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 All the Small Things 1x01 - Episode 1
 Army Wives 2x03 - The Messenger
 Army Wives 2x04 - Leaving The Tribe
 Army Wives 2x05 - The Hero Returns
 Army Wives 2x06 - Thicker Than Water
 Army Wives 2x07 - Uncharted Territory
 Army Wives 2x08 - Loyalties
 Army Wives 2x09 - Casting Out The Net
 Army Wives 2x10 - Duplicity
 Army Wives 2x11 - Mothers and Wives
 Army Wives 2x12 - Great Expectations
 Army Wives 2x13 - Safe Heavens
 Army Wives 2x14 - Payback
 Army Wives 2x15 - Thank You For Letting Me Share
 Army Wives 3x08 - Post and prejudice
 Army Wives 3x13 -
 Army Wives 3x14 -
 Army Wives 3x15 - Shrapnel and Alibis
 Army Wives 3x18 - Fields of fire
 Army Wives 4x02 - Scars & Stripes
 Army Wives 4x03 - Homefront
 Army Wives 4x04 - Be All You Can Be
 Being Erica 1x12 - Erica the Vampire Slayer
 Being Erica 2x11 - What Goes Up Must Come Down
 Being Erica 3x08 - Physician, Heal Thyself
 Dive 1x01 - Part 1
 Dive 1x02 - Part 2
 Downton Abbey 1x07 - Episode Seven
 Downton Abbey 2x09 - Christmas Special
 In Treatment 2x26 - Paul and Mia
 In Treatment 3x03 - Jesse Week One
 In Treatment 3x04 - Adele Week One
 In Treatment 3x12 - Adele Week Three
 Land Girls 1x01 - Childhoods End
 Land Girls 1x02 - Secrets
 Land Girls 1x03 - Codes of Honour
 Land Girls 1x04 - Trekkers
 Land Girls 1x05 - Destinies
 Mistresses 3x01 -
 Private Practice 2x20 - Do the Right Thing
 Private Practice 2x20 - Do the right thing
 wired 1x01 - Episode 1
 wired 1x02 - Episode 2
 Without you 1x01 - Last days
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 Private Practice 2x16 - Ex life
 Private Practice 2x17 - Wait and See
 Private Practice 2x22 - Yours Mine and Ours
 Being Erica 2x05 - Yes We Can