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 Kung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness 1x01 - Scorpion's Sting
 Sports Night 1x03 - The Hungry and the Hunted
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x03 - Bitch
 CSI 12x05 - CSI Down
 Pretty Little Liars 2x13 - The First Secret
 The Vampire Diaries 3x06 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
 Endgame 1x05 - I Kill Her
 Charlie's Angels 1x05 - Angels in paradise
 Dexter 6x04 - A Horse of Different Color
 Man Up 1x02 - Finessing the Bromance
 The Vampire Diaries 3x09 - Homecoming
 Pretty Little Liars 2x15 - A Hot Piece of A
 Gossip Girl 6x02 - HIgh Infidelity
 Flashpoint 4x06 - A Day In The Life