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 The Good Wife 3x18 - Gloves Come Off
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 Cougar Town 2x19 - Damaged by Love
 Cougar Town 2x20 - Free Fallin
 Modern Family 3x02 - When Good Kids Go Bad
 The Good Wife 3x01 - The New Day
 The Good Wife 3x03 - Get A Room
 Modern Family 3x05 - Hit and Run
 The Good Wife 3x04 - Feeding the Rat
 The Good Wife 3x06 - Affairs Of State
 Bones 7x02 - The Hot Dog In The Competition
 The Good Wife 3x08 - Here Comes Santa
 The Good Wife 3x11 - What Went Wrong
 The Good Wife 3x14 - Another Ham Sandwich
 The Good Wife 3x15 - Live from Damascus
 The Good Wife 3x16 - After the fall
 The Good Wife 3x17 - Long Way Home
 Modern Family 3x18 - Send Out the Clowns
 The Good Wife 3x19 - Blue Ribbon Panel
 The Good Wife 3x20 - Pants on fire