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 Being Human 1x06 - Episode 6
 Bones 4x10 - The Passenger in the Oven
 Bones 5x12 - The Proof in the Pudding
 Burn Notice 2x15 - Sins of Omission
 Burn Notice 3x01 - Family and Friends
 Burn Notice 3x04 - Fearless Leader
 Burn Notice 3x05 - Signals and Codes
 Burn Notice 4x14 - Hot Property
 Charlie's Angels 1x03 - Bon Voyage, Angels
 Criminal Minds 4x03 - Minimal Loss
 Criminal Minds 4x04 - Paradise
 Criminal Minds 4x25 - To Hell and Back
 Eli Stone 2x02 - Grace
 Eli Stone 2x08 - Owner of a Lonely Heart
 Eli Stone 2x12 - Tailspin
 Endgame 1x11 - Mr. Black
 Fringe 1x08 - The Equation
 Fringe 1x12 - The No Brainer
 Fringe 2x13 - What Lies Below
 Greys Anatomy 7x07 - That's me trying
 Human Target 1x11 - Victoria
 In Plain Sight 2x02 - In My Humboldt Opinion
 In Plain Sight 2x10 - Miles To Go
 Knight Rider 1x09 - Knight Fever
 Kyle XY 3x07 - Chemistry 101
 Leverage 4x08 - The Boiler Room Job
 Life 2x09 - Badge Bunny
 Lost Girl 1x08 - Vexed
 NCIS 6x03 - Capitol Offense
 NCIS 6x04 - Heartland
 NCIS 6x07 - Collateral Damage
 NCIS 6x08 - Cloak
 NCIS 6x10 - Road Kill
 NCIS 6x19 - Hide and Seek
 NCIS 6x24 - Semper Fidelis
 NCIS 7x16 - Mother's Day
 NCIS 9x02 - Restless
 NCIS 9x08 - Engaged Part 1
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x03 - Backstopped
 Person of Interest 1x02 - Ghosts
 Primeval 4x06 - Episode 6
 Reaper 2x05 - I Want My Baby Back
 Reaper 2x11 - To Sprong With Love
 Sanctuary 4x06 - Homecoming
 Sons of Anarchy 1x01 - Pilot
 Sons of Anarchy 1x02 - Seeds
 Sons of Anarchy 1x03 - Fun Town
 Sons of Anarchy 1x04 - Patch Over
 Sons of Anarchy 1x05 - Giving Back
 Sons of Anarchy 1x06 - AK51
 Sons of Anarchy 2x01 - Albification
 Supernatural 5x04 - The End
 Supernatural 5x05 - Fallen Idol
 Supernatural 5x11 - Sam Interrupted
 Terra Nova 1x06 - Bylaw
 The Deep End 1x06 - White Lies, Black Ties
 The Mentalist 1x12 - Red Rum
 The Unit 4x04 - The Conduit
 The Unit 4x05 - Dancing Lessons
 True Blood 2x05 - Never Let Me Go
 Warehouse 13 1x01 - Pilot
 Warehouse 13 3x10 - Insatiable
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 The Unit 4x02 - Sudden Flight
 Life 2x03 - The Business of Miracles
 Sons of Anarchy 1x05 - Giving Back
 Stargate Atlantis 5x11 - The Lost Tribe
 Life 2x04 - Not for Nothing
 Chuck 2x03 - Chuck versus the Break Up
 Fringe 1x05 - Power Hungry
 Eli Stone 2x01 - The Path
 The Mentalist 1x03 - Red Tide
 Knight Rider 1x04 - A Hard Days Knight
 Sons of Anarchy 1x06 - AK51
 Valentine 1x01 - Pilot
 Stargate Atlantis 5x12 - Outsiders
 Merlin (BBC) 1x05 - Lancelot
 Crusoe 1x01 - Rum And Gunpowder PART 1
 Chuck 2x04 - Chuck Versus the Cougars
 The Unit 4x04 - The Conduit
 Fringe 1x06 - The Cure
 House MD 5x05 - Lucky Thirteen
 NCIS 6x05 - Nine Lives
 Eli Stone 2x02 - Grace
 Sons of Anarchy 1x07 - Old Bones
 Stargate Atlantis 5x13 - Inquisition
