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 Merlin 4x05 - His Father's Son
 The Paul Reiser Show 1x01 - The Father's Ocupation
 Chuck 4x20 - Chuck Versus The Family Volkoff
 Breakout Kings 1x06 - Like Father, Like Son
 Chaos 1x01 - Pilot
 Fringe 3x19 - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
 Breakout Kings 1x07 - Fun With Chemistry
 Chuck 4x21 - Chuck Versus the Wedding Planner
 Camelot 1x05 - Justice
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x01 - The Impossible Astronaut
 Breakout Kings 1x09 - One For The Money
 Fringe 3x22 - The Day We Died
 Breakout Kings 1x10 - Paid in Full
 Chuck 4x23 - Chuck Versus the Last Details
 The Mentalist 3x22 - Rhapsody in Red
 Camelot 1x07 - The Long Night
 Breakout Kings 1x11 - Off the Beaten Path
 Doctor Who (2005) 6x03 - The Curse of the Black Spot
 Wilfred (US) 1x07 - Pride
 Fringe 4x05 - Novation
 Merlin 4x06 - A Servant Of Two Masters
 The Mentalist 4x08 - Pink Tops
 Supernatural 7x09 - How To Win Friends...
 Merlin 4x09 - Lancelot Du Lac
 Merlin 4x12 - The Sword in the Stone Part 1
 Merlin 4x13 - The Sword in the Stone (Part 2)
 Merlin 5x01 - Arthur's Bane (Part 1)
 Merlin 5x02 - Arthur's Bane (Part 2)
 Merlin 5x03 - The Death Song of Uther Pendragon
 Merlin 5x06 - The Dark Tower
 Haven 2x07 - The Tides That Bind