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 Royal Pains 3x06 - An Apple A Day
 Burn Notice 5x10 - Army of One
 In Plain Sight 4x13 - Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up
 Royal Pains 3x07 - Ta Da For
 Burn Notice 5x08 - Hard Out
 Burn Notice 5x09 - Eye For An Eye
 Royal Pains 3x10 - A Little Art, A Little Science
 Graceland 1x02 - Guadalajara Dog
 Graceland 1x03 - Heat Run
 The White Queen 1x07 - Episode 7
 The Glades 4x09 - Fast Ball
 Suits 3x04 - Conflict of interest
 Burn Notice 7x10 - Things Unseen
 Continuum 3x02 - Minute Man
 Arrow 2x18 - Deathstroke
 Covert Affairs 5x08 - Grounded
 Covert Affairs 5x09 - Spit on a Stranger