 Burn Notice 2x11 - Hot Spot
 The Unit 4x05 - Dancing Lessons
 Chuck 2x05 - Chuck Versus Tom Sawyer
 Crusoe 1x04 - The Mutineers
 True Blood 1x09 - Plaisir D'Amour
 How I Met Your Mother 4x06 - Happily Ever After
 Valentine 1x04 - The Book Of Love
 Valentine 1x03 - Act Naturally
 Knight Rider 1x05 - Knight of the Hunter
 Knight Rider 1x06 - Knight of the Living Dead
 Eleventh Hour 1x05 - Containment
 Sons of Anarchy 1x09 - Hell Forward
 Stargate Atlantis 5x14 - The Prodigal
 Legend of the Seeker 1x03 - Bounty
 Crusoe 1x05 - High Water
 How I Met Your Mother 4x07 - Not A Fathers Day
 Chuck 2x06 - Chuck Versus the Ex
 NCIS 6x07 - Collateral Damage
 Sons of Anarchy 1x10 - Better Half
 Eli Stone 2x04 - Should I stay or should I go
 Chuck 2x07 - Chuck Versus the Fat Lady
 Fringe 1x08 - The Equation
 The Mentalist 1x07 - Seeing Red
 NCIS 6x08 - Cloak
 Sons of Anarchy 1x11 - Capybara
 Knight Rider 1x08 - Knight of the Zodiac
 Life 2x09 - Badge Bunny
 Stargate Atlantis 5x16 - Brain Storm
 Legend of the Seeker 1x05 - Listener
 Sons of Anarchy 1x12 - The Sleep Of Babies
 Chuck 2x08 - Chuck Versus the Gravitron
 Crusoe 1x07 - Bad Blood
 Fringe 1x09 - The Dreamscape
 My Own Worst Enemy 1x06 - High Crimes And Turducken
 Criminal Minds 4x09 - 52 Pickup
 Legend of the Seeker 1x06 - Elixir
 The Unit 4x10 - Mislead and Misguided
 Chuck 2x09 - Chuck Versus the Sensei
 Fringe 1x10 - Safe
 The Mentalist 1x09 - Flame Red
 NCIS 6x10 - Road Kill
 Sons of Anarchy 1x13 - The Revelator
 Eli Stone 2x06 - Happy Birthday Nate
 Stargate Atlantis 5x17 - Infection
 Crusoe 1x08 - Heroes and Villains
 Trinity 1x01 - Pilot
 Primeval 4x01 - Episode 1
 Leverage 1x02 - The Homecoming Job
 My Own Worst Enemy 1x09 - Henry and the Terrible Day
 Eli Stone 2x08 - Owner of a Lonely Heart
 Legend of the Seeker 1x11 - Confession
 The Unit 4x11 - Switchblade
 Crusoe 1x09 - Name of the Game
 Knight Rider 1x09 - Knight Fever
 Eli Stone 2x09 - Two Ministers
 The Unit 4x12 - Bad Beat
 The Mentalist 1x11 - Red Johns Friends
 Grey's Anatomy 5x11 - Wish You Were Here
 Sanctuary 1x13 - Revelations PART 2
 The Mentalist 1x12 - Red Rum
 The Unit 4x13 - The Spear of Destiny
 Knight Rider 1x11 - Day Turns Into Knight
 NCIS 6x13 - Broken Bird
 Supernatural 4x11 - Family Remains
 Eleventh Hour 1x10 - H2O
 Battlestar Galactica 4x11 - Sometimes a Great Notion
 Crusoe 1x10 - Smoke and Mirrors
 Legend of the Seeker 1x09 - Puppeteer
 The Mentalist 1x17 - Carnelian
 Reaper 2x04 - The Favorite
 The Beast 1x01 - Pilot
 House MD 5x12 - Painless
 Fringe 1x11 - Bound
 Kyle XY 3x02 - Psychic Friend
 Knight Rider 1x12 - Knight To Kings Pawn
 Crusoe 1x11 - The Hunting Party
 Supernatural 4x12 - Criss Angel Is a Douche Bag
 Eleventh Hour 1x11 - Miracle
 Demons 1x04 - Suckers
 Legend of the Seeker 1x10 - Sacrifice
 The Beast 1x02 - Two Choices
 House MD 5x14 - The Greater Good
