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 Banshee 3x04 - Real Life Is the Nightmare
 CSI NY 7x14 - Smooth Criminal
 White Collar 4x15 - The Original
 White Collar 5x01 - At What Price
 White Collar 5x02 - Out Of The Frying Pan
 White Collar 5x04 - Controlling Interest
 White Collar 5x09 - No Good Deed
 White Collar 6x04 - All's Fair
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 Desperate Housewives 5x15 - In a World Where the Kings Are Employers
 CSI 9x16 - Turn Turn Turn
 CSI NY 5x17 - Green Piece
 CSI 9x17 - No Way Out
 Bones 4x16 - The Bones That Foam
 Desperate Housewives 5x17 - The Story of Lucy and Jessie
 Desperate Housewives 5x18 - A Spark To Piece The Dark
 CSI Miami 7x19 - Target Specific
 CSI NY 5x19 - Communication Breakdown
 Bones 4x18 - The Doctor in the Den
 Bones 4x20 - The Cinderella in the Cardboard
 Bones 4x21 - Mayhem on the Cross
 CSI NY 5x21 - The Past Present and Murder
 Bones 4x22 - Double Death of the Dearly Departed
 Bones 4x23 - The Girl in the Mask
 Bones 4x24 - The Beaver in the Otter
 CSI NY 5x22 - Yahrzeit
 Bones 4x25 - The Critic in the Cabernet
 Bones 4x26 - The End in the Beginning
 CSI NY 5x25 - Pay Up
 Desperate Housewives 5x24 - If Its Only in Your Head
 Bones 5x01 - Harbingers in the Fountain
 CSI NY 6x01 - Epilogue
 Bones 5x04 - Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
 Dexter 4x04 - Dex Takes a Holiday
 Desperate Housewives 6x04 - The God Why Dont You Love Me Blues
 CSI NY 6x05 - Battle Scars
 Desperate Housewives 6x05 - Everybody Ought to Have a Maid
 CSI NY 6x06 - It happened to me
 Bones 5x06 - Tough Man in the Tender Chicken
 CSI NY 6x07 - Hammer Down
 CSI 10x07 - The Lost Girls
 CSI NY 6x08 - Cuckoo's Nest
 Bones 5x08 - The Foot in the Foreclosure
 CSI NY 6x10 - Death House
 CSI NY 6x11 - Second Chances
 Desperate Housewives 6x12 - You Gotta Get a Gimmick
 CSI NY 6x12 - Criminal Justice
 Bones 5x13 - The Dentist in the Ditch
 Desperate Housewives 6x14 - The Glamorous Life
 Lost 6x00 - The Lost Start Kit
 CSI NY 6x15 - The Formula
 Bones 5x21 - The Boy With The Answer
 Bones 5x22 - The Beginning in the End
 Lost 6x19 - The Final Journey
 CSI NY 6x23 - Vacation Getaway
 CSI NY 7x01 - The 34th Floor
 Bones 6x03 - The Maggots in the Meathead
 How I Met Your Mother 6x04 - Subway Wars
 House MD 7x05 - Unplanned Parenthood
 Bones 6x07 - The Babe in the Bar
 Bones 6x12 - The Sin in the Sisterhood
 Bones 6x14 - The bikini in the Soup
 CSI NY 7x15 - Vigilante
 House MD 7x17 - Fall From Grace
 Fringe 3x19 - Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
 House MD 7x19 - Last Temptation
 Fringe 3x20 - 6:02 AM EST
 CSI NY 7x22 - Exit Strategy
 CSI NY 8x01 - Indelible
 Bones 7x02 - The Hot Dog In The Competition
 Touch 1x04 - Kite Strings
 Bones 7x09 - The Don't in the Do
 Bones 8x01 - The Future In The Past
 Person of Interest 2x10 - Shadow Box
 The New Normal 1x12 - The Goldie Rush
 Bones 8x11 - The Archeologist in the Cocoon
 White Collar 4x11 - Family Business
 White Collar 4x12 - Brass Tacks
 White Collar 4x13 - Empire City
 White Collar 4x14 - Shoot The Moon
 White Collar 4x15 - The Original
 White Collar 4x16 - In the wind
 White Collar 5x02 - Out Of The Frying Pan
 White Collar 5x01 - At What Price
 White Collar 5x04 - Controlling Interest
 White Collar 5x05 - Master Plan
 White Collar 5x06 - Ice Breaker
 White Collar 5x08 - Digging Deeper
 Homeland 3x12 - The Star
 White Collar 5x09 - No Good Deed
 Intelligence (US) 1x01 - Pilot
 White Collar 5x10 - Live Feed
 White Collar 5x11 - Shot Through the Heart
 White Collar 5x12 - Taking Stock
 White Collar 5x13 - Diamond Exchange
 The Normal Heart 1x01 - TV-Movie
 White Collar 6x01 - Borrowed Time
 White Collar 6x02 - Return to Sender
 White Collar 6x03 - Uncontrolled Variables
 White Collar 6x04 - All's Fair
 White Collar 6x05 - Whack-a-Mole
 White Collar 6x06 - Au Revoir
 Scandal 4x11 - Where's the Black Lady
 Banshee 3x05 - Tribal
 Scandal 4x12 - Gladiators Don't Run
 Dexter 4x06 - If I Had a Hammer
 Fringe 3x16 - Os