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 Terra Nova 1x12 - Occupation and Resistance
 The Borgias 1x03 - The Moor
 The Borgias 1x01 - The Poisoned Chalice + 1x02 The Assassin
 The Borgias 1x04 - Lucrezia's Wedding
 The Borgias 1x05 - The Borgias in Love
 The Borgias 1x06 - The French King
 Scandal 2x21 - Any Questions
 State of Affairs 1x10 - The War at Home
 Vikings 3x01 - Mercenary
 Vikings 3x02 - The Wanderer
 Vikings 3x03 - Warrior's Fate
 Vikings 3x04 - Scarred
 The Good Wife 6x17 - Undisclosed Recipients
 Scandal 4x20 - First Lady Sings the Blues
 Scandal 4x22 - You Can't Take Command
 Game of Thrones 5x07 - The Gift