 Knight Rider 1x14 - Fight Knight
 Lie To Me 1x03 - A Perfect Score
 Supernatural 4x14 - Sex and Violence
 Life 2x13 - Re Entry
 The Beast 1x03 - Nadia
 NCIS 6x15 - Deliverance
 Knight Rider 1x15 - Fly by Knight
 The Beast 1x05 - Bitsi Big Boy
 Grey's Anatomy 5x15 - Before and After
 Burn Notice 2x14 - Truth and Reconciliation
 Burn Notice 2x13 - Bad Breaks
 Chuck 2x13 - Chuck Versus the Suburbs
 House MD 5x15 - Unfaithful
 Kyle XY 3x06 - Welcome to Latnok
 Burn Notice 2x15 - Sins of Omission
 The Mentalist 1x15 - Scarlett Fever
 NCIS 6x16 - Bounce
 The Beast 1x06 - Hothead
 24 7x10 - Hora 10
 Kyle XY 3x07 - Chemistry 101
 Criminal Minds 4x16 - Pleasure Is My Business
 NCIS 6x17 - South by Southwest
 Reaper 2x01 - A New Hope
 Being Human 1x06 - Episode 6
 Legend of the Seeker 1x13 - Revenant
 Heroes 3x18 - Exposed
 Kyle XY 3x08 - Tell Tale Heart
 Knight Rider 1x17 - I Love the Knight Life
 Burn Notice 2x16 - Lesser Evil
 Chuck 2x16 - Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon
 NCIS 7x01 - Truth or Consequences
 Kyle XY 3x09 - Guess Whos Coming to Dinner
 Criminal Minds 4x17 - Demonology
 Castle 1x01 - Flowers for Your Grave
 The Unit 4x16 - Hill 60
 House MD 5x18 - Here Kitty
 The Mentalist 1x16 - Bloodshot
 Kyle XY 3x10 - Bringing Down The House
 Life 2x18 - 3 Women
 Reaper 2x03 - The Sweet Science
 Lie To Me 1x07 - The Best Policy
 Criminal Minds 4x18 - Omnivore
 The Unit 4x22 - Unknown Soldier
 The Beast 1x09 - Walk in
 The Unit 4x17 - Flesh and Blood
 Heroes 3x20 - Cold Snap
 Kings 1x03 - Prosperity
 NCIS 6x19 - Hide and Seek
 Criminal Minds 4x19 - House on Fire
 Grey's Anatomy 5x19 - Elevator Love Letter
 DollHouse 1x07 - Echoes
 Eleventh Hour 1x18 - Medea
 Legend of the Seeker 1x17 - Deception
 The Unit 4x18 - Best Laid Plans
 The Beast 1x10 - Tilt
 Heroes 3x21 - Into Asylum
 Chuck 2x18 - Chuck Versus The Broken Heart
 Kings 1x04 - First Night
 Reaper 2x05 - I Want My Baby Back
 The Mentalist 1x18 - Russet Potatoes
 NCIS 6x20 - Dead Reckoning
 Supernatural 4x18 - The Monster at the End of this Book
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x01 - Identity
 House MD 5x20 - Simple Explanation
 The Mentalist 1x19 - A Dozen Red
 Fringe 1x15 - Inner Child
 Heroes 3x23 - 1961
 Chuck 2x20 - Chuck Versus the First Kill
 Bones 4x20 - The Cinderella in the Cardboard
 Bones 4x21 - Mayhem on the Cross
 Prison Break 4x17 - The Mother Lode
 The Beast 1x12 - Counterfeit
 Chuck 2x21 - Chuck vs The Colonel
 Heroes 3x24 - I am Sylar
 Bones 4x22 - Double Death of the Dearly Departed
 Kings 1x06 - Judgement Day
 In Plain Sight 2x01 - Gilted Lily
 Castle 1x07 - Home is Where the Heart Stops
 Fringe 1x17 - Bad Dreams
 Reaper 2x08 - The Home Stretch
 Lie To Me 1x10 - Better Half
 Criminal Minds 4x21 - A Shade of Gray
 Bones 4x23 - The Girl in the Mask
 The Beast 1x13 - No Turning Back
 Grey's Anatomy 5x20 - Sweet Surrender
