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 Happily Divorced 1x01 - Pilot
 Switched At Birth 1x03 - Portrait of my father
 Hot in Cleveland 2x12 - How I Met My Mother
 Switched At Birth 1x05 - Dogs Playing Poker
 Switched At Birth 1x07 - The Stag Hunt
 Web Therapy 1x01 - Click to Start
 Switched At Birth 1x08 - Pandora's Box
 State Of Georgia 1x05 - Know When to Fold 'Em
 Friends With Benefits 1x01 - Pilot
 Friends With Benefits 1x02 - The benefit of the mute
 How I Met Your Mother 7x01 - The Best Man
 How I Met Your Mother 7x02 - The Naked Truth
 Glee 3x01 - The Purple Piano Project
 Criminal Minds 7x01 - It Takes a Village
 Law and Order: SVU 13x01 - Scorched Earth
 The Big Bang Theory 5x01 - The Skank Reflex Analysis
 How I Met Your Mother 7x03 - Ducky Tie
 The Simpsons 23x01 - The Falcon and the D┬┤Ohman
 Mike & Molly 2x01 - Goin' Fishin'
 Glee 3x02 - I am Unicorn
 How I Met Your Mother 7x07 - Noretta
 Happy Endings 2x05 - Spooky Endings
 Raising Hope 2x06 - Jimmy And The Kid
 Suburgatory 2x01 - Homecoming
 Law and Order: SVU 14x06 - Friending Emily
 Law and Order: SVU 14x07 - Vanity's Bonfire