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 Gossip Girl 3x01 - Reversals of Fortune
 Gossip Girl 4x05 - Goodbye Columbia
 Greek 3x01 - The Day After
 Greek 3x02 - Our Fathers
 Outcasts 1x06 - Episode 6
 Supernatural 6x02 - Two and a Half Men
 Weeds 6x08 - Gentle Puppies
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 How to Make It in America 1x05 - Big in Japan
 Supernatural 4x06 - Yellow Fever
 Supernatural 4x08 - Wishful Thinking
 Testees 1x01 - Pilot
 How I Met Your Mother 4x07 - Not A Fathers Day
 Gossip Girl 3x02 - The Freshman
 Supernatural 4x11 - Family Remains
 Gossip Girl 2x16 - You've got Yale
 Supernatural 4x13 - Afterschool Special
 How I Met Your Mother 5x01 - Definitions
 Chuck 2x13 - Chuck Versus the Suburbs
 Kyle XY 3x07 - Chemistry 101
 Chuck 2x15 - Chuck Versus The Beefcake
 Kyle XY 3x08 - Tell Tale Heart
 Chuck 2x16 - Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon
 How I Met Your Mother 4x16 - Sorry Bro
 Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x18 - Today is the Day
 How I Met Your Mother 4x17 - The Front Porch
 Gossip Girl 2x19 - The Grandfather
 How I Met Your Mother 4x19 - Murtaugh
 Greek 2x11 - Take Me Home Cyprus Rhodes
 Dollhouse 1x08 - Needs
 Chuck 2x19 - Chuck Versus the Dream Job
 Greek 2x12 - From Rushing with Love
 Heroes 3x23 - 1961
 Chuck 2x20 - Chuck Versus the First Kill
 Greek 2x13 - Engendered Species
 Supernatural 4x19 - Jump The Shark
 Greek 2x14 - Big Littles and Jumbo Shrimp
 Greek 2x15 - Evasive Actions
 Dollhouse 1x12 - Omega
 Greek 3x02 - Our Fathers
 Gossip Girl 3x04 - Dan de Fleurette
 Gossip Girl 3x07 - How to Succeed in Bassness
 Gossip Girl 3x08 - The Grandfather: Part II
 How I Met Your Mother 5x11 - Last Cigarette Ever
 Heroes 4x14 - Let it bleed
 Dollhouse 2x11 - Getting Closer
 Blue Mountain State 1x04 - Rivalry Weekend
 Make it or Break it 1x18 - The Great Wall
 How to Make It in America 1x02 - Crisp
 Chuck 3x08 - Chuck vs. The Fake
 Caprica 1x06 - Know Thy Enemy
 Blue Mountain State 1x11 - Ransom
 Flash Forward 1x11 - Revelation Zero
 Supernatural 6x03 - The third man
 Gossip Girl 4x05 - Goodbye Columbia
 Chuck 4x05 - Chuck vs. The Couch Lock
 Blue Mountain State 2x05 - Pregnant
 Supernatural 6x08 - All Dogs Go To Heaven
 DollHouse 1x05 - True Believer
 Greek 3x06 - Lost and Founders
 How I Met Your Mother 4x18 - Old King Clancy