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 666 Park Avenue 1x05 - A Crowd Of Demons
 Supernatural 8x08 - Hunteri Heroici
 Once Upon a Time 2x09 - Queen of Hearts
 Touch 2x08 - Reunions
 Lost Girl 3x10 - Delinquents
 Supernatural 8x18 - Freaks and Geeks
 The Bible 1x08 - Betrayal
 Lost Girl 3x11 - Adventures in Fae bysitting
 Grimm 2x17 - One Angry Fuchsbau
 Touch 2x10 - Two Of A Kind
 Lost Girl 3x12 - Hail, Hale
 Orphan Black 1x03 - Variation Under Nature
 Lost Girl 3x13 - Those Who Wander
 Continuum 2x02 - Split Second
 Continuum 2x03 - Second Thoughts
 Orphan Black 1x08 - Entangled Bank
 Atlantis (2013) 1x03 - A Boy of No Consequence
 Witches of East End 1x04 - A Few Good Talismen
 Grimm 3x08 - Twelve Days of Krampus
 Grimm 3x09 - Red Menace
 Grimm 3x11 - The Good Soldier
 American Horror Story 3x12 - Go to Hell
 Intelligence (US) 1x04 - Secrets of the Secret Service
 Intelligence (US) 1x06 - Patient Zero
 Intelligence (US) 1x08 - Delta Force
 Black Sails 1x06 - VI
 Star Crossed 1x03 - Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend
 Believe 1x02 - Beginner's Luck
 Grimm 3x16 - The Show Must Go On
 The Tomorrow People (US) 1x16 - Superhero
 Believe 1x03 - Origin
 Drop Dead Diva 6x01 - Truth and consequences
 Believe 1x05 - White Noise
 Grimm 3x18 - The Law of Sacrifice
 Continuum 3x05 - 30 Minutes To Air
 Continuum 3x06 - Wasted Minute
 Continuum 3x08 - So Do Our Minutes Hasten
 Grimm 3x22 - Blond Ambition
 Salem 1x11 - Cat and Mouse
 The Messengers 1x08 - A House Divided
 Defiance 3x01 - The World We Seize
 Olympus 1x10 - Heritage
 Salem 2x12 - Midnight Never Come
 Killjoys 1x01 - Bangarang (Pilot)
 Olympus 1x11 - The Speed of Time
 Olympus 1x12 - Door to Olympus
 Supernatural 8x14 - Trial and Error
 Dominion 1x07 - Ouroboros
 The Last Ship 2x02 - Fight the Ship