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 24 7x10 - Hora 10
 Kyle XY 3x07 - Chemistry 101
 Kyle XY 3x09 - Guess Whos Coming to Dinner
 Gossip Girl 2x18 - The Age of Dossonance
 Kyle XY 3x10 - Bringing Down The House
 Gossip Girl 3x07 - How to Succeed in Bassness
 Gossip Girl 3x03 - The Lost Boy
 Gossip Girl 3x04 - Dan de Fleurette
 Two And a Half Men 7x05 - For the Sake of the Child
 Heroes 4x12 - The Fifth Stage
 Gossip Girl 3x11 - Treasure of Serena Madre
 Breakout Kings 1x01 - Pilot
 Breakout Kings 1x02 - Collected
 Breakout Kings 1x03 - The Bag Man
 Breakout Kings 1x06 - Like Father, Like Son
 Terra Nova 1x01 - Genesis
 Terra Nova 1x05 - The Runaway
 The Walking Dead 2x02 - Bloodletting
 Terra Nova 1x11 - Within
 Touch 1x03 - Safety In Numbers
 Falling Skies 2x05 - Love and Other Acts of Courage
 Breaking Bad 5x01 - Live Free or Die
 Breaking Bad 5x08 - Gliding Over All
 The Walking Dead 3x03 - Walk with me
 Revolution 1x09 - Kashmir
 Touch 2x03 - Enemy Of My Enemy
 Falling Skies 3x06 - Be Silent and Come Out
 Falling Skies 3x08 - Strange Brew
 The Walking Dead 5x08 - Coda
 The Walking Dead 5x09 - What Happened and What’s Going On
 Better Call Saul 1x02 - Mijo
 Better Call Saul 1x03 - Nacho
 Better Call Saul 1x09 - Pimento
 Heroes 3x17 - Cold Wars