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 Greys Anatomy 4x13 - Piece Of My Heart
 Greys Anatomy 4x16 - 16-17 Freedom
 Private Practice 2x01 - A Family Thing
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 Supernatural 4x14 - Sex and Violence
 Privileged 1x16 - All About Confessions
 Grey's Anatomy 5x15 - Before and After
 Supernatural 4x17 - Its a Terrible Life
 How I Met Your Mother 5x01 - Definitions
 One Tree Hill 6x19 - Letting Go
 Supernatural 4x18 - The Monster at the End of this Book
 Bones 4x21 - Mayhem on the Cross
 Supernatural 4x19 - Jump The Shark
 Heroes 3x25 - An Invisible Thread
 Supernatural 4x22 - Lucifer Rising
 The Big Bang Theory 3x03 - The Gothowitz Deviation
 Leverage 2x11 - The Bottle Job
 Private Practice 3x14 - Love Bites
 One Tree Hill 7x17 - At The Bottom Of Everything
 Make it or Break it 1x17 - Hope And Faith
 Bones 6x01 - The Mastodon in the Room
 Stargate Universe 2x09 - Visitation
 Gossip Girl 4x11 - The Townie
 Mad Love 1x09 - Pub Quiz
 Legend of the Seeker 2x02 - Baneling
 Blue Mountain State 3x08 - Fun Facts
 Once Upon a Time 1x04 - The Price Of Gold
 Lost Girl 2x11 - Can't See the Fae-Rest
 House MD 8x10 - Runaways
 Castle 4x18 - A Dance with Death
 Two And a Half Men 9x20 - Grandma's Pie
 The Listener 3x07 - Poisoned Minds
 Leverage 3x03 - The Inside Job
 Greys Anatomy 9x06 - Second Opinion
 Two And a Half Men 10x12 - Welcome to Alancrest
 Made in Jersey 1x04 - Payday
 Made in Jersey 1x05 - Wingman
 Greys Anatomy 9x10 - Things we say
 Two And a Half Men 10x13 -
 Two And a Half Men 10x20 - Bazinga! That's From A TV Show
 Supernatural 8x20 - Pac man fever
 Greys Anatomy 10x07 - Thriller
 Enlisted 1x05 - Rear D Day
 Arrow 2x16 - Suicide Squad
 Galavant 1x06 - Dungeons and Dragon
 Battle Creek 1x02 - Syruptitious
 Stargate Universe 1x01 - Air
 Blue Mountain State 3x01 - Dic Pics