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 Impact 1x01 - Part 1
 Impact 1x02 - Part 2
 In Plain Sight 2x08 - A Front in Need
 Mental 1x02 - A Beautiful Delusion
 Mental 1x03 - Book of Judges
 Mental 1x04 - Manic at the Disco
 Mental 1x05 - Roles of Engagement
 NCIS 8x12 - Recruited
 NCIS Los Angeles 2x13 - Archangel
 rescue me 1x01 - pilot
 southland 1x01 - pilot
 southland 1x02 - Mozambique
 southland 1x03 - See the Woman
 southland 1x04 - Sally in the Ally
 Southland 1x05 - Two Gangs
 southland 1x06 - Westside
 Southland 1x07 - Derailed
 The Beast 1x03 - Nadia
 The Beast 1x04 - Infected
 The Beast 1x05 - Bitsi Big Boy
 The Beast 1x06 - Hothead
 The Beast 1x08 - Mercy
 The Beast 1x09 - Walk in
 The Beast 1x10 - Tilt
 The Beast 1x11 - My Brother Keeper
 The Beast 1x12 - Counterfeit
 The Beast 1x13 - No Turning Back
 The Unit 4x16 - Hill 60
 The Unit 4x17 - Flesh and Blood
 The Unit 4x18 - Best Laid Plans
 The Unit 4x19 - Whiplash
 The Unit 4x20 - Chaos Theory
 The Unit 4x21 - Endgame
 The Unit 4x22 - Unknown Soldier
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