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 The Lying Game 1x14 - Black And White And Green All Over
 Jersey Shore 5x02 - One Man Down
 CSI 12x12 - Willows in the Wind
 Once Upon a Time 1x11 - Fruit of the Poisonous Tree
 Pretty Little Liars 2x18 - A Kiss Before Lying
 New Girl 1x11 - Jess and Julia.
 Whitney 1x14 - Mind Games
 Switched At Birth 1x15 - Expulsion From the Garden of Eden
 The Lying Game 1x15 - Dead Man Talking
 The Lying Game 1x16 - Reservation for Two
 Revenge 1x14 - Perception
 Are you there, Chelsea? 1x05 - The Gynecologist
 The Secret Circle 1x13 - Medallion
 Pretty Little Liars 2x20 - CTRL: A
 The Lying Game 1x17 - No Country For Young Love
 Ringer 1x13 - It's Easy To Cry, When This Much Cash Is Involved
 The Lying Game 1x18 - Not Guilty As Charged
 New Girl 1x14 - Bully
 The Lying Game 1x20 - Unholy matrimony
 Family Guy 10x16 - Killer Queen
 The Secret Circle 1x16 - Lucky
 The Secret Circle 1x18 - Sacrifice
 Grimm 1x15 - Island of Dreams