 Dollhouse 1x10 - Haunted
 Legend of the Seeker 1x18 - Mirror
 The Unit 4x20 - Chaos Theory
 Eli Stone 2x11 - Mortal Combat
 In Plain Sight 2x02 - In My Humboldt Opinion
 Criminal Minds 4x22 - The Big Wheel
 Lie To Me 1x11 - Undercover
 Bones 4x24 - The Beaver in the Otter
 NCIS 6x22 - Legend I
 Prison Break 4x19 - SOB
 Legend of the Seeker 1x19 - Cursed
 The Unit 4x21 - Endgame
 In Plain Sight 2x03 - A Stand Up Triple
 Eli Stone 2x12 - Tailspin
 Fringe 1x19 - The Road Not Taken
 The Mentalist 1x21 - Miss Red
 NCIS 6x23 - Legend II
 Bones 4x25 - The Critic in the Cabernet
 Legend of the Seeker 1x20 - Sanctuary
 The Mentalist 1x22 - Blood Brothers
 Fringe 1x20 - There is More Than One of Everything
 Reaper 2x11 - To Sprong With Love
 NCIS 6x24 - Semper Fidelis
 Supernatural 4x22 - Lucifer Rising
 Grey's Anatomy 5x23 - Heres to Future Days
 Prison Break 4x21 - Rates of Exchange
 In Plain Sight 2x04 - Rubble with a Cause
 NCIS 6x25 - Aliyah
 Legend of the Seeker 1x21 - Fever
 The Mentalist 1x23 - Red Johns Footsteps
 In Plain Sight 2x05 - Aguna Matatala
 Criminal Minds 4x25 - To Hell and Back
 Prison Break 4x23 - The Final Break
 Mental 1x01 - Pilot
 Mental 1x02 - A Beautiful Delusion
 In Plain Sight 2x06 - One Night Stan
 Burn Notice 3x01 - Family and Friends
 Mental 1x03 - Book of Judges
 In Plain Sight 2x07 - Duplicate Bridge
 Burn Notice 3x02 - Question and Answer
 True Blood 2x01 - Nothing But the Blood
 Burn Notice 3x03 - End Run
 In Plain Sight 2x09 - Whos Bugging Mary
 Mental 1x05 - Roles of Engagement
 Saving Grace 3x01 - We re already here
 Burn Notice 3x04 - Fearless Leader
 Saving Grace 3x02 - Shes a Lump
 In Plain Sight 2x10 - Miles To Go
 Kings 1x10 - Chapter One
 torchwood 3x04 - Children of Earth Day Four
 Burn Notice 3x05 - Signals and Codes
 Torchwood 3x05 - Children of Earth Day Five
 Kings 1x11 - Javelin
 Leverage 2x01 - The Beantown Bailout Job
 In Plain Sight 2x11 - Jailbait
 Royal Pains 1x06 - Best in Shul
 True Blood 2x05 - Never Let Me Go
 Kings 1x13 - The New King Part II
 Dark Blue 1x02 - Guns Strippers and Wives
 Warehouse 13 1x05 - Claudia
 Burn Notice 3x08 - Friends like these
 Trinity 1x02 - Episode 2
 White Collar 1x01 - Pilot
 Sons of Anarchy 2x01 - Albification
 Supernatural 5x01 - Sympathy for the Devil
 Dark Blue 1x09 - Betsy
 Warehouse 13 1x12 - Nevermore
 Sons of Anarchy 2x02 - Small Tears
 Eureka 3x18 - What Goes Around Comes Around
 The Vampire Diaries 1x03 - Friday night bites
 Supernatural 5x03 - Fee to Be You and Me
 Fringe 2x02 - Night of Desirable Objects
 Sons of Anarchy 2x03 - Fix
 Heroes 4x03 - Ink
 Lie to Me 2x01 - The Core of It
 NCIS 7x02 - Reunion
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x02 - The Only Easy Day
 Supernatural 5x04 - The End
 Sons of Anarchy 2x04 - Eureka
 Merlin 2x03 - The Nightmare Begins
 Trinity 1x03 - Episode 3
 NCIS 7x03 - The Inside Man
