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 King 2x04 - Charlene Francis
 CSI Miami 10x08 - Dead Ringer
 Body of Proof 2x10 - Your Number's Up
 Bones 7x02 - The Hot Dog In The Competition
 Body of Proof 2x08 - Love Bites
 CSI 12x08 - Crime After Crime
 Death in Paradise 1x04 - Episode 4
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x08 - Underwater
 A Gifted Man 1x08 - In Case of Missed Communication
 CSI NY 8x08 - Crossroads
 Law and Order: SVU 13x09 - Lost Traveler
 Law and Order: SVU 13x10 - Spiraling Down
 Prime Suspect (US) 1x10 - A Gorgeous Mosaic
 Unforgettable 1x13 - Brotherhood
 A Gifted Man 1x11 - In Case of (Re) Birth
 Law and Order: SVU 13x12 - Official Story
 A Gifted Man 1x13 - In Case of Complications
 A Gifted Man 1x14 - In Case of Co Dependents
 CSI Miami 10x16 - Rest In Pieces
 King 2x03 - Jamila Karan
 CSI Miami 10x17 - At Risk
 The Firm 1x11 - Chapter Eleven
 King 2x05 - Sunil Sharma
 A Gifted Man 1x12 - In Case of Blind Spots