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 Kyle XY 3x02 - Psychic Friend
 The Beast 1x05 - Bitsi Big Boy
 The Beast 1x06 - Hothead
 Chuck 2x13 - Chuck Versus the Suburbs
 House MD 5x15 - Unfaithful
 24 7x09 - Hora 9
 Chuck 2x14 - Chuck vs The Best Friend
 Chuck 2x15 - Chuck Versus The Beefcake
 Reaper 2x01 - A New Hope
 Chuck 2x16 - Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon
 Castle 1x01 - Flowers for Your Grave
 The Beast 1x13 - No Turning Back
 Desperate Housewives 5x18 - A Spark To Piece The Dark
 The Beast 1x10 - Tilt
 Eli Stone 2x12 - Tailspin
 Criminal Minds 4x23 - Roadkill
 The Mentalist 1x22 - Blood Brothers
 Castle 2x21 - Den of Thieves
 Chuck 4x22 - Chuck Versus Agent X
 The Office 7x23 - The Inner Circle
 Nikita 1x21 - Betrayals
 Chuck 4x23 - Chuck Versus the Last Details
 Suits 1x07 - Play The Man
 Ringer 1x17 - What We Have Is Worth The Pain
 GCB 1x03 - Love is Patient