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 The Walking Dead 2x03 - Save The Last One
 White Collar 3x07 - Taking Account
 Terra Nova 1x03 - Instinct
 Two And a Half Men 9x04 - Nine magic fingers
 Two And a Half Men 9x06 - The Squat and the Hover
 The Big Bang Theory 5x07 - The Good Guy Fluctuation
 Two And a Half Men 9x07 - Those Fancy Japanese Toilets
 Bones 7x01 - The Memories in the Shallow Grave
 Terra Nova 1x07 - Nightfalls
 The Walking Dead 2x05 - Chupacabra
 Two And a Half Men 9x09 - Frodo's Headshots
 House MD 8x06 - Parents
 The Big Bang Theory 5x10 - The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition
 The Walking Dead 2x06 - Secrets
 Terra Nova 1x09 - Vs.
 Two And a Half Men 9x12 - One False Move, Zimbabwe!
 2 Broke Girls 1x13 - And The Secret Ingredient
 White Collar 3x11 - Checkmate
 House MD 8x10 - Runaways
 Suburgatory 1x13 - Sex and the Suburbs
 The Big Bang Theory 5x18 - The Werewolf Transformation
 Two And a Half Men 9x18 - The War Against Gingivitis
 Suburgatory 1x16 - Poetic Injustice
 Suburgatory 1x18 - Down Time
 2 Broke Girls 1x22 - And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough
 Two And a Half Men 9x23 - The Straw In My Donut Hole
 Game of Thrones 2x09 - Blackwater
 White Collar 4x07 - Compromising Positions
 The Walking Dead 2x04 - Cherokee Rose
 The Walking Dead 2x07 - Pretty Much Dead Already