 Fringe 2x04 - Momentum Deferred
 Eastwick 1x03 - Madams and Madames
 Bones 5x04 - Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
 Merlin 2x04 - Lancelot and Guinevere
 Supernatural 5x05 - Fallen Idol
 Greys Anatomy 6x04 - Tainted Obligation
 Sanctuary 2x01 - End of Nights
 Dollhouse 2x03 - Belle Chose
 Heroes 4x05 - Hysterical Blindness
 Lie to Me 2x03 - Control Factor
 NCIS 7x04 - Good Cop Bad Cop
 Criminal Minds 5x04 - Hopeless
 Stargate Universe 1x04 - Darkness
 Trinity 1x05 - Episode 5
 Heroes 4x06 - Tabula Rasa
 House MD 6x05 - Brave Heart
 NCIS 7x05 - Code of Conduct
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x05 - Killshot
 Castle 2x05 - When the Bough Breaks
 Sons of Anarchy 2x07 - Gilead
 Sanctuary 2x03 - Eulogy
 Smallville 9x06 - Crossfire
 White Collar 1x02 - Threads
 Castle 2x07 - Famous Last Words
 NCIS 7x06 - Outlaws and In-Laws
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x06 - Keepin it real
 Criminal Minds 5x06 - The eyes have it
 Sons of Anarchy 2x09 - Fa Guan
 Stargate Universe 1x07 - Earth
 Merlin 2x07 - The Witchfinder
 Legend of the Seeker 2x01 - Marked
 Sanctuary 2x05 - Pavor Nocturnus
 Trinity 1x08 - Episode 8
 House MD 6x06 - Known Unknowns
 NCIS 7x07 - Endgame
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x07 - Pushback
 Criminal Minds 5x07 - The Performer
 Fringe 2x07 - Of Human Action
 Bones 5x07 - The dwarf in the dirt
 Legend of the Seeker 2x02 - Baneling
 The Prisoner (2009) 1x03 - Anvil
 Castle 2x09 - Love Me Dead
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x08 - Ambush
 NCIS 7x08 - Power Down
 Unnatural History 1x11 - Thor's Slammer
 Smallville 9x09 - Pandora
 Sanctuary 2x07 - Veritas
 Legend of the Seeker 2x05 - Wizard
 Legend of the Seeker 2x06 - Fury
 NCIS 7x10 - Faith
 Lost Girl 2x01 - Something Wicked This Fae
 Eastwick 1x11 - Magic Snow and Creepy Gene
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x11 - Breach
 Sanctuary 2x11 - Haunted
 House MD 6x10 - The Down Low
 Fringe 2x11 - Unearthed
 Chuck 3x03 - Chuck Vs The Angel Of Death
 NCIS 7x12 - Fresh and Blood
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x12 - Past Lives
 Criminal Minds 5x12 - The Uncanny Valley
 Dollhouse 2x12 - The Hollow Men
 Sanctuary 2x12 - Kali
 24 8x02 - Day 8: 5:00P.M. - 6:00P.M
 Human Target 1x01 - Pilot
 24 8x04 - 7.00pm a 8.00pm
 Human Target 1x02 - Embassy Row
 Castle 2x13 - Sucker Punch
 Leverage 2x11 - The Bottle Job
 Burn Notice 3x10 - A Dark Road
 Legend of the Seeker 2x09 - Dark
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x13 - Missing
 The Vampire Diaries 1x12 - Unpleasantville
 House MD 6x12 - Moving the Chains
 Lost 6x01 - LA X Part 1
 Castle 2x15 - Suicide Squeeze
 NCIS 7x14 - Masquerade
 White Collar 1x10 - Vital Signs
 Bones 5x14 - The Devil in the Details
 24 8x07 - Day 8: 10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.
