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 The Firm 1x04 - Chapter Four
 CSI 11x17 - The List
 XIII: The Series 1x01 - Pilot
 Justified 2x08 - The Spoil
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x08 - Underwater
 Justified 2x05 - Cottonmouth
 Unforgettable 1x06 - Friended
 Body of Proof 2x12 - Shades of Blue
 The Defenders 1x18 - Morelli vs. Kaczmarek
 Forbrydelsen 1x20 - Día 20º
 Harry´s Law 1x07 - American dreams
 Justified 2x04 - For blood or money
 The Defenders 1x17 - Nevada v. Greene
 Desperate Housewives 7x16 - Searching
 The Event 1x12 - Inostranka
 Harry´s Law 1x08 - In the Ghetto
 The Mentalist 3x17 - Bloodstream
 The Event 1x13 - Turnabout
 Harry´s Law 1x09 - the fragile beast
 Justified 2x06 - Blaze of Glory
 Harry´s Law 1x10 - Send in the Clowns
 Justified 2x07 - Save my love.
 Hamarinn (aka The Cliff) 1x01 -
 Hamarinn (aka The Cliff) 1x02 -
 Castle 3x19 - Law & Murder
 Harry´s Law 1x11 - With friends like these
 The Mentalist 3x18 - The Red Mile
 Forbrydelsen 2x02 - Día 2º
 Hamarinn (aka The Cliff) 1x03 -
 Body of Proof 1x02 - Letting Go
 Harry´s Law 1x12 - Last Dance
 Forbrydelsen 2x03 - Episode 2.3
 Body of Proof 1x03 - Helping Hand
 Breakout Kings 1x09 - One For The Money
 Hamarinn (aka The Cliff) 1x04 -
 The Mentalist 3x19 - Every Rose Has Its Thorn
 Justified 2x09 - Brother's Keeper
 Body of Proof 1x04 - Talking Heads
 The Kennedys 1x03 - part III
 Castle 3x21 - The Dead Pool
 Nurse Jackie 3x03 - Play Me
 Justified 2x10 - Debts and Accounts
 Forbrydelsen 2x04 - Episode 2.4
 The Event 1x17 - Cut Off the Head
 Forbrydelsen 2x05 -
 Body of Proof 1x05 - Dead man walking
 Justified 2x11 - Full Commitment
 Desperate Housewives 7x19 - The Lies Ill-Concealed
 Breakout Kings 1x08 - Steaks
 Case Sensitive 1x02 - Part 2
 Body of Proof 1x06 - Society Hill
 Justified 2x12 - Reckoning
 The Mentalist 3x20 - Redacted
 CSI 11x20 - Father of the Bride
 Desperate Housewives 7x20 - I´ll Swallow Poison on Sunday
 The Event 1x19 - Us or Them
 Castle 3x22 - To Love and Die in L.A.
 Forbrydelsen 2x06 -
 Body of Proof 1x07 - All in the Family
 Case Sensitive 1x01 - Part 1
 The Mentalist 3x21 - Like A Redhead Stepchild
 Vera 1x01 - Hidden Depths
 Body of Proof 1x08 - Buried Secrets
 Graven 1x01 - Episode 1
 The Closer 7x02 - Repeat Offender
 Hidden 1x02 - Episode 2
 Hidden 1x03 - Episode 3
 Body of Proof 2x03 - Missing
 House MD 8x01 - Twenty Vicodin
 Castle 4x03 - Head Case
 Unforgettable 1x03 - Check Out Time
 Person of Interest 1x03 - Mission Creep
 The Field of Blood 1x02 - episodio 2
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x03 - Bitch
 Body of Proof 2x04 - Lazarus Man
 Unforgettable 1x04 - Up In Flames
 House MD 8x03 - Charity Case
 Unforgettable 1x05 - With Honor
 Castle 4x05 - Eye Of The Beholder
 Castle 4x06 - Demons
 Hidden 1x04 - Episode 4
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x06 - Shame
 Harry´s Law 2x07 - American Girl
 The Mentalist 4x08 - Pink Tops
 The Closer 7x11 - Necessary Evil
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x09 - Gone to Pieces
 CSI 12x09 - Zippered
 Harry´s Law 2x10 - Purple Hearts
 Hell On Wheels 1x06 - Pride, Pomp and Circumstance
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x10 - A Gorgeous Mosaic
 Unforgettable 1x12 - Butterfly Effect
 Desperate Housewives 8x10 - What's to Discuss, Old Friend?
 Public Enemies 1x01 - Episode 1
 Unforgettable 1x13 - Brotherhood
 Harry´s Law 2x11 - Gorilla My Dreams
 The Good Wife 3x13 - Bitcoin for Dummies
 Harry´s Law 2x12 - New Kidney on the Block
 Body of Proof 2x13 - Sympathy for the Devil
 CSI 12x11 - Ms. Willows Regrets
 Person of Interest 1x12 - Legacy
 The Mentalist 4x12 - My Bloody Valentine
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x12 - Ain't No Sunshine
 Castle 4x13 - An Embarrassment of Bitches
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x13 - Stuck In The Middle With You
 Person of Interest 1x13 - Root Cause
 The Mentalist 4x13 - Red Is The New Black
 The Firm 1x06 - Chapter Six
 Body of Proof 2x14 - Cold Blooded
 Unforgettable 1x14 - Carrie’s Caller
 Castle 4x17 - Once Upon a Crime
 Justified 3x05 - Think as mud
 The Mentalist 4x16 - Thoughts Were Red Thoughts
 Awake 1x01 - Pilot
 Harry´s Law 2x13 - After the Lovin
 Body of Proof 2x19 - Going Viral, Part 2
 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 1x01 - Cocaine Blues
 CSI 12x20 - Altered Stakes
 Magic City 1x01 - The Year Of The Fin
 Awake 1x09 - Game Day
 House MD 8x16 - Gut Check
 The Mentalist 4x22 - So Long, and Thanks for All the Red
 CSI 12x21 - Dune and Gloom
 Castle 4x23 - Always
 The Firm 1x19 - Chapter nineteen
 The Firm 1x20 - Chapter Twenty
 The Firm 1x21 - Chapter Twenty-One
 The Firm 1x22 - Chapter 22
 Person of Interest 1x23 - Firewall