2010) 1x01 - Grand Re Opening
 Justified 1x01 - Fire in the Hole
 Justified 1x04 - Long in the Tooth
 In Treatment 3x11 - Jesse week 3
 Public Enemies 1x02 - Episode 2