 Leverage 2x15 - The Maltese Falcon Job
 Greys Anatomy 6x15 - The Time Warp
 Smallville 9x13 - Persuasion
 Chuck 3x09 - Chuck vs. the Beard
 Once Upon a Time 1x01 - Pilot
 Caprica 1x10 - Unvanquished
 Legend of the Seeker 2x14 - Bound
 24 8x14 - Day 8: 5:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.
 Castle 2x18 - Boom!
 Bones 5x15 - Bones on a Blue Line
 Flash Forward 1x15 - Queen Sacrifice
 24 8x16 -
 Human Target 1x11 - Victoria
 Castle 2x19 - Wrapped Up in Death
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x19 - Hand to hand
 In Plain Sight 3x02 - When Mary met the Marshall
 Supernatural 5x17 - 99 Problems
 Fringe 2x17 - Olivia. In The Lab. With The Revolver.
 24 8x17 -
 Castle 2x21 - Den of Thieves
 In Plain Sight 3x04 - Whistle Stop
 Riverworld 1x01 -
 Bones 5x18 - The Predator in the Poo
 Riverworld 1x02 -
 Chuck 3x14 - Chuck Versus the Honeymooners
 NCIS 7x20 - Moonlighting
 In Plain Sight 3x05 - Fish Or Cut Betta
 Castle 2x22 - Food to die for
 24 8x21 - Hora 21
 Castle 2x23 - Overkill
 NCIS Los Angeles 1x22 - Hunted
 The Vampire Diaries 1x22 - Founder's Day
 24 8x22 -
 Criminal Minds 5x22 - The internet is 4ever
 Chuck 3x19 - Chuck vs. the Ring: Part II
 NCIS 7x24 - Rule Fiftyone (Season Finale)
 The Listener 2x10 - Desperate Hours
 Falling Skies 1x06 - Sanctuary: Part 1
 Leverage 3x01 - The Jailhouse Job
 The Gates 1x02 - What Lies Beneath
 Unnatural History 1x03 - Sleeper in a Box
 Unnatural History 1x04 - Heart of the Warrior
 Warehouse 13 2x03 - Beyond Our Control
 Unnatural History 1x08 - Curse of the Rolling Stone
 Haven 1x09 - As You Were
 Lie to Me 2x22 - Black and White
 Lost Girl 1x01 - Episode 1
 Warehouse 13 2x11 - Buried
 Terriers 1x02 - Dog and Pony
 Unnatural History 1x12 - Speetlemania
 Dark Blue 2x09 - Dead Flowers
 The Vampire Diaries 2x02 - Brave New World
 The Gates 1x12 - Bad Moon Rising
 The Gates 1x13 - Moving Day
 Chuck 4x01 - Chuch vs The Anniversary
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x01 - Pilot
 Chase 1x01 - Pilot
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x01 - Human Traffic
 NCIS 8x01 - Spider and the Fly
 Sons of Anarchy 3x03 - Caregiver
 Unnatural History 1x13 - Past, Presidents and Future
 House MD 7x02 - Selfish
 Chase 1x02 - Repo
 NCIS 8x02 - Worst Nightmare
 House MD 7x03 - Unwritten
 Chase 1x03 - The Comeback Kid
 Lost Girl 1x04 - Faetal Atracttion
 Fringe 3x03 - The Plateau
 Bones 6x03 - The Maggots in the Meathead
 Supernatural 6x03 - The third man
 Chuck 4x04 - Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat
 Lie to Me 3x02 - The Royal We
 NCIS 8x04 - Royals and Loyals
 Bones 6x04 - The Body and the Bounty
 Greys Anatomy 7x04 - Can't Fight Biology
 House MD 7x05 - Unplanned Parenthood
 Chuck 4x05 - Chuck vs. The Couch Lock
 Chase 1x05 - Above the Law
 Sanctuary 3x02 - Firewall
 Castle 3x06 - 3XK
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x06 - Ko'olauloa
 NCIS 8x06 - Cracked
 Castle 3x07 - Almost Famous
 The Mentalist 3x07 - Red Hot
 Lost Girl 1x08 - Vexed
 Castle 3x08 - Murder Most Fowl
 Sons of Anarchy 3x10 - Firinne
