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 Criminal Minds 9x02 - The Inspired
 Criminal Minds 9x04 - To Bear Witness
 Criminal Minds 9x05 - Route 66
 CSI 14x04 - Last Supper
 CSI 14x13 - Boston Brakes
 Sleepy Hollow 1x03 - For the Triumph of Evil
 The Mentalist 5x08 - Red Sails in the Sunset
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 Criminal Minds 8x08 - The Wheels on the Bus
 Homeland 2x09 - Two Hats
 Criminal Minds 8x14 - All that remains
 The Mentalist 6x01 - The Desert Rose
 Criminal Minds 9x10 - The Caller
 Criminal Minds 8x06 - The Apprenticeship