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 V (2009) 1x04 - It's only the beginning
 Fringe 2x09 - Snakehead
 Stargate Universe 1x10 - Justice
 Dollhouse 2x09 - Stop Loss
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 2x13 - Voyage of Temptation
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 2x14 - Duchess of Mandalore
 Caprica 1x04 - Gravedancing
 Caprica 1x08 - Ghosts in the Machine
 Caprica 1x09 - End of line
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 2x17 - Bounty Hunters
 Spartacus: Blood and Sand 1x12 - Revelation
 Stargate Universe 1x13 - Faith
 Stargate Universe 1x14 - Human
 Star Wars The Clone Wars 2x22 - Lethal Trackdown
 Futurama 6x04 - Proposition Infinity
 Falling Skies 1x01 - Live and Learn & 1x02 The Armory
 12 Monkeys 1x01 - Splinter (Pilot)
 12 Monkeys 1x02 - Mentally Divergent