 Greys Anatomy 7x08 - Something's Gotta Give
 Human Target 2x01 - Ilsa Pucci
 Bones 6x07 - The Babe in the Bar
 Burn Notice 4x14 - Hot Property
 Lie to Me 3x07 - Veronica
 NCIS 8x09 - Enemies Domestic
 Lie to Me 3x08 - Smoked
 Sons of Anarchy 3x13 - NS
 Lost Girl 1x12 - (Dis)Members Only
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x11 - Palekaiko (Paradise)
 Chase 1x11 - Betrayed
 Warehouse 13 2x13 - Secret Santa
 NCIS 8x10 - False Witness
 Burn Notice 4x18 - Last Stand
 Leverage 3x16 - The San Lorenzo Job
 Human Target 2x06 - The Other Side of the Mall
 Primeval 4x02 - Episode 2
 Human Target 2x07 - A Problem Like Maria
 The Cape 1x02 - Tarot
 Primeval 4x04 - Episode 4
 Royal Pains 2x13 - Mulligan
 Being Human 3x01 - Lia
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x15 - Kai e'e (Tidal Wave)
 The Cape 1x04 - Sacles on a train
 Lie to Me 3x12 - Gone
 Off the map 1x03 - A Doctor Time Out
 Chase 1x13 - Narco (Part 2)
 Royal Pains 2x14 - Pit Stop
 Greys Anatomy 7x13 - Don't deceive me
 The Chicago Code 1x01 - Pilot
 Chuck 4x15 - Chuck Versus the Cat Squad
 The Listener 2x02 - Crime Seen
 The Listener 2x03 - In His Sight
 Justified 2x03 - The I of the storm Subtitle
 Supernatural 6x16 - And Then There Were None
 The Event 1x12 - Inostranka
 Justified 2x05 - Cottonmouth
 The Chicago Code 1x06 - The Gold Coin Kid
 Endgame 1x01 - Opening Moves
 Bedlam 1x06 - Episode 6
 The Listener 2x05 - Inner Circle
 Chuck 4x19 - Chuck Versus the Muuurder
 Breakout Kings 1x04 - Out of the Mouths of Babes
 The Listener 2x07 - Ace in the Hole
 NCIS 8x20 - Two Faced
 The Listener 2x08 - Vanished
 Body of Proof 1x04 - Talking Heads
 Justified 2x10 - Debts and Accounts
 Body of Proof 1x05 - Dead man walking
 Happy Endings 1x03 - Your Couples Friends & Neighbor
 Chase 1x14 - Father Figure
 Chase 1x16 - Round up
 Breakout Kings 1x09 - One For The Money
 Greys Anatomy 7x20 - White Wedding
 Happy Endings 1x07 - Dave of the Dead
 XIII: The Series 1x03 - Lockdown
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x23 - Imposters
 XIII: The Series 1x04 - The Irish Version
 The Mentalist 3x23 - Strawberries and Cream (Part 1 & 2)
 Endgame 1x11 - Mr. Black
 XIII: The Series 1x07 - Undertow
 White Collar 3x01 - On Guard
 Leverage 4x01 - The Long Way Down Job
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x03 - Green Star
 White Collar 3x04 - Dentist of Detroit
 XIII: The Series 1x12 - The Key
 Falling Skies 1x05 - Silent Kill
 Eureka 4x11 - Liftoff
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x01 - We Don't Need Another Hero
 Warehouse 13 3x01 - The New Guy
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x05 - Girls Night Out
 White Collar 3x06 - Scott Free
 Memphis Beat 2x05 - The things we carry
 XIII: The Series 1x13 - Revelation
 Royal Pains 3x03 - Rash Talk
 Memphis Beat 2x06 - Troubled Waters
 Falling Skies 1x08 - What Hides Beneath
 The nine lives of Chloe King 1x08 - Heartbreaker
 Torchwood 4x06 - The Middle Men
 Suits 1x09 - Undefeated
 Alphas 1x07 - Catch and Release
 Warehouse 13 3x07 - Past Imperfect
