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 Numb3rs 5x23 - Angels and Devils
 Without a Trace 7x09 - Push Comes to Shove
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 The Mentalist 2x15 - Red Herring
 Numb3rs 5x15 - Guilt Trip
 Numb3rs 5x18 - 1201 AM
 Criminal Minds 4x19 - House on Fire
 The Mentalist 1x19 - A Dozen Red
 CSI NY 5x20 - Prey
 Bones 4x22 - Double Death of the Dearly Departed
 Numb3rs 5x20 - The Fifth Man
 Numb3rs 5x21 - Disturbed
 Numb3rs 5x23 - Angels and Devils
 CSI NY 6x02 - Blacklist Featuring Grave Digger
 Criminal Minds 5x11 - Retaliation
 CSI NY 6x11 - Second Chances
 Numb3rs 6x11 - Scratch
 Criminal Minds 5x12 - The Uncanny Valley
 The Mentalist 2x11 - Rose-Colored Glasses
 Numb3rs 6x12 - Arm in Arms
 Numb3rs 6x13 - Devil Girl
 CSI Miami 8x14 - In the Wind
 Criminal Minds 5x16 - Mosley Lane
 Numb3rs 6x15 - Growin' Up
 Criminal Minds 5x17 - Solitary man
 CSI NY 6x17 - Pot of Gold
 Criminal Minds 5x19 - A Rite of Passage
 CSI NY 6x19 - Redemption
 Criminal Minds 5x21 - Exit Wounds
 CSI NY 6x21 - Unusual Suspects
 Bones 5x21 - The Boy With The Answer
 CSI Miami 8x24 - All Fall Down
 Criminal Minds 5x23 - Our Darkest Hour
 Lie to Me 2x17 - Bullet Bump
 Lie to Me 2x18 - Headlock
 The Mentalist 3x01 - Red Sky at Night
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x03 - Borderline
 Criminal Minds 6x02 - JJ
 CSI NY 7x02 - Unfriendly Chat
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x05 - Little Angels
 Bones 6x12 - The Sin in the Sisterhood
 Castle 3x14 - Lucky Stiff
 Castle 3x21 - The Dead Pool
 Injustice 1x02 - Episode 2
 Injustice 1x04 - Episode 4
 Injustice 1x03 - Episode 3
 Castle 4x06 - Demons
 White Collar 3x03 - Deadline