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 Free Agents (US) 1x04 - Rebranding
 Greys Anatomy 8x03 - Take the Lead
 Greys Anatomy 8x15 - Have You Seen Me Lately?
 Private Practice 5x14 - Too Much
 The Secret Circle 1x08 - Beneath
 The Slap 1x05 - Rosie
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 Ringer 1x04 - It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It
 Ringer 1x14 - Whores Don't Make That Much
 Ringer 1x02 - She's Ruining Everything
 Ringer 1x03 - If You Ever Want A French Lesson
 Criminal Minds 7x02 - proof
 Greys Anatomy 8x03 - Take the Lead
 The Secret Circle 1x03 - Loner
 Ringer 1x06 - The Poor Kids Do It Everyday
 Flashpoint 4x10 - The Cost of Doing Business
 Greys Anatomy 8x04 - What Is It About Men
 Ringer 1x05 - A Whole New Kind of Bitch
 Greys Anatomy 8x05 - Love, Loss and Legacy
 The Vampire Diaries 3x06 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
 The Secret Circle 1x06 - Wake
 The Secret Circle 1x07 - Masked
 Greys Anatomy 8x07 - Put Me In, Coach
 Ringer 1x07 - Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?
 The Vampire Diaries 3x08 - Ordinary People
 The Slap 1x05 - Rosie
 Greys Anatomy 8x08 - Heart-Shaped Box
 The Secret Circle 1x08 - Beneath
 The Secret Circle 1x09 - Balcoin
 The Vampire Diaries 3x13 - Bringing Out the Dead
 Ringer 1x12 - What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?
 The Secret Circle 1x14 - Valentine
 Ringer 1x13 - It's Easy To Cry, When This Much Cash Is Involved
 The Secret Circle 1x15 - Return
 The Vampire Diaries 3x15 - All my children
 Greys Anatomy 8x15 - Have You Seen Me Lately?
 Once Upon a Time 2x00 - Magic Is Coming
 Greys Anatomy 9x02 - Remember the Time
 The Vampire Diaries 4x01 - Growing Pains
 Once Upon a Time 2x03 - Lady of the Lake
 The Vampire Diaries 4x02 - Memorial
 Once Upon a Time 2x04 - The Crocodile