 Royal Pains 3x10 - A Little Art, A Little Science
 Torchwood 4x09 - The Gathering
 Rizzoli & Isles 2x09 - Gone Daddy Gone
 Sons of Anarchy 4x01 - Out
 Lost Girl 2x04 - Mirror, Mirror
 Warehouse 13 3x09 - Shadows
 Alphas 1x09 - Blind Spot
 Sons of Anarchy 4x02 - Booster
 The Lying Game 1x05 - Over Exposed
 The Secret Circle 1x01 - Pilot
 Castle 4x01 - Rise
 Eureka 4x20 - One Giant Leap
 The Lying Game 1x06 - Bad Boys Break Hearts
 Body of Proof 2x01 - Love Thy Neighbor
 The Secret Circle 1x02 - Bound
 Greys Anatomy 8x01 - Free Falling and She's Gone
 Haven 2x11 - Business as Usual
 Nikita 2x01 - Game Change
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 2x02 - Ua Lawe Wale (Taken)
 NCIS 9x02 - Restless
 The Vampire Diaries 3x03 - The End of the Affair
 The Mentalist 4x02 - Little Red Book
 Fringe 4x02 - One Night In October
 Haven 2x12 - Sins of the Fathers
 Charlie's Angels 1x02 - Runaway, Angels
 Castle 4x03 - Head Case
 NCIS 9x03 - The Penelope Papers
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x03 - Backstopped
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x03 - Bitch
 Charlie's Angels 1x03 - Bon Voyage, Angels
 Sanctuary 4x01 - Tempus
 Terra Nova 1x04 - What Remains
 Castle 4x04 - Kick The Ballistics
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x04 - Deadline
 Criminal Minds 7x04 - Painless
 Charlie's Angels 1x04 - Angels in chains
 Fringe 4x04 - Subject 9
 Sanctuary 4x02 - Uprising
 Nikita 2x04 - Partners
 Terra Nova 1x05 - The Runaway
 Castle 4x05 - Eye Of The Beholder
 NCIS Los Angeles 3x05 - Sacrifice
 Criminal Minds 7x05 - From Childhood's Hour
 Charlie's Angels 1x05 - Angels in paradise
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 2x06 - Ka Hakaka Maika'I (The Good Fight)
 Hart of Dixie 1x05 - Faith & Infidelity
 Castle 4x06 - Demons
 NCIS 9x06 - Thirst
 Supernatural 7x06 - Slash Fiction
 Castle 4x07 - Cops & Robbers
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 2x07 - Ka Iwi Kapu (Sacred Bones)
 Once Upon a Time 1x02 - The Thing You Love Most
 Lost Girl 2x06 - It's Better To Burn Out Than Fae Away
 Terra Nova 1x06 - Bylaw
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x06 - Shame
 Grimm 1x02 - Bears Will Be Bears
 Sanctuary 4x05 - Resistence
 Castle 4x08 - Hearthbreak Hotel
 NCIS 9x08 - Engaged Part 1
 Sons of Anarchy 4x10 - Hands
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 2x09 - Ike Maka (Identity)
 Terra Nova 1x08 - Proof
 NCIS 9x09 - Engaged Part 2
 Bones 7x03 - The Prince in the Plastic
 Fringe 4x07 - Wallflower
 House MD 8x07 - Dead & Buried
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 2x10 - Ki'ilua (Deceiver)
 Criminal Minds 4x14 - Cold Comfort
 Knight Rider 1x16 - Knight and the City
 House MD 5x17 - The Social Contract
 Reaper 2x09 - No Reaper Left Behind
 Dark Blue 1x01 - Pilot
 Hawaii Five 0 (2010) 1x12 - Hana 'a'a Makehewa (Desperate Measures)
 Defying gravity 1x09 - Eve Ate the Apple
 24 8x08 - Day 8: 11:00 P.M. - 12:00 A.M.
 Fringe 3x01 - Olivia
 Human Target 2x08 - Communication Breakdown
 Greys Anatomy 7x03 - Superfreak