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 Californication 3x05 - Slow Happy Boys
 Grey's Anatomy 5x19 - Elevator Love Letter
 Lie To Me 1x10 - Better Half
 Scrubs 8x16 - My Cuz
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 Scrubs 8x10 - My Comedy Show
 House MD 5x18 - Here Kitty
 Scrubs 8x11 - My Nah Nah Nah
 Grey's Anatomy 5x19 - Elevator Love Letter
 Scrubs 8x12 - Their Story II
 How I Met Your Mother 4x19 - Murtaugh
 Scrubs 8x14 - My Soul on Fire PART 1
 House MD 5x22 - House Divided
 Scrubs 8x17 - My Chief Concern
 Californication 3x01 - Wish You Were Here
 Californication 3x04 - Zoso
 Lie to Me 2x05 - Grievous Bodily Harm
 Californication 3x08 - The Apartment
 Scrubs 9x12 - Our driving issues
 Californication 3x02 - The Land of